Apeldoorner Remco (34) immigrated to Oslo for love: ‘Now I’m dreaming in Norwegian’

There are a few good reasons to leave Apeldoorn. But sometimes outside is very difficult. So some people from Apeldoorn pack their bags to try their luck in another country. Like Remco Lotens (34), who was born and raised in Apeldoorn. In 2003 he moved permanently from the Apeldoorn Love Center to Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Live by Oslofjord

Remko lives with his girlfriend Marit (33), whom he met at a bar in Oslo in 2009, and their son Matthew (2) and their dog Amina (9) just a five-minute walk from the famous Oslofjord. It is – he says – fully integrated into Norway. “I am fluent in Norwegian. It took about four years. I even dream about Norwegian now. I teach my son a little Dutch, but it is very difficult because I speak 95% of Norwegian,” says Rimko.

Remco now works as a carpenter for the upscale community of Oslo and the surrounding area. “When I set up a kitchen worth 150 thousand euros, there should be no misunderstanding. Then you will lose your customer here. I am all Norwegian, except for my passport.”

Remko and Marit with the dog Amina. own photo.

I teach a little Dutch to my son but it’s very difficult because I speak 95% of Norwegian


Norwegian love at camp in Ameland

Remco’s Norwegian love story began in Ameland. “I came to Ameland with a few friends in the camp. There I met a girl with a Norwegian friend. First I had an affair with her. In 2003 I moved to Norway for this girl. Unfortunately, the relationship ended after two years. Fortunately we are still friends. She worked as a carpenter for her father.”

private company

“When the relationship ended in Oslo, I started working as a waiter in a bar in Oslo, after which I became a daily leader there. I finished it at a certain point,” Rimko says. Alcoholism in Norway”.

Then I continued working as a carpenter. I started my own company with a friend from Canada. We have renovated homes for the upscale community of Oslo. Now I work for Kvanum, a company that provides interior designs for high society. I mainly make kitchens but I also walk in closets, libraries, laundry rooms, etc. It is very good to do so. I really came to the most beautiful homes. I trained as an Electrical Engineer in the former MTS in Loolaan. “This knowledge is often useful in my work,” Rimko says.

I really came to the most beautiful homes


With friends in the hammock

When we ask Remco what his best memories of Apeldoorn are, he has an answer ready right away. “I was really a cattleman and you can find a lot in the Caterpillar. I often remember the time I used to go to De Swing a lot. Later, I think it’s become Finnigan special, I’ve been there a lot. And Gigant too, had a lot of nice evenings there ‘ says Remko.

You have been really step by step and a lot can be found in Caterplein


He also says that Dutch comfort doesn’t really exist in Norway. “Fortunately, there is an Amsterdam Café here in Oslo, because I really miss the Dutch comfort,” he says. “I go there regularly with Marit and Matthew. I eat delicious bitter and french fries with mayonnaise. Because here they don’t eat mayonnaise with french fries. I often come back to my favorite snack bar in Apeldoorn: De Meerpaal in de Maten (now De Gildehof, editor) .”

Finally back to Apeldoorn

Remko says his family would rather see him at home, in Apeldoorn. His brother lives in Apeldoorn, and his parents are in Augshelen. “My family has been here a few times but recently when Matthew was just born. In January 2020. Then Corona came. If something is up, sometimes it’s far away,” says Remko. “Fortunately, we can use FaceTime whenever we want.”

My family has been here a few times but most recently when Matteo was just born. In January 2020. Then came Corona.


The family hopes to come to Apeldoorn soon. Matthew doesn’t have a passport yet, and we’re still on the waiting list for that. I hope we can come for a long weekend at the end of September,” says Remko.

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