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Not only Hit Joy, but the others are amazed that Linda de Mol will investigate the feelings she still has for her great love Jeroen Rittbergen, as the story could reveal last week. Daughter Noa will also be unpleasantly surprised, while son Julian will have no problem with this …

Linda’s daughter Noah and son Julian have always collaborated with Jeroen.
However, the situation has changed.

DrThe prospect of Jeroen Rittbergen, 51, returning in the life of Linda de Mol, 58, has sparked a lot in Het Joy and beyond. Linda’s manager, Xenia Casperes, was quick to deny Linda’s affair with Jeroen again, which Storey never claimed in any way – there would be attempts to make overtures between Linda and Jeroen, wanting to investigate whether restarting the relationship would lead to this. be possible. However, Linda clearly loves nothing more than to rediscover her happiness with Jeroen. “Actually, Zhenya’s reaction was correct,” says an acquaintance of Linda’s environment. ‘There is no mention of a relationship yet. Focus on enough. What Linda told her immediate environment was that she wanted to see if she wanted to give her relationship with Jeroen another chance. In other words, what is left of their love for each other and is there still enough trust? These are the questions that Linda now wants answered on her own, and she wants to investigate this with Jeroen. A change in relationships of course is offset by resentment – in her environment, but also within her family. Her older brother and business owner John would be right in front of her with this, and she would have cracked the necessary hard nuts about it. After all, Jeroen is one of the main reasons for John Holland sound He was taken off the tube, and it remains to be seen if he will return. But Linda has changed and is ready to go for her own happiness, having practically devoted all her life to the world of television.

“Things for my home”

The presenter is in a state of dichotomy between feeling and reason

There will be resistance from her daughter Noa (22). The star, who is making waves as a soccer reporter, couldn’t put down her mother’s motivations. This is understandable according to insiders, after Jeroen admitted to sexually abusing girls around the same age as Noah. She was furious when her stepfather Jeroen admitted this and broke every connection! In everyday life, but also on social media, I deleted everything related to Jeroen; Noah was deeply disappointed in the man who had been her stepfather since 2007 and who enthusiastically filled the role. From the start, they were fine. About this first meeting, Linda previously told a story: “I told them fairly quickly that there was someone I really liked. But I was very nervous about introducing them. Something like this is very exciting. Of course, I had no experience introducing children to my new boyfriend. I will never forget that day. In the weeks leading up to the big meeting, I had already told Julian and Nu that Jeroen and I really loved each other, but that they would always come first. The three of us went to Amsterdam that day, where I had an appointment with Giron. And things went wonderfully. There was no resistance from the children to Jiron. They were actually very spontaneous. Click right away. It was Julian and Nu who suggested later that year that Jeroen come and live with them. “If my kids wanted it, why would I stay behind. From that moment on it was quickly arranged. Jeron gave up his rented apartment and moved his things to my house.

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The contact between Julian and Jeroen was especially intense. Linda told Story at the time, “Julian absolutely loves Jeroen. He’s always been a musician, but since Jeroen moved in with us, he’s become indispensable to piano. Julian is in class and at home Jeroen helps him. Jeron also notes that Julian is a talent.” Julian can Playing really well. When I compare myself to him, Julian plays a lot better than I did when I was your age. I’m really proud of him. Mainly because he likes it so much. It will now be Julian who has indicated that he has no problems with his mother who wants to investigate whether there is a reconciliation with Jeroen. He has a special relationship with Jeron, precisely because of the music. At first he was really mad at Jeroen, but he also thinks everyone deserves a second chance. No matter how big the surprise in Het Gooi about Linda’s apparent suspicion, at the same time there is still plenty of sympathy for our biggest TV star. The fact that the presenter is clearly in a split between her feelings and her mind provides a lot of appreciation for others who have found themselves in a similar situation. Time will tell if Linda and Jeroen will finally be able to find each other again…

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