Anita Whitzer on Princess Diana: I sat in front of the TV and couldn’t help but cry

Where Diana will forever be 35 years old, Anita Witzier is now almost 61 years old. It is working fine. Although… the dog died. I noticed it with usual sobriety, but it still hurts. She misses boxer Olly. For twelve years they exchanged joys and sorrows, sitting side by side in the kitchen and taking countless walks, sometimes with stops at their favorite coffee spot.

Especially for this Diana interview, Anita styled herself as a princess

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Anita and her husband, Michelle, have left Olly’s large basket at home in Blaricum for the time being. ‘Just like a bowl of water. And now we go the same ways without a dog, as a kind of goodbye and treat. take time. You know what, the house feels empty.

At first my son Bram went into the rooms, then my daughter Julia left and now Olly is dead. Suddenly we are here together. She shouted, “What are we doing here in this very big house? Two seniors.

This last statement appears to be grossly exaggerated. I’m more physically active than ever: this summer he was driving and Hiking in Scotland in the program. “Rain suit and boots, I don’t like the heat anyway.”

In addition, she walks around the Netherlands with Michel if possible. I think it will be North Holland this year. Haarlem, Bergen, Oberdos and then along the dams of Medimblik and Horn. And in the evening in search of culinary gems. Great combination: During the day, work hard on those pedals, then have fun again.

They also don’t fully recline when it comes to work. With nearly forty years of experience and successful labels like Memories, De Reünie, Anita on record, and TV Toppers in her pocket, she’s of course a routine. But she still speaks with the same passion and ambition about new shows, including the series love festival With Edson da Graça, as in her early years.

“It is very important to show that people can be very loving”

It is about love in all its shapes and forms. A marriage, an offer, but we also give a boost on a date, we see parents thank the donors who helped their children. Or the boy who supports his grieving grandmother after her husband’s death. Smile, tears and above all positivity. Currently there is a lot of misery and we don’t deny it, but that’s why it’s so important to show that people can be very loving and want to mean something to someone else.

Moreover, Anita Witzier is always on hand for a special project, such as taking a photo in the style of Princess Diana. Especially because she feels connected to the unfortunate style icon in a certain way. But she also likes the sheen, splendor and puff of rich and elevated fabrics.

What do you have with Diana?

“I grew up with her and all the reports about her. She was a peer. Both of us are from 1961. Funny, she was dressed as a 19 year old kindergarten teacher, loafers, ruffles and plaid pants. Pure English love. I don’t want to be dead like that, I’ll look like a transvestite. My sex is bad. At that age I was wearing jeans and my hair was bleached to the ends. I can’t remember exactly where I was when I heard about the fatal accident, but I do remember how I lived the day of her funeral. Two weeks before that, my daughter Julia was born on August 25, 1997, and I was in In the midst of a state of the birth hormone.

She sat in front of the TV with her chest on her chest and all I could do was cry

She sat in front of the TV with her chest on her chest and all I could do was cry. For a portrait of these two boys, William and Harry, behind the casket. Death does not return. for maternity. I was there safely with Julia, she would never see her children grow up. I cried out all my maternity tears that day, that’s how I felt connected to her in that moment.

Do you think she was a strong woman? Or very tragic?

“I think it was both. But what surprised me the most when I saw pictures of Diana was what the institution of the royal family could do to someone. I radiated that she was unhappy. Terrible. This golden cage can be inhumane, and it can crush individuals when they can’t handle my turn.

Of course, Diana had to say no to this circus and marry someone from her own circle, a duke or a lord or something. Now she was with Charles. Or rather: with Charles and Camilla, because the three were actually always, not literally, of course. Queen Maxima has a completely different approach to the Institute. But you can’t compare the pressure in Holland in that region with the pressure in England. Neither are these two women. Look at Maxima in her younger years, for example, incomparable. Maxima is much more ambitious.

What do you think is mine?

Better to ask: Who? I think Princess Laurentian is royal. I find the way you are committed to fighting illiteracy unimaginable. Very involved, very honest and at the same time very accessible and authentic.

In the Netherlands it concerns about 2.5 million people, which are huge numbers. Her motive: stomach aches from too much inequality of opportunity which is why she wants to use her position of excellence to help people who have been neglected. Nobles oblige. Well, she acts accordingly. In addition, I think it is very elegant. Just like Maxima, she is always fancy dressed.

Our royal family is regularly under criticism, do you understand that?

