Live blog: Two children between the ages of 5 and 9 are among the injured | Eyewitness: Victims have no chance, truck crushed them


One of the injured was taken to an ambulance © Media TV

In Nieuw-Beijerland, a truck was broken into at a party at a local ice club in Zuidzijdsedijk on Saturday evening. Six people died.

What do we know so far?

  • A truck crashes into a group of people in New Bayerland during a barbecue at an ice club.
  • There are at least six dead and seven (seriously injured).
  • The condition of one of the injured is critical. Among the wounded were two children, ages 5 and 9.
  • Three deaths from one family.
  • A family member died a pregnant woman in the eighth month.
  • Hoeksche Waard municipality has opened an information line: 0800-647 36 47.

18:30 Watch the truck drama press conference here

17.20 Watch the Rijnmond radio special today again

17:00 Flags at Hoeksche Waard at half mast

16:20 Among the wounded are two children, ages 5 and 9

Among the seven victims who were hospitalized after the drama in Zuidjda are two children. This was announced by the police on Sunday afternoon. One of the injured was seriously injured. His or her condition is critical. Sixteen detectives are investigating the background of the drama. They look at the technical condition of the truck and the medical condition of the driver at the time of the accident.

“The driver certainly did not drink, so we are assuming a fatal accident for the time being,” said police spokeswoman Miriam Bowers. According to her, it turned out that the truck suddenly rolled off the embankment from a standing position. The driver of the white truck, who was also at the intersection at the time, has since been heard as a witness. He is not suspected of involvement in the accident. The accident occurred around 6 pm on Saturday. Zuidzijdsedijk is a narrow road where there are currently many signs due to road diversions. Can you explain this error that occurred? Bowers: “I would totally separate that from what happened.”

15:55 The truck driver is officially suspected, he will be detained for 3 days at the moment.

15:10 The first flowers are placed in the place of the fatal drama

The first flowers were laid on Sunday afternoon at the place where six people died.

14:55 Drama Eyewitness: “I had caught my class and heard ‘What is he doing now??? ”

Johan van Driel was on Saturday evening at the IJsvereniging De Kom barbecue in Nieuw-Beijerland. He adds that everyone in the association and in the neighborhood knows each other very well. The barbecue party will be etched in his memory forever. According to him, the truck driver questioned whether he should go straight into Zuidzijdsedijk or turn left at Langeweg. He finally gave off the gas and went straight ahead. According to Van Drel, the victims had absolutely no chance. “It’s just like a movie; a truck throws out of a dam. That’s all mass, and that doesn’t stop anyone anymore. And I have to say, it crushes people who end up under a truck.”

Watch the full interview with Johan van Driel here.

14:30 Reactions to the drama from all over the country

People across the country are reacting to the drama in Nieuw-Beijerland. The mayor of Fort Van Osten from Nyseward municipality spoke of a “tragic situation in the neighborhood across Hoeksche Waard”. Prime Minister Rutte also expressed his support for the victims and relatives on Sunday afternoon.

13:52 A royal couple express their condolences

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima were affected by the “terrible accident” in New Bayerland. They notified you on social media.

13:50 One of the dead is a honorary member of the TOGB Football Club

The TOGB football club of Berkel en Rodenrijs says on the website that one of the fatal victims of the drama is honorary member Arno Koot. The club wrote in a statement:

“Deeply saddened and shocked by the passing of honorary member Arno Cote, our thoughts go to those close to Arno. Arno Cote is one of those killed in the tragic truck accident that occurred on August 27 in New Bayerland.

The third-tier match between the Union of International Republics and the United Nations on Sunday 28 August has been cancelled. All sporting activities, including the Padel Club tournament on Hoge Land, have been suspended. “TOGB’s family thoughts are with his relatives and everyone involved. We hope everyone shares a lot in dealing with the loss of their loved ones.”

13:40 The municipality organizes a press conference

The municipality of Hoeksche Waard will hold a press conference later on Sunday. The exact time is not yet known. The meeting will most likely be after 6 pm.

13:30 People laid flowers as the truck entered the crowd

People come to bring flowers on Zuidzijdsedijk in Nieuw-Beijerland. The audience is moved and sometimes sobbing in each other’s arms, according to reporter Gilly Gunwig.

12:15 Truck driver arrested for causing fatal traffic accident

The 46-year-old Spaniard, who was driving the truck, was arrested for causing a traffic accident that resulted in death and serious bodily injury. Police said he was not drinking. “His role in the accident is being investigated. For now, we are keeping all scenarios about the facts open.”

The place where the drama took place, filmed on Sunday morning
The place where the drama took place, filmed on Sunday morning © Riggenmond

12:10 The victims’ ages ranged between 28 and 75 years old

Police announced the ages of those killed Saturday night in Zuidzijdedijk in Nieuw-Beijerland. There are three men and three women. Their ages range from 32 to 75 years.

– a 50-year-old man from Nieuw-Beijerland,

– a 32-year-old woman from Oud-Beijerland,

– a 75-year-old woman from Nieuw-Beijerland,

– a 41-year-old man from Goudswaard,

– a 28-year-old woman from Godswaard,

A 62-year-old male from Nieuw-Beijerland.

Three dead people come from one family. Including a pregnant woman in the eighth month. Seven people are in hospital, one of them in critical condition.

11.55 Transport company: The truck goes off the road after avoiding the truck

Transport company El Mosca in Murcia, Spain, in which a truck participated, told Spain’s La Verdad newspaper that the truck went off the road when the truck tried to evade a truck. It may have been the white van the police were looking for shortly after the accident. The truck driver has since turned himself in to the police and has been questioned as a witness.

The company cannot be contacted by phone on Sunday afternoon. Only the Spanish media managed to make contact. Speaking to El Mundo, the El Mosca administration said it “expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and the speedy recovery of those injured in the tragic accident.” The company says it will fully cooperate with the police investigation.

11:10 Three dead from one family

On Sunday morning, it was announced in the Bethelkerk district of the Oud-Beijerland region that three deaths were from one family. It is about a mother, her son, and her eight-month-old daughter-in-law. The family was a member of the Bethel Church.

10:26 – Police: Six dead and seven wounded

The drama on Zuidzijdsedijk in Nieuw-Beijerland claimed six lives. This is the police report. Seven people were wounded. One of the injured is in critical condition. The police have yet to say anything about the identity of the victims.

The fatal collision is being investigated by a team of sixteen investigators. The truck driver, who started driving from a dead end, was arrested. A spokesman said he did not drink any alcohol. It is a 46-year-old Spaniard from Murcia.

On Saturday evening, police were still looking for the driver of a white open-body truck. This