Cute, Beyoncé’s album cover, but not her dream job

Marilyn Monroe’s hair

They met in 2014. Born in Breda, Imroh Asha had just stopped studying multimedia design at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam – much to his mother’s shock – to start working full-time at SPRMRKT, a progressive fashion store in Amsterdam. There he first met stylists, who came to borrow clothes, for example, Humberto Tan or recordings idols. “But because of the fashion magazines that were in the stores I thought: This is for me.” In the evenings he worked at the Chicago Social Club in Leidseplein, where one evening Carlene Jacobs photographed visitors for iD Netherlands. “She had platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe hair. I thought she was very beautiful and expressive,” says Asha. “She had to go to a number of other clubs later in the evening, so I offered to take her on my bike. We’ve been together ever since.”

Jacobs was born in Groningen, the Brabant village of in a lost placeIts population was two hundred at the time.” At the age of fifteen I decided, “very randomly,” to buy a camera. “First I photographed the flowers in the garden. Later my best friend and her self-designed dresses in the neighbour’s haystack.” She only realized that photography could truly become her profession when she moved from studying media and entertainment at Hogeschool Inholland to the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam – Department of Lifestyle and Design – and took classes In photography for the first time.

Soon they began working together, as a designer, and she is a photographer. As a junior designer, borrowing clothes from fashion houses is almost impossible, but he had the key to SPRMRKT and thus the entire collection at his disposal. After closing time they shoot together, for example for Dutch magazine glam worship.

From that moment on, they walked step by step towards their goal: to work for major international magazines and fashion brands. They also worked independently of each other. He dressed up artists for music videos and designed search brochures from brands like Calvin Klein. Photographed for small international magazines. At one point they both worked, separately, for the Dutch Vogue magazine.

closer to the fire

Four years ago, they decided to move to Paris to be closer to the fire. They thought of London for a moment, but thought that the city was too gray and bleak. “Paris feels cozier and more burgundy,” Jacobs says. “We’re still Brabant.” Without watching, they said yes to a cramped attic apartment in the middle of Le Marais.

Corona 2020 has been a major breakthrough for both Asha and Jacobs. Asha now has pictures of Italians and Ukrainians Vogue magazine And in the world of fashion prestigious magazines such as lilac And the reconsidering In his autobiography, New York designer Christopher John Rogers showcased Nike’s campaign featuring hip-hop star Drake. In 2020, Ibrahim Kamara, one of today’s most successful designers, was appointed as the editor-in-chief of a magazine stunned. “We followed each other on Instagram, but we had never met when he suddenly texted me and asked if I wanted to meet him. It was not yet known that he stunned So I had no idea what he wanted from me. He came into my studio and after an hour of asking questions, he suddenly offered me the job. Then my career went through some barriers at the same time.”

They considered that London, it would be Paris, which felt most comfortable. ‘We’re still Brabant’

Less than a year and a half later, he was promoted to Fashion Director. Since then, select photographers and designers who work for the magazine. “Now I can give others chances, and that gives me a sense of satisfaction.” For example, Tenzing, a six-year-old boy from Nepal, he had featured on the cover of the latest issue of Spring. “I watched a documentary a couple of years ago where he said he wanted to be a photographer, and I’ve wanted to work with him ever since. He lives in some kind of kid camp for him. disadvantaged children. When we got there, we gave him a camera and he immediately said he didn’t feel like filming.” The boy had only been living in the camp for a few months, and he still had to get used to it.” I was there, with a group of stylists and a couple of their assistants, flying on All the way to Nepal. The next day he was happy. In addition to the model photos, he also took great pictures of his friends, a dog, and the landscape.”

After that, Asha started a crowdfunding campaign to create a study fund for Tenzing. “It was not right to do photography with a child and then disappear from his life again. He is still young and can of course change his mind, but if he wants to study photography at an art academy later, it is possible.”

Asha prefers working with art photographers rather than fashion photographers (“I don’t mean to belittle you To Carlin,” he laughs). Erwin Wurm, Paul Quaker, Vivian Sassin, Hans Egelbaum. “They approach fashion in a completely different way, so they produce amazing images.” He shot one of his favorite shots with photographer Gregory Escande from Mozambique, who shoots Passing by on profile.” I found him on Instagram and it seemed crazy to put his work in a fashion jacket. The pictures were great. But they have three me prostration cost. I traveled to Mozambique on my own with dozens of suitcases full of clothes. No visa, so it was just a guess on my arrival whether I would be allowed into the country.”

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