Marc- and Alex Marquez split from Emilio Zamora as coach

Marc Marquez (left), Emilio Alzamora (man) and Alex Marquez (right) | Photo © AC Management

It was rumored for some time but it is now official. Marc- and Alex Marquez have ended their partnership with their personal manager Emilio Alzamora and AC Management Agency. This puts an end to more than 17 years of cooperation.

Marc Marquez joined Spanish racing school Monlau Competición in 2012, at the initiative of Emilio Alzamora. Alzamora, a former Grand Prix racer and 125cc World Champion in 1999, immediately moved on to work as personal manager for Marc Marquez to mentor him at the #RoadtoMotoGP. A few years later, Marquis’ younger brother Alex followed him.

The collaboration was a resounding success, with Marc Marquez winning no fewer than eight world titles while Alex Marquez managed two in the Moto3 and Moto2 categories respectively.

It was recently noted that Alzamora was not present and did not accompany the Marquez brothers during the Grand Prix weekends, which recently led to the first rumors emerging in Austria about a possible termination of the collaboration.

These rumors turned out to be true because on Wednesday, August 31, the Marquez and Emilio Alzamora brothers announced through a press release sent by AC management that their collaboration had already ended.

Below is the full press release sent by AC management:

Brothers Marques and Emilio Alzamora announce that they have mutually decided to separate after a fruitful 18-year relationship.

Emilio started working with Marc when he was 12 years old and enrolled in his training school. Later, he also started running the career of Alex Marquez, who is three years younger than him. In all these years, Mark won eight world titles and Alex 2, and established himself as a reference in the MotoGP Championship.

“The Marquez brothers would like to thank Emilio for his work over the years and his dedication during this time of great achievement. After discussing it with the three of us, we decided it was time to change course and start a new phase.”

For his part, Emilio Alzamora confirmed that “an important stage in my life is coming to an end with the Marques brothers and I would first like to thank the trust given by their parents, Rosser and Julia. During this long relationship, we have worked with Mark and Alex to achieve remarkable and unforgettable successes.”

“From AC management, we worked and contributed all our expertise to managing their sporting career, so that the Marquez brothers achieved their great image and are respected both professionally and personally. The career successes of Mark and Alex would not have been possible without the cooperation of the countless people who supported them from the start and led us to the top. As I would like to express my gratitude to all our sponsors, teams and professionals who trusted every step we took to achieve successes in these years.”

Emilio on the relationship with Mark: “I have no words to describe this story that we started when Mark was 12 and to which I humbly contributed with my knowledge. Together we lived unforgettable and incredible moments, but also difficult moments like injuries. I have no doubt about the That in this new phase, Mark will return to the top to continue making history and, most of all, continue to enjoy his passion.”

As for Alex, Zamora affirms, “He was a role model as an athlete. His work, sacrifices and professionalism have honed his great talent, and without a doubt I am proud of all that I have been able to give him to make his dreams come true. I am sure that the best of Alex is yet to come.”

New management
Jaime Martinez will now take care of the interests of the Marquez brothers. The 34-year-old Spaniard, a former professional skateboarder (Red Bull athlete) and current head of motorsports marketing at Red Bull Spain, worked closely with his brother Marquez in his later years in his position within Red Bull Spain and is thus no stranger to the family.

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