Serena Williams’ most iconic Central Court looks ever

On the morning of August 11, Serena Williams revealed in an article for Vogue magazine Her decision to bid farewell to the world of tennis. She is looking forward to a future in which she prioritizes motherhood and wants to develop in other areas. Serena’s influence on the tennis world goes beyond her 23 major tournaments and it’s almost impossible to discuss without talking about her influence on tennis fashion. Serena is old lady In tennis and dresses accordingly.

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Serena Williams: The best views of the tennis court

Serena Williams rose from nowhere to the top, and 1999 marked the official start of Serena’s impressive career: her first major championship win, US Open. Now, after 23 years and 23 Grand Slam titles, she declared in an emotional monologue: Vogue magazine To stop playing tennis yet US OpenThe tournament where it all began for her: “I want to tell you that I am developing away from tennis, to other things that are important to me.” Serena Williams ends her tennis career, and US Open, which is now being played, is her last tournament. What did you leave behind? A biography of tennis achievements, including 23 major tournaments, as well as a major influence on the world of tennis, culture and fashion on Central Court.

Serena showed that tennis and high fashion Hand in hand and appeared again and again in the hottest clothes on the track. She designed them herself with her longtime sponsor Nike. In August 2018, nearly a year after welcoming the birth of her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., Williams donned an adorable black bodysuit with a red pressure band – a design specially designed for her by Nike to prevent blood clots after she was born. This outfit was not allowed Roland Garros. In a direct response to the ban on her catsuit at the French Open, Williams appeared in the first round of US Open to make a statement. She took to the field in a custom black skirt from the late designer Virgil Abloh’s collaboration with Nike. A “polite” addition to her tennis wardrobe. In the second round, Williams wore a second tutu—this time in lavender—while performing ballerina moves. In short: style code. We include her best looks.

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Where it all began. In the early years of their careers, Serena and her sister Venus Williams were famous for the colorful beads in their hair.

In 2004, Serena Williams made her first statement at the US Open: She brought Streetwear to the tennis court.

Serena also didn’t shy away from bright colors, for example, she wore an all-pink outfit from major sponsor Nike that same year.

Knee-high boots with a soft yellow/white combination? Leave it to Serena Williams next.

color blocking On the tennis court? In 2012, Serena Williams did it during US Open Championship.

during the US Open 2016 Serena appeared in a white look with pink details, which she finished with loose pink sleeves.

It doesn’t stop at pink, because during the 2016 Australian Open, Serena will appear bright yellow with Matching shoes.

The much discussed catsuit after giving birth to her daughter during Roland Garros 2018.

Her reaction to all the criticism she’s received about her cat suit? Black Virgil Abloh x Nike tutu dress.

When she made it to the next role she appeared in the same dress but in a lavender color, including the movements of a ballerina.

Nobody’s stopping Serena from wearing a cat suit, it turns out during the 2019 Australian Open.


Western and Southern Open 2020

The combination of black and neon is not without elegance in the Center Court.

During the eleventh day of US Open Serena appeared in a beige tennis dress.

Cat suit with short and long legs in black, pink and red? Pair it with shoes and sparkly blue details and you’ve got an outfit.

For the farewell tournament, she designed a special dress with Nike, with hundreds of glitters, stones, and sheer sleeves.

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