“Being a king or queen is hard work. You are just human and make mistakes. Only in their case you immediately seem like capital. You have to always be responsible for what you do and constantly think about what is possible and what is not. This seems very tiring to me. I have the impression that Alexander did not necessarily aspire to this role, but eventually came to terms with his fate.

This beautiful young man is the son of our photographer Roger Neve!

With Amalia I see and read something completely different. It really shines: I’ll totally rock that property. You are already very different. Beatrix did it again in her own way. She performed her duties in an exceptional punctuality.

It is good to look for a new interpretation and a new form of ownership, this requires some kind of practice. I think if you apologize for something wrong, it should sound sincere. I also wonder what the institute is actually based on. In that sense, it may not be the case at this time. On the other hand, it has a hook function and this is not a superfluous luxury at the moment.

How do you see the Netherlands in 2022?

Some things I can no longer look at. Sometimes I don’t know anymore. There is a lot going on right now and what really scares me is the lack of confidence in the government and the way it is expressed. Nothing is sacred and nothing is safe anymore, this is a slippery slope to which we must not succumb, or else it will end in chaos. On the other hand, I believe that our political leaders and others should set an example. What do you also expect from the citizen?

Constant lying and whining about NAM, Groningers compensation, and the allowance issue… Admit that you made mistakes that you don’t always know about. But yes, everything became political. This is death in fate.

And then you also have massive climatic problems: you can feel in your shoes that it will not be possible to prevent a degree and a half of warming, let alone bring it back. Yet everyone continues to do what they do: drive, fly, and eat meat. I thought for a long time optimistically: everything would be fine. My doubts about that are growing every day, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up.

What does this realization do to you?

I try to give substance to this fear. We are beginning to live more consciously. We use the car less, avoid flying as much as possible, and buy fewer and more sustainable things at home. I know, but you still try, even if on a very modest scale, to make your contribution. The idea that things are not going well deprives me of a lot of happiness, even though that might be a big word. Michel and I have children and we are very concerned about them and the generations that follow. What does their future look like? How long is the habitable land?

Never mind, we’ll probably never see those environmental disasters again. And then you have the polarization. Developments in the world do not necessarily make me happy. A Republican candidate for the Senate is urging people to go after moderate Republicans. criminal. But it is somewhat normal. The counter reaction is that I’m just trying to enjoy it. I also have an eye for the little and beautiful things in life, thanks to the dog too. Now that I’m forced to walk without my feet, often for an hour and a half at a time, I don’t pick up my phone. I listen to birds and frogs and silence. Not a podcast for me and music is a taboo either. I guess that’s a shame, I’m not here and now again. I love the different seasons and am always amazed that those 100 shades of brown disappear every spring. Then the great miracle happens, Hobaki, everything begins to flourish. crazy.’

Is your new TV project Twelve Streets Greener also about climate and sustainability?

‘yes. Michelle and I biked in Limburg two years ago, passing through villages that were sweltering in the heat. Shutters everywhere, everything petrified. Also on the street where I lived, all the greenery disappeared. I thought: What happened here? And you see it in many places in the Netherlands: gardens like mausoleums filled with gravel graves. It damages water drainage and leads to overheating. That is why we are going to green a street in all the counties with the help of the municipalities, the forest ranger Tim and the gardener Anne van Beinenshtebeten and of course with the residents.

Together we make mini gardens, rooftop gardens, whatever, where we instantly tell the story of the residents. It is also a kind of social enterprise. I’m also working on a duet panel about white sisters, missionary sisters who rolled up their sleeves in Africa at a young age. Not only for preaching the gospel, but also for providing medical and other care in dangerous conditions, building schools, and educating and training for the advancement of girls and women. All of them are now at least 85 years old. That’s why I’m so glad we can talk to them. We often hide old people here, quickly thinking about blue clothes and crazy dresses. No, these are people with great stories and characters rich in life experience and wisdom. You must cherish it.

Anita in brief

  • Anita Cornelia Witzier (Gouda, 1961) began her television career in 1988 as a broadcaster for Veronica. A year later, she presented her first show, Club Veronica. In 1996 she moved to KRO, where she became a host of comprehensive programs such as Tien voor taal, Memories, and Anita.
  • In 2007 she won the Audience Award for Best Television Personality: Zilveren Televizierster.
  • She is currently working on the new TV show Twelve Streets Are Greener and
  • diptych about white sisters. Anita has two children, and lives with her third husband, Michelle Nielsen, in Blaricum.

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