Hanneke Westert and the magic of pole vaulting “If I eat at a good jump girl, I really get an adrenaline rush”

First back to Saturday 20 August when Hanneke finally managed to add the Friesian title to her rest on fierljepschansen van Winsum during the Friesian Championship.

last chance

“I’ve heard Tongersdei foar it FK al yn Winsum Trend, this bell on shoes is really good. For a while, it’s time to get on the wand. Do my prenatal just to fit in with the girls because you’re putting pressure on all the ground. Now Where’s Alain Mar Meir? That gear, I’m a soccer player yngien mei soks “we’re training on it”. And immediately on the first jump really jogging and in all the meters and all of it for me or. When I’m busy with my paddles, but if there’s on Omrop Fryslân , the signal will be sent that I can shawwer bin foar de Glêzen Ljepster (Dear ljepster with the ladies, editor) and then he will come. I must be angry!

Fans know I want to know that I’m Bob Oan Yanh Clasment and that I’m pear wyke-ear ek noch in moai pr delsett heels. This might be the last chance of my life to become a champion of Frisk, which I would like to realize. It’s okay to beat. And yes, I scored it with VAMEX, that doesn’t stop the fans nor the wool, and in FK there you are in New Wasel Deer just talking that I can become a champ in Winsome. But still, I wish he was a super hero in Pink Winsome! “

Sniff Sports Week

Hanneke Westert is the daughter of Ruurdje and Luuk Westert. She has two older brothers, Hendrik and Bowie. The latter is also proud, but missed a long time last season due to injury. Bowie encouraged his sister Haneke to start jumping, and two of her nieces have also been infected with Virligib. Hanneke had previously gotten him excited by Sports Nuffel Week at It Harspit Primary School in Oppenhuizen.

After a few test training sessions at fierljepskânsen in IJlst, Hanneke decided to continue to ljeppen. Mem Ruurdje brought her young daughter for the first time to IJlst, and nowadays Hanneke cycles with a number of ljeppers to IJlst herself for training twice a week. In 2017, Thewis Hobma and Claske Nauta were Hanneke coaches. Marij Retsma and Tess Jan Botsma taught the ambitious Hanneke the intricacies of fierljeppen. In addition to being proud, she is also a Top & Twel Volleyball player and last season she won the title.

magic moment

Hanneke says she does not have a fixed ritual, but the fierljep season consists of 26 competitions and Hanneke does not go on holiday in the summer for this reason. She explains why she has come to love fierljeppen so much.

“If I eat in a good jump girl, then I’ll really get an adrenaline rush. Hop for me magysk: it’s mint and then sjen thatst foarbij it ôfstânbaltsje bist. Your stub-time Trochdat think where’s the impulse I’m mystic. Make a hat in your gym, And we don’t invite you to strengthen the dogs. Simple heels, Mar Wan in tusken de doarposten kinsty ek gewoan oplûke. Yn’e load it on hiem We play klimpeal, dy’t boppe oan fêst sit. Then the exercise begins. Stick the duct tape on the grûn ha’ k This is my ein fan’e skâns fantasy When I get it I put my phone clear and shoot the jump to see what I’m doing well and what I’m doing Yes I’m your best wool fan’e skâns We ate at moandeis and tongersdeis trene Coaches Rymer Abma and Ok scolded us Zeglistra ick vac me”.

family feeling

“If the young woman did not have the best player, the results would be better,” says Hanneke, who became a Dutch champion in her age group last year. She stays discreet underneath, just as she does during competitions. After this season, “famke” Hanneke Westert will “leap” into the women’s category. For her performance, Toppenhúster (“Offisjeel hearre we bij Snits”) was ranked third in the top-tier players’ ranking. The competition there will be greater than now with the girls, and Hanneke sure knows that.

But in addition to the natural rivalry, the “family feeling” is also present between the two lovers. “That’s what I want. Everyone can do a good job with me and wish each other good luck. If they win, the fans will lose their wool for a long time, but soks duorret noait is long. Fierljeppen started early sports. It is the youth level who is literally the last to jump. It must be done That certainly with training, is taken seriously. It’s nei nei it oare rekord pour der oan.”

strength point

“My strength is that I think oanloop and útsprong,” Hanneke mentions as one of her strengths. “I have a wove at a fast pace and then I come at full wrist speed then I proudly spin the stick. And sa’k siz is my strong point. I always land well on my side, hjirtroch ferlies I’m at least a meter away. I can’t lose my earnings, and the girl doesn’t try to set Her pulse alone. She can’t climb better. The prouder your hand, the prouder the wrist and the wetter the chin. By this I mean I might hold my 11.50 meter wrist with a prouder stick and a busy chin. I don’t have a 25 cm wrist – it’s Han. Me but this He might be my coach.”

Hanneke Westert doesn’t see her favorite sport as dangerous. She’s never been injured either. “I can’t shin my wrist, that’s what we want. I have no fear. Se sizze and then pretend I’m good at training,” says Hanneke. “I hope the women’s record for Marit van der Waal, which is no longer 18.19.”

Fierljeppen is a cultural sport

During her record jump at IJlst, Hanneke spoke to two tourists as she prepared to warm up. She invited the couple to the matches. ljepster Hanneke Westert as an ambassador for her sport. Cultural sport?

“If you don’t eat in fierljepwedstryd West hawwe, it’s very good to see. I definitely consider gjin folkloresport, miskyn kultuersport. I’m fine with that, but I’ll take the best sport, she’s a cheerleader for you. She’s skûtsjesilen and she’s keatsen heare der fanels ek bij. When Frysk folksliet becomes spile, then I sjong út folle boarst mei. Beppe Trienke, Beppe Johanneske and Ek nochris Freondinnen fans of Mekoar and binne Ek Grut fans. Yn Winsum se al rom foardat It’s jumping on folding chairs. Beautiful!”


Hanneke is now in fifth grade at the gym at Bogerman and hasn’t made a decision yet on what she wants to do after high school. During his visit to the University of Groningen, Dr. fierljepster also took a look at dental and medical training. Both areas of study appealed to her. Besides, kinesiology also appeals to her imagination. Not bad for a great athlete.

Dutch record

Two days after the interview, Hanneke broke her own Dutch record, which was 16.78 metres. I did this on the slopes of fierljep in Burgum. She became the girls’ champion with a whopping 17.63 metres!


The first fierljep competition was held in 1957. Winsum was chosen as the venue for this first fierljep competition; This competition was held on August 10, 1957. The Frisian Championship was associated with Winsum and the Frisian Championship is still held here (every year on the second Saturday of August). This led to the formation of FLK (Fryske Ljeppers Kommisje).

Since 1957, many associations have been created and also dissolved. Today there are six active associations in Friesland: Buitenpost, Burgum, Grijpskerk, Winsum, IJlst and Heidenskip.

fierljepferiening Drylts eo was established in 1973, after which it moved to its current location in 1986. Wâtte Abma skânsen was built here. In 2010, the first youth housing named Rimmer Abma skânsen was built in IJlst.

Text: Henk van der Veer

Photos: Laura Keizer

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