Agreement of Intent between ARK and Cycas Capital

Cycas Capital and ARK Natuurontwikkeling have signed a letter of intent to collaborate in the field of nature development, starting with the Geelders District.

Cycas Capital, in collaboration with engineering firm Arcadis, is creating an investment fund called ReTimber. This fund will invest in biologically diverse natural forests that sustainably store CO2 and provide sustainable circular building material (wood) in the long term. ReTimber will focus on investing in existing forests and converting farmland into forests in the Netherlands (later also in the rest of Europe). It is an impact fund for future-oriented investors who want to combat more climate change and increase biodiversity in Europe.

It was agreed in the LOI that ReTimber is ready to take over land from the ARK Nature Development in Geelders and that a joint nature-expansion search will be conducted around Geelders and other nature reserves where ARK is active. In this way ReTimber funds the expansion of nature in the Netherlands.

“The inspiring thing about this collaboration is that we can show with Cycas Capital and ReTimber that nature is worth investing in. Natural forests are valuable as a rich living environment, such as water storage, carbon dioxide storage, and as a source of high-quality construction timber and a source of biodiversity. ReTimber has developed an integrated purpose action plan in which all of this is already stacked.” | Jos Rademakers, Director of ARK Nature Development


De Geelders is a unique nature reserve, as it is one of the last wet mud forests in the Netherlands. Wet silt provides ideal living conditions for special plants and animals – which are often scarce. Like cranberries and French ground chestnuts. But also honey hawks, golden orioles, and woodlice. You will find wonderful crustaceans here: the orange-and-blue swimming skeleton, an extremely rare primitive crustacean found almost nowhere else in the Netherlands.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with ARK Natuurontwikkeling. We have a shared vision of nature, to create biologically diverse forests where mammals, birds and insects thrive and people also benefit from easy access and a quiet place to walk.” | Bartel Huibregtsen, Director of Cycas Capital

The importance of the new nature

The IPCC report, published last week, stressed that solutions to prevent global warming of more than 1.5 degrees must be implemented quickly. According to the report, one-fifth of all global emissions are caused by the way land is used. Examples include deforestation, methane emissions from livestock, and the use of nitrogen in agriculture. This means that there is a lot that can be achieved from changing land use, creating new nature and stopping deforestation.

“One solution to slowing climate change is creating new natural forests. These forests absorb carbon dioxide as they develop, with the positive effect of reducing global warming, and they also create an inspiring environment with biodiversity and fresh air. ARK Natuurontwikkeling is developing these forests in a beautiful way. innovative and biologically diverse.” | Edward Elias, Director of Cycas Capital

Cyclass Capital

Cycas Capital focuses on structuring investment opportunities to create a sustainable future. In doing so, it bridges the gap between capital markets and the opportunities that underpin a sustainable world and economy. The starting point here is that nature can function without an economy, but an economy cannot function without the ecosystems that nature provides. Therefore, Cycas Capital’s focus is not only the economic impact, but also the environmental and social consequences of the investments. This challenges the status quo to create sustainable alternatives.

About Ark Nature Development

ARK Nature Development recognizes powerful nature reserves where nature can take its course as far as possible. This results in a great wealth of landscapes, flora and fauna. ARK sees the evolution of nature in the context of social concerns such as recreation, mineral extraction and climate adaptation, and strives for freely accessible nature. Additionally, ARK is a wild nature booster. This means that nature can run its course again as much as possible in the areas that ARK is developing. This results in an unprecedented wealth of landscapes and the associated flora and fauna.

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