56,000 students return to school on September 1 | Ghent

InterestingBetween the hours of eight and nine in the morning, at least 56,000 pupils in primary and secondary education begin their first school day. After two years of Corona, everyone is hoping for a year without masks, and a year where there are enough teachers. A group of Ukrainian children also attend Ghent’s education.

In Ghent, 56,000 children will go to school as of September 1. Primary education has 26,600, but that number is growing, as there are also six entry points for young children throughout the year. Secondary reserves 28,000 seats, but this should increase steadily in the coming years. There is a downward trend in primary education, as primary school students are transitioning into secondary education, so that’s a big group at the moment. The number of students there will increase until the 2027-2028 academic year, the Chamber of Education informed Evita Willart (green).

100 short teachers

But can these children also be taught? In recent weeks, many schools were still looking for a teacher of mathematics, French, physics, Islam or art education. This is no different at Ghent: there are currently over a hundred vacancies to be filled. Sixty in secondary education, ten in special secondary education, thirty in primary and special education. These are both full-time and part-time employees and also include teachers from the replacement pool, which are used by all networks.

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Alderman Willaert calls for Flemish Education Minister Ben Waits to use unmobilized budgets for employees more creatively and to allocate them to local authorities. The City of Ghent will be able to recruit staff who support the schools, giving them more space to continue their educational offering. Willaert has talked about this before in our newspaper. The city of Ghent also fell as a “testing ground”, in which the teacher’s task is examined in various ways, in order to correct this deficiency.

Build, build, build more

There are also several projects in the pipeline. For urban education alone, there are five buildings under construction. At the end of September, the first stone will be laid for the construction of the dining hall of the Bert Carlier Institute in Oudenaardsesteenweg. The new playground and playground for Freinetschool and De Boomgaard will open after school in October. At the beginning of November the day care center De Boekenmolen will move to the new building on the Hutsepotstraat in Zwijnaarde and at the beginning of 2023 the new building of Het Tandwiel will open in the Sint-Bernadette district (including community school activities). Work will begin in 2023 to expand the Jenaplan school, out-of-school De Kleurdoos and De Kereltjes day care centre.

But also GO! She has projects ready. The group of schools provides education to more than 12,000 students. There seems to be the focus on stability and the deployment of more projects. Ben Weyts’ digital leap is one of the most important spearheads out there, and there’s a lot of effort on digital support materials for kids and starting teachers in elementary school and kindergarten classes. But there is also building. he goes! She has, among other things, a top sports school, on GO! Atheneum Voskenslaan, with the school in Merelbeke. Additional space is provided there, given the great attention to direction. Tectura, the umbrella name for GO Schools, will also be awarded! Oriented to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, more space in the center. On the Coupure website, go! Development of a new technically and technologically inspired campus where, among other things, the MUDA Kunstsecundair and Tectura Ghent Center place will be awarded.

Ukrainian children in Ghent classes

Finally, a lot of Ukrainian children are taken to school in Ghent this year. About 240 children are taught, equally divided between secondary and primary education. Last year there was a strong focus on distance learning with a Ukrainian curriculum, prepared by the Government of Ukraine. But now there is more interest in joining the Ghent Education Network. In primary education, children are steadily attending regular schools. Places are provided for children in high school at Okan schools in the city.

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