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Krabi is looking for… / 25 Aug 2022

From secretive and adventurous relationships to your soulful companions and lifelong friends. Artist Frida Kahlo has had several private relationships and extramarital affairs. We highlight eight well-known and fascinating connections.

1. Diego Rivera

Perhaps the most important relationship was between Frida Kahlo and her husband, Mexican artist Diego Rivera. Both had extramarital affairs. Diego did not care about the adventures of Frida, as long as it was about women. But it didn’t stop there…

Did you know that Frida and Diego have been married twice? They were married from 1929 until their divorce in 1939. But less than a year later, Diego and Frida realize they can’t live without each other after all.

In 1940 they said yes to each other for the second time. This time under Frida’s circumstances: she never wants to be financially dependent on Diego again, demands half of her expenses and doesn’t want to have sex with him anymore.

2. Jacqueline Lampa

André Breton came to Mexico in 1938 with his wife, French artist Jacqueline Lamba. Frida and Jacqueline clicked right away and not just as fellow artists. It is rumored that they also have a love affair.

In any case, the women had a lot in common. They were both artists and married to a world famous man. Jacqueline tells Frieda about her fellow Parisians who have the same problem, as Dora Maar. While the men (Trotsky, Rivera, Breton) taunted each other, the women mocked them.

3. Nicholas Murray

Hungarian-American photographer Nicholas Murray is the man behind the beautiful and widely known color photographs of Frida. He was a famous photographer for Vanity Fair and Harpers Bazaar, among others. Frida and Nicholas had an on-and-off relationship that lasted ten years. In the end, they remained good friends until her death.

4. Dora Mar

When Frida arrives in Le Havre by boat on her way to Paris, André Breton sends his wife Jacqueline Lamba to pick her up. And Jacqueline won’t come alone. She takes her friend Dora Maar with her. She is a French photographer and friend and inspiration of the greatest artist of the time, Picasso.

Later, when Dora and Picasso visited Frida in the hospital, they gave Frida a pair of earrings in the shape of two hands (something both women loved). The earrings are also reflected in Frida’s work.

5. Leon Trotsky

Diego and Frida invite Russian revolutionary and exiled politician Leon Trotsky and his wife, Natalia Sedova, to stay at their home in Mexico. The house was completely fortified and guarded before the couple arrived.

Under the watchful direction of Diego and Natalia, Frida had a very secret and exciting relationship with Trotsky. They are said to have put deceptive notes in books and made appointments at the home of Frieda’s sister Christina.

Despite security measures, Troski was killed in 1940 using an ice pickaxe. Did you know that Frida is accused of murder? She was released after two days in prison.

6. Chavila Vargas

Mexican Costa Rican singer Chavela Vargas is a feminist icon in Mexico. She wore pants, which was quite unusual in Mexico at the time, and was known as a womanizer. She did not “officially” appear as a lesbian until she was 81.

Shavela and Frida met at a house party hosted by Diego and Frida. Then the two had a brief affair together.

7. Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi was a Japanese-American landscape sculptor, designer, and artist. He and Frida had a private apartment to meet. However, her husband Diego found out about this through a bill that was accidentally handed to him.

I want to be with you more and more

Isamu in a letter to Frida, from the book “Listening to the Stone” by Hayden Herrera

Frida’s relations with men angered Diego. Before Diego catches the two, Isamu manages to escape through a roof just in time. But Diego, apparently, later stood menacingly on Isamu’s doorstep, clutching a revolver, for the sake of fairness.

8. Georgia O’Keeffe

Frida met American artist Georgia O’Keeffe and her photographer partner Alfred Stieglitz in 1931 at the opening of Diego’s solo exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art. An interesting fact is that now Frida and Georgia are among the top ten most popular female artists in the world.

When Georgia ends up in the hospital, Frida from Detroit wrote to her in 1933: “I thought of you so much and I have never forgotten your wonderful hands and the color of your eyes. (…) I like you very much, Georgia. Some believe that Frida wanted more than friendship.

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