Woke puts a limit on m/f. Age is the next hurdle.

The Transgender Act is a bill that has been pushed by the wake-up movement, with many flaws. What are its benefits? Would it be easier for transgender people to officially mention gender change in the passport? Is this an advantage?

Is the wakefulness movement about a simpler redefinition of gender, or is it more than that? What can you expect from the fryers? Bart Collard addresses these questions based on the case of Margoline Schippers. W: Will the House of Representatives join the transhype?

A man becomes a woman, but he wants more

Carlijn Teeven wrote an article on Marjolein Schepers for VPRO Tegenlicht. Schippers was born as a man 31 years ago, and two years ago she underwent a sexual process to become a woman. This year, the transition to women in KNVB was also recorded; Schippers has been playing football all her life.

However, she believes that her football life is in danger due to her transformation. “Finding a team where you feel welcome and where their participation does not go against the KNVB rules is not easy.” In the end, shippers find what you are looking for in Lisse. “For the first time in Lisse, she did not have to change in a separate room, but was welcomed into the ladies’ dressing room.” Tiffin writes that Schippers could not have wished for a better gift.

Teeven mentioned in her article that Schepers did not want to play football for the women’s (adult) team in Lacey, but would prefer a team with underage girls: “Just thinking brings with it a lot of stress. I’m just not far yet. I did not have a normal development as it happens with CIS women. I need time to develop more as a woman.

However, the KNVB does not allow Schepers, 31, to play football with minors. Schippers: “My passport says I’m 31, but I don’t feel that way. I’m full of hormones and feel like a 15-year-old girl. The KNVB fears I’m too strong to play with and against little girls.

Is there nothing wonderful about this? Born as a man, Marjoline Schippers was allowed to undergo surgery with a “female” mentioned in her passport as her gender. But her wishes go further. She does not want to play football with men, because she does not feel like a man. She might want to play soccer with the women one day, but not yet, so she prefers girls.

Now it is not fair to allow former men to compete in women’s competitions. After all, they still have physical advantages despite their operations. But Marjoline Schippers, as a former man, now prefers playing sports with underage girls — and changing clothes and showering — hopefully will raise some eyebrows. Fortunately, the KNVB is, at the moment, critical of this and has not allowed Schepers to play football with the girls’ team for 16 weeks now.

Transgender Law

Perhaps not surprisingly, people like Schepers make such requests. The Dutch legislator opens the door wide open. An amendment to the so-called “Transgender Act” will be debated in the House of Representatives on September 5. He proposes a number of changes, listed by the State Council Advisory Division:

  • The expert statement requirement is no longer required;
  • For children under the age of sixteen, it will be possible to change their gender registration by request of the legal representative to the court;
  • Persons sixteen years of age or older can independently request a first or second change from the Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, as is the case under current law. A third or subsequent change may be made after an application to this effect has been submitted by the person concerned to the court.

The advisory section states in its advice that the registration is gender-neutral (X in the passport) – with a limited exception according to Art. 1:19 d BW (Doubt about sex at birth) – Not regulated by law. Additionally, there is no obligation on the government to legally regulate this:

This interpretation (of positive obligations) of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights does not necessarily follow the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, but is within the discretion of Member States. The legislature is not obligated but empowered to make this gender-neutral registration possible.

The advisory division also notes a number of complex outcomes of the legislative reform proposal. I mentioned in the first place that there are all kinds of laws and regulations, where the legislator starts from the duality of man and woman. Second, and associated with it, the (high) costs [te verwachten] Due to necessary modifications in existing legislation and regulations, registration (IT) systems, research and statistics. Third, realizing that “the probability of recognizing change” [geboorte]The verb and reference of non-binary sex on the outside is small.”

There is speculation that the ruling parties will vote in favor of the amendment. Is it advisable to allow minors to change their gender? When they turn 16, the parents have nothing to do with that, after the new bill. Is it desirable that the assessment of experience become unnecessary? That you can now simply make an appointment with the municipality and inform the civil servant that you prefer to see a man (man), woman (female) or gender-neutral (x) in your passport? What perks do you get as a man if you suddenly become a woman for a month without sexual surgery?

Author Douglas Murray calls for restraint in introducing all kinds of transgender privileges and eliminating pre-operative protections. Murray argues that more research in science is needed to be able to make reliable and valid statements.

Author Abigail Schreier warns that apparently young girls are particularly vulnerable to transgender people. It is a socially contagious phenomenon. If a villain is right, then great care should be taken with this phenomenon. After all, the process leads to “irreparable damage”.

What will this lead to?

Age is one of the following biological solutions to be broken according to the waking movement. Remarkably, all kinds of classical certainties are called into question by denying or redefining the existence of certain categories. Men and women are seen only as designations. This rating is no longer objectively measurable, but is related to what the person in question experiences.

Being a woman is not then determined by the presence of a particular combination of chromosomes, or by being born with the breast, vagina, uterus or ovaries; Being a woman is determined by how a person feels. He who feels like a woman is a woman. Wake up misusing our language for a radical change.

Age also falters

A few years ago, Emil Rattleband tried to lower his age by twenty years by officially changing his date of birth. However, this request was refused. That’s right. I am now 34 years old. If I feel 24 or 44, I may be, but I’m still 34.

Anyone who thinks Rattleband’s idea is unrealistic and ludicrous would best see this case in light of the waking movement. With social and political support, this movement succeeds in transforming one of the most defining biological characteristics of humanity into a social one. Now it’s all about sex, but what’s the difference in age? Can the place of birth also be changed because people like Marjoline Schippers feel like they were only recently born?

Let it be clear that I am not against transgender people. In fact, as a liberal, I believe that everyone should be allowed to decide for themselves what to do with their body. The government should interfere as little as possible with its citizens as long as they do not harm others. What a person does by himself is largely his responsibility.

The room should not go with the type

However, the question is what causes the idea of ​​transgenderism. Is this a fixed idea like homosexuality or homosexuality? Or is it, in the words of Murray, a Program problem? In this case, it may be possible to visualize alternatives. There are also all kinds of flaws for third parties in transgender law.

Members of the House of Representatives must reject this amendment to the law. They should not move with the transient hype and be afraid of being labeled “transphobic” for not fully complying with the demands of the loudspeakers. It’s really time for them to think about the wake-up movement. Where should it all go? The transgender law is far from being the end point of loneliness.

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