From Veterans to World Cup Fever: Season 22-23

A little more time and then the 2022/2023 season will start. The year of hockey that looks a little different from other years. We include seven salient points.

Goodbye E8, hello under 10

We start with the names of the teams. For boys C or girls E8 It is now completely a thing of the past. The names of youth teams, as in other sports, are related to their age. They run from under-18s to under-O8s, so from old guys to F-jes. The men’s and women’s team stays with the seniors. Young Ladies or Young Gentlemen will be under 25 years old. Veterans, whether they liked it or not, were actually named according to their age.

Here is an overview of the old and new names for each age group.

Juniors O18 under 18 MA1 / Yes 1 MO18-1 / JO18-1 (and beyond)
Juniors under 16 under 16 MB1 / JB1 MO16-1 / JO16-1
Juniors O14 under 14 MC1 / JC1 MO14-1 / JO14-1
Juniors O12 under 12 MD1 / dinars 1 MO12-1 / JO12-1
youngest youth O10 less than 10 M8E1 / J8E1 MO10-1 / JO10-1
youngest youth O9 Under 9 years old M6E1 / J6E1 MO9-1 / JO9-1
youngest youth O8 less than 8 MF1 / JF1 MO8-1 / JO8-1

Other areas in younger youth

The competitions between the younger guys – so O10, O9 and O8 – will look different next season than before. In “under 8s”, who play three against three, teams get two extra goals on the field. This means that each team defends three goals. Now there are two. From New Year’s Hockey, matches will last twenty minutes instead of fifteen. In addition, the role of the game facilitator is changing. The role of the referee is given no less, but mainly he has to arouse the enthusiasm of the children.

Field planning in ‘Under 8’ from the 2022-2023 season. So three goals on each side.

In “Under 9”, which is now E6, the field is rotated a quarter turn. This improves the ratio between length and width. This would make the game more attractive to all players. The game moderator advises stopping the game in case of obstructive shooting and dangerous gameplay. At Under 10, 11, and 12 – formerly E8 and D – the Flyers are held with teams of six, seven, eight and nine players.

At ‘below 9’ the field is rotated a quarter turn and is therefore wider than it is now.

Main class also on Saturday

The Big League will also get a different look next season. From this weekend onwards, every round will take place on Saturdays as well. This naturally results in a lot of bewilderment in the clubs, as of course youth hockey is also played on that day. The reason for the change was the broadcaster Viaplay, who will broadcast the Eredivisie major next season. Every match is broadcast live including Saturday matches. Nice side effect of special conditioning.

Full house at the 2018 World Cup Final in Bhubaneswar. Photo: Queen Suiko

Men’s World Cup in Vibrant BUBA

In addition to the breadth of league matches, we can also expect a great tournament in the winter break. Men’s World Cup We still have credit. From January 13 to 29, it’s time in India. To be precise: in the cities of Bhubaneswar and Rukila. Both are located in the province of Odisha, although it can easily take eight hours to travel three hundred kilometers between the two places. Bubba is now familiar territory, and the previous World Cup was held there as well. It is not yet clear where Orange will end up. With pitches for 16,000 and 20,000 men and a crazy hockey community, it could be an unforgettable world championship. So the World Cup fever can start with caution.

Veterans undergoing regeneration therapy

We will go back to the veterans. Because there is also a big change happening among the gentlemen. If your club’s veteran team seems a bit on the young side, that could be true. As of this season, the minimum age for Warriors has changed from 35 to 30 years old. In addition, players for each team may be at least 27 years old. For women, the minimum was thirty years. The federation hopes the change will lead to a better influx of men into the clubs.

We won’t see that in the Eredivisie big next season. Photo: William Vernes

Less hassle with the high ball?

High ball has been a topic of discussion in our sport for years. Hopefully things get a little easier this season. A high ball may be intercepted five meters away this season, but only if it is done safely and outside playing distance. With the aim of making the game more attractive, an interpretation that was already applied last season. Is this the only change? not exactly. In the upcoming year of hockey, defenders may now retain their protective gear to play the ball outside the circle. At the first opportunity that presents itself, those clothes should be removed again.

Four times fifteen at the highest level

Finally, we return to Hoofdklasse. There, playing times are aligned with international matches. This means that 4 x 17.5 minutes will go to the trash on Hoofdklasse. We get four-quarters of a quarter in return. In addition, the time is off for each target and there are 40 seconds of latency to the corner. In addition, the final match of the qualifiers will be held in one place, a decision that has already caused a lot of controversy. We’ll all be experiencing it in the next year of hockey.

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