50% of mothers would like more sex, and only 1% would like less

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Why no more sex when there are kids? Mums love to get involved in bed, and 91 percent would prefer to have a toy in it. This and more is evidenced by the large “Let’s Talk About Sex” survey conducted by Kek Mama and EasyToys.

Young children, work, family, social life and social media, it takes a lot of Kek Mama reader’s time. But that certainly doesn’t mean she has stopped having sex. Kek Mama & EasyToys gender survey shows that loving moms make time for fun between the sheets. Nearly half (47%) of mothers have sex one to three times a month on average, 18% have sex once a week and 23% more often. Only 12% do it less than once a month.

Big Survey “Let’s Talk About Sex”

The response to the survey was huge again. More than 1,800 mothers (with children up to the age of 12) completed the survey, 92% of whom are in a permanent relationship. They openly tell about all the exciting things they do in the bedroom. From different situations, games, and role-plays to their deepest fantasies. And of course they answer the question of how happy they are with their sex life. Spoiler: Opinions are pretty divided.

83% said they are completely satisfied with what is going on in the bedroom

Half of the women (49%) think their average is good, and the other half (50%) might be a little more than that. A small percentage prefer to do this more often. But there’s little to complain about about sex itself: 83% say they are completely satisfied with what’s going on in the bedroom.

brighten things

When asked “Is your sex life exciting?” Six out of ten women (61%) answered positively. They pull out all the stops to spice things up a bit. Like role-playing (22%) and especially using sex toys. At least 91% of readers say that sex toys are indispensable during lovemaking. For 86%, it is a real plus and they will all recommend their favorite game to friends.

86% would recommend her favorite game to her friends

Kek Mama reader especially turns to Tarzan, vibrators, nipple clips, and vibrating eggs. Male partners get their money’s worth through special male dildos, cock rings, blow-ups, prostate stimulators and butt plugs, according to the survey. The double fun comes from the couple’s special toys, from handcuffs, ropes and whips to all kinds of delicious oils and massage candles.

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sex toys

Viola (33 years old), married and mother of two daughters, ages 9 and 4, has amassed a huge collection over the years: “What don’t we actually use? I filled several beauty cans with toys and liters of lubricant. Different vibrators and a butt plug for both. For a more powerful action: cuffs, nipple clamps, lashes, blindfolds. Then there are real caps like the G-spot stimulator, And a vibrating egg and vaginal balls. As soon as I see something new, I order it right away. Everything to increase the pleasure of sex.”

Bo (42 years old), a single mother to her son (11 years), describes gaming as her biggest addiction: “Since I had a ‘barometric orgasm’ for the first time 2 years ago, I don’t want to be without it anymore. When I’m alone, I use Satisfyer Pro in the shower. If I go to my boyfriend for the night, he’ll move in with me. Sometimes I urge my boyfriend to hurry up Reach its climax, then I can equip myself again with my favorite game.”

The sex toy box says ‘Mother’s Tax Papers’ so the kids won’t snooze.

Mariska (39 years old), married and mother of three children aged 11, 10 and 7, takes a step forward: “We are true BDSM fanatics and regularly shop at EasyToys for their Master & Slave sets. We have chastity cage, leather belt, ball cap, electrical stimulation, sex swing, collars, latex clothes, cuffs and ankle and ankle bracelets. Everything is neatly hidden in a box In the attic. Just to be sure, I wrote ‘Tax papers Mama’ on it. I’m sure no kid would sneak in there.”

Discuss sexual life

Our readers are free and open when it comes to sex, according to the survey. 66% discussed their entire sexuality with friends. 9% lie about hesitation or what exactly they do. 43% omitted certain information, but 48% is an open book and tells everything.

With one’s partner, sex is a very common topic of conversation. Nine out of ten women have no problem talking to their lover about sex. The moment you are different. 17% say while making love. 24% of women make small talk and 59% choose a completely different moment. On the couch, during dinner, or when there’s really time together.

90% of women find it difficult to talk about sex with their partners

Readers are also very liberal: 93% of women clearly state what they want and don’t want, just like 90% of men. And so the time for “logical permission (m/f)” is over. Women only have sex when they are both in the mood to be honest about it.

Big sex scan


Finally, we asked our readers about their fantasies. Do they fantasize about one day, and if so, do they share it with their partners? Tada! Three-quarters of women discuss their wildest dreams with their partners.

Like Anneki, 36, who lives together and is a mother of seven children: “I can tell Maurice everything. After we make love, we have a kind of ‘interview’ with each other. What’s nice, and what less? Then we also look at where we want to take a step forward. For example, Maurice likes When I control him and tie his wrists or blindfold him, while I harass and punish him with a leather whip and wax wax. On the contrary, Morris knows that I like to dress up as nurses or girls at boarding school. Sex is just a game, you have to play it with as much pleasure as possible.”

After making love, we have a kind of ‘performance interview’

Simon (29), married and mother of two, ages 5 and 3, often fantasizes about visiting a swingers club during sex. Then he whispers in my husband’s ear whole scenarios, where we are being watched by strangers or we are watching another couple together. They are not real experiences by the way. I have searched the web site for such a club dozens of times. It really doesn’t sound too extreme, but I wouldn’t dare. Right now, it’s just a warm-up before or during sex.”

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Shame often plays a role in the 24% who report that they keep their fantasies to themselves and don’t dare talk about them with a partner or girlfriend.

Jocelyn (28 years old), engaged and mother of her 3-year-old daughter, fears that her boyfriend will not approve of her fantasy and does not understand: “When my fiancé is out for an evening, I like watching porn and playing with myself. I don’t know if he’d necessarily mind, but I think he’d be kind of shocked to watch. I love lesbian scenes. Two or three women kissing or making love? Will? I get completely wet. I don’t know why. In real life, you can’t go, because I’m one hundred percent straight. When I reached my peak, the gravity also disappeared at once.”

“My husband has no idea that I think of Ronaldo’s cubes during sex”

Sly (33 years old), mother of a son (4) and a child (8 months), keeps her thoughts to herself so as not to hurt her husband: “During sex with my husband, I often think of Cristiano Ronaldo’s adorable muscular body. Great picture because my boyfriend is so proud of his six pack of beer instead of a cramped stomach. Besides, I think he’s a treasure and a good lover, but if I want to be in the mood Good, Ronaldo’s cubes always help me extra.”

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