Marleen Evertsz (Nxchange): ‘Prevent the ‘death valley’ of impactful startups

How do you raise money as an impact startup that just got past the accelerator program? And how can you, as an investor, find startups that want to make a positive impact? An interview with Marleen Evertsz, who founded Nxchange to bring these parties together.

Are Influential Startups the Future? Marilyn Everts, co-founder and CEO of Nxchange, thinks so. This is why she created Nxchange, a platform where individual investors can invest in impact, such as green energy, or in innovative startups that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Through this platform, investors can invest in baskets of impactful startups that are part of project builder or an accelerator, such as Startupbootcamp or HightechXL.

Gold trading Marilyn Everts started the Nxchange trading platform in 2016, aptly referred to by MT/Sprout as “Exchange as a Service (BaaS)”. Nxchange helps companies raise capital from Communities. The investors in this story are retail investors, so basically everyone in the Netherlands. Fastned was the first immediately successful slate. Evertsz: “We bring in investors who want to invest in impact with influencer companies. All the links between buyer and seller are brought together in Nxchange.”

Impact as the latest asset

According to Evertsz, impact is the latest asset that people want to invest in. “Everything is under pressure. We are dealing with high inflation, the bank is funding almost nothing anymore, and the end of the way we live now is in sight. What will you invest in next? In influential companies, of course, that are transforming energy or goals Climate This equals nine times out of ten startups Change has to come from a new angle The next millennium unicorns They will not be companies like Google. These will be the companies that contribute extensively to the energy transition or a better climate. This makes impact startups a very interesting category.”

Listen to Marleen Evertsz at in moneyPodcast (43 min) with Thomas Minsink (check out the golden eggs). In this episode, Marilyn talks about why this show was started and why she believes startups with impact are the future. Listen on any podcast app (like Spotify or Apple Podcasts) or the following:


“Then the next challenge emerges,” Evertsz continues. “Because you as an investor coup To find one startup that pays well, you have to see thousands. This is not possible without a large device. That big machine is the Nxchange, where you don’t bet on a single horse, but you invest in a basket that contains thirty to ninety startups. This is how you distribute your opportunities.” Since Nxchange is unable to make the selection itself, Evertsz works with accelerators, such as Startupbootcamp. It is in this sense that promising startups that already have some momentum come in. “For these startups, the Death Valley: The accelerator program is ready, it is too early venture capitalFunding, but money is sorely needed to follow up. to stop you Founder If you spend all day looking for money, you can sit in a basket and raise the funding.”

Focus on your work

With Nxchange, startup founders have an additional option. That’s much needed, Everts says. “It cannot and should not be the case that in the Netherlands we do not have the capital to get start-ups through that first stage. Because there are a lot of great ideas!” Evertsz advises the founders: “I came myself from a very good financial position when I started Running a business, but if you don’t have it, then as a startup you’re looking for money in a complex area of ​​stress. Fundraising takes your attention away from your business, puts yourself at risk and inevitably bumps into yourself. If you go into a vertical direction Like Nxchange, you know you can focus on your business. That way you can do what you’re good at: expand your business.”

Want to know more about Nxchange? Listen to this episode of in moneyAudio notation. The podcast episode is roughly organized as follows:

  • Getting to know Evertsz [1:10]
  • How does Nxchange work? [5:50]
  • How does portfolio investment work? [14:40]
  • Why would the startup want this? [17:00]
  • Smart money or anonymous investors? [24:00]
  • Bottlenecks in the creation and expansion of the market [25:30]
  • Telling the story of complex startups to investors [29:50]
  • Uncertain Growth Path for Startups [32:00]
  • Marilyn’s ambitions [34:10]
  • Tips for founders wanting to raise funds [39:40]

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About the author: Thomas Mensink is a junior analyst at Golden Egg Check.

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