VTI Waregem has over 30 girls for the first time in 30 years

For the first time in thirty years, the Sint-Paulusschool VTI campus has over 30 girls in the school. Out of nearly 1,300 students, that’s not a lot, but it’s encouraging. Britt Muys proves that girls, just like boys, are excellently prepared for later studies. You want to get a master’s degree from KU Leuven.

Art education does not find it easy to attract young people, especially girls. Whenever possible, parents push their young children toward ASO. You might wonder why when you see how a former student like 20-year-old Brett Moyes – with his fingers in his nose – has now finished a math/physics teacher training course at the VIVES campus in Torhout. She is now in her third year there. And so we want to know how she looks back on her years at VTI.

There are not many girls who decide to go to VTI with good points in sixth grade. Why did you do that then?

industrial sciences (IW, editor.It was an option for me from the start because I am strong in math. Also, the fact that my dad followed IW and that my brother started there earlier also had a role in that. What I saw as a huge advantage in a school with few girls as a child was that I suspected that the disagreements would not go on indefinitely and in a dramatic way. Back then I used to think that’s the case with girls often (smiling). So the choice wasn’t too difficult for me.”

Wasn’t it a problem for you at a time when you were having more daring in an educational institution with almost exclusively boys?

“I didn’t find any problems with it, while in sixth grade I wasn’t interested, I was a good, calm girl. At first glance, it wasn’t obvious that you would end up in an environment where there is also some kind of masculinity going around. However, the school dealt with This went well and the management and teachers ensured that we had a good time.For example, we’ve been able to have chips with the girls on Thursday afternoons over the years.I’ve been looking forward to it every week.Although I’ve always had a good time at other times too. I don’t have problems in class. At school, it sometimes happened that someone was annoying and I’d say “act normally” It helped (Laugh). “

When I started, I was calm and good, I said so, but in the penultimate year you got an award for your leadership abilities. explain?

“I learned very quickly here not to walk over me. There is no doubt that I became active in the Student Council and helped organize the activities. It was good for my confidence. I am very proud of the Sinterklaas breakfast with Klaaskoeken, as we once managed to fill at least two restaurants with students. This organization and others have led to me receiving an award from Zonta Waregem, an association that annually awards a young woman who demonstrates leadership skills. I still love taking the initiative. I am also an active student on the student council at VIVES campus Torhout and we have, among other things, 17 hours of VIVES. The proceeds from this total amounted to €1,000 and we donated that amount to a charity during the warmer week.”

How do you see the training you received at VTI?

“Now I am only noticing how good the education is in mathematics, physics and other subjects. The best proof of this is that teacher training is very easy for me. Although this is not the case with the educational methods I am receiving now, it is a very interesting topic” .

Adventurous, intelligent, tongue-tied: Where should that lead you professionally?

“I was initially planning to study industrial engineering like many who have followed IW do. In the end I chose what I am doing now because I want to stand in front of the class and later want to teach young people the finer points in mathematics and physics.”

The interview is over. Closing words by Rick Desmett, VTI Campus General Manager. He considers himself lucky that the number of female students in the school is increasing again after more than thirty years.

We hope this trend will continue in the coming years. It remains a curious note that girls find their way to higher technical education very quickly, while very few are chosen by a technical school. That’s a shame, because as VTI we are better equipped to bring in math, physics, technology or engineering. This is where you will find the perfect environment in which this should happen.”

Brett Moise

* In particular: Brett Moyes (20) still lives at home with her Fichte parents: Hans Moyes (49) and Greta Depraeter (50). She has a brother Rob (21 years old).

*studies: Brett followed IW’s trend at VTI of Waregem. She is now following the Mathematics/Physics Teacher Training Course at the VIVES Campus in Turhout. She is now starting her third year after which she wants to switch to a master’s degree at KULeuven.

*Girls in VTI: This school year, 33 girls will take lessons at VTI. Last year there were about 25 people and in past decades more often only about twenty. In total, VTI has less than 1,300 students.

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