Sihame S01: In conversation with the makers of the program

“I swear, you better wear his back. This camera can see her backside very well,” says one of the boys from the club. Attaches the camera to the car with night Vision. To secretly photograph the girl, someone will have sex with her, so you can make it more intense online afterwards Show.
Connected exposing And the shame It is the current theme of the new drama series Sihame, based on the idea of ​​Ahmet Akabi Fan mocro . mafia and (among others) written by Laila Saher. The series is a collaboration between production company Fiction Valley and KRO-NCRV and has two directors: Shamira Raphaëla and Lisette Donkersloot. Documentary director Shamira Raphaela The truth about my father About Clarice Gargard’s Liberian father, and we Motherland, about neo-Nazi Constant Kosters, directed the first four episodes of Sihame. The last four were directed by Lisette Dunckerslot. As a clipper and commercial director, she has done clips with Nao, Yellow Claw, Yade Lauren, and Mr Probz. Both had their dramatic debuts. “Very useful,” he said.

Siham, played by Ahlam Taghdwini, is an 18-year-old girl. She does her homework in her room and secretly smokes on the balcony with her best friend. Then something life-changing happens. She is a victim of exposure. A sex video of her and her ex-boyfriend was posted on the internet and redirected endlessly. Since then, Siham has been laughed, threatened, harassed and shamed endlessly both online and off. The humiliation is hard to bear.
Siham sees only one way out: revenge on the boys responsible for the show. by brute force. She goes off like a real revenge angel. Arrows It became a fiery and unsettling series, with speed, dynamism and atmosphere, and a lot of blood as well. Directors Shamira Rafaela and Lisette Dunckersloot have spoken about it.
Shamira: ‘We sat down earlier to see the style and atmosphere we wanted to tell this story together. With a style rich in contrast, playing with light, dark and clear colors.
Lisette: “Raw, but not gray and gloomy.”

“We were asked in particular as directors,” Shamira Rafaella continues, “about a feminine move itchain, but we were like, “Okay, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be around the corner with baby ponies and unicorns.”
Lisette Dunkersloot: ‘We didn’t want typical femininity, but we wanted to explore the edges of femininity and in bold to be.’ Shamira: ‘Just like the main character Siham, she steps outside her stereotype as a woman through violent revenge. Very misogynistic. We are still learning to keep the peace…”Lizette:”…and to be sane. ”
Shamira: “We wanted to penetrate the gender roles a little bit.”
Lisette: I didn’t really have a movie heroine in my mind, Seaham not Lisbeth Salander of the Netherlands. We both had a good sense of who you should be. It’s layered, so sweet, but also so strong, it definitely has balls. But most importantly, it defends itself and fights fire with fire. I hope you look like a girl and think, yeah, you can stand up for yourself if you’ve been wronged.
Shamira: “Of course you don’t want the girls to actually reach for a knife, but we wanted to convey a feeling: Wait a minute, I’m just not going to be ashamed.”
Lisette: I can be angry. These feelings, pain, sadness, anger and hate are all allowed to exist. Now shame usually prevails.
Shamira: “Yeah, what Siham does definitely go a long way.”
Lisette: “We don’t really want to say that what she does is good, nor that her problems are solved by it, on the contrary.”
Shamira: ‘But online defamation also goes a long way. The effect is very severe. The girls committed suicide after what happened to them. So what should you do? I think: let people have a discussion about it and say, it’s not possible, this series is too violent. Lisette: ‘And let’s straighten something out. Arrows It does not occur in a particular culture or class. You’ll see this later in the series.

Shamira Raffaella and Lisette Dunkerslot were still very shocked when they started studying exposure online in preparation.
Shamira: ‘It is of course a very topical topic. Arrows It is entertainment, but the series deals with a fundamental problem. I was completely shocked by the scale of this problem. The Telegram apps in which these boys share photos and videos of girls, really make you vomit and vomit.
Lisette: There are only 70,000 members in one such group. I knew the exposure was there, but at this scale, I found it hard to understand. And that these guys really want to intentionally destroy the girls. They say things like, who knows a Delft dotpunt, or who still has pictures of this girl, and they deliberately collect material to shame the girls – and sometimes the boys too. Looks like they got a kick out of it. But that makes talking about it all the more necessary.
Shamira: It is important to remove the taboo in order to expose it, because there is still an air of shame surrounding it. I think it’s a shame that girls are still learning to feel shame. It’s your fault that you were exposed, you shouldn’t have made a sexy video. in Arrows See how it goes. You see, in one of the most beautiful scenes, how in love with Siham at first and how innocent she is. They kiss, it feels familiar and safe. It is precisely her trust that he uses to leak the movie they made together. Lisette: “It hurts her to the bone, and it strengthens her character. It’s interesting for a director, but what a shame that you have to always think like a girl, be careful, be careful, instead of being able to enjoy love and sex. Bad intentions seem to be becoming more and more normal. “
Shamira: I think we should start with those intentions, in other words, with boys who treat the trust entrusted to them in this way. Perhaps the solution lies in re-educating boys rather than empowering girls; Boys learn the effect of their actions and how they can handle love and lust differently. Somehow I feel sorry for them. After all, it is also their impoverishment that your sexual development begins in this way.

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