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Excellent running weather, best regional runners and a fast course. It was these components that ensured the fasting times on Monday evening, August 29 in Nieuwleusen. This resulted in two course records at two main distances in five and ten kilometres.

Ruffin’s Erik Leusinc had set a club record in Altiver last week and was planning to do the same at Neulusen. The ten kilometer track record was already in his name. In 2016, the athlete rushed out of HAC ’63 with a time of 32.47 minutes. Leusink took the lead right after the start and after 4 laps finished his career with a new record of 32.06. Ewout de Vos of Wezep and running for De Gemzen crossed the line at 32.50 for second. Lead sprinter Michael Feldman (ACO van Elderen) was third with a time of 34.15. Saskia Schott from Weisen was very fast for the ladies. The Cialfo mathematician set a time of 42.08 on the hour. Christina Mulder from Neuhausen came in second with a time of 43.19 seconds. Third place goes to Natasha Croyd of Maple. The De Sprinter athlete ran 43.40.

5 kilometers
Five minutes after the 10km run, the 5km participants left. The audience watched two matches at the same time. Also at this distance the course record was improved by the record holder. Nick Marsmann of Athletic Groningen raced to 15.30. This made the previous Ommenaar five seconds faster than it was 4 years ago. Marsmann chased after his former ACO co-trainer van Elderen and William van Eeken of Vroomshoop. Van Aiken finished at 15.38. Eric Driessen of Vollenhof was trailing with a time of 15.45. The women’s fight was less exciting. Laura Prins of Hoogeveen was by far the fastest. The HAC ’63 athlete stopped the clock after 18.05 minutes. Zwolle’s Lieve Tollet and the running for BB Lopers came in second with a time of 19.27. Her clubmate Rianne Niewold of Punthorst finished third with a diving under 20 minutes for the first time. After an impressive final race I clocked a time of 19.48.

young children
In the youth competitions there was also a lot of running and it was exciting. Children up to 4 years old participated in the Unicef ​​Peuterrun, a competition of over 200 metres. The most influential were the youngest children who still had to be helped by a parent. But the crowd also enjoyed the victory battle. Nieuwleusen’s Jits Bredewold finished just 55 seconds earlier than Rouveen’s Hein Smit, who clocked the same time. Simon Lamprink of Hardenberg finished third with a time of 58 seconds. Daphne Veger of Stavhurst was by far the fastest among the girls. I ran exactly one minute. Spring van de Hoek of Punthorst took second place with a time of 1.11 and the third prize went to Lize Goeree of Nieuwleusen. Expired on 1.16.

children running
At Unicef ​​Kidsrun for children up to 9 years old, participants walk a 500-meter track. Witharen’s Liz Meijer and coming to ACO van Elderen crossed the finish line first. I ran a time of 1.43. The second of the girls was Lycee Plumert of Neulusen with a time of 2.01. Josefian van Igensbergen of Hasselt finished third with a time of 2.06. With the boys, the whole podium came from Nieuwleusen. Just like Liz Meijer, Niek Goeree scored a time of 1.43. The second prize went to Samuel Feldman (1.45) and the third prize went to Dion Brewald (1.49).

youth employment
Youth up to 12 years ran the 1 mile (1.6 km) course and youths up to 16 ran this tour twice. In the one-mile race, Niulusen’s Mick Chapman was the fastest. He won with a time of 6.15. Gili Joure finished in the back with a time of 6.19. And the third place went to Nils Baumann from Neuhausen. The USV soccer player came in at 6.25. The final image was necessary for girls. It looks like sisters Iefke and Lonne Schoemaker crossed the finish line at the same time. Both ran a time of 6.26, but 12-year-old Evkee finished with her sister by a split second. The third prize was awarded to Lori Feldman of Neulusen. Mile 2 was won with a big lead by Tremen van Santen of Raalte. He won first prize with a time of 10.47. Karsten Kralei of Pontorest came in second with a score of 13.34. Third place was for Tejs Baumann from Neulusen. Set the time 14.32. Laura Boers of Vriezenveen was the fastest of the girls. I ran the two laps at the time of 14.06. Maxime Veijer of Staphorst came in second with a time of 14.34. Immediately behind him was Pam Chapman of Neuhausen who finished third with a time of 14.38.

Passed successfully
With nearly 500 participants and a lot of public interest, organizer Bos Bedden Loopgroep AG ’85 was able to catch a glimpse of a successful event a week and a half ago, and also the success of 4 Mile of Staphorst. As enjoyed by Emmen speaker Hermann Winning: “Excellent engagement on all distances and with a couple of very challenging course records the quality was definitely there too. The quality also is that the organization has formally measured the course. Times are running on an officially measured path. I Glad I was able to present it again.” The next Bos Bedden Loopgroep event is the Zwarte Dennen Cross on November 19.

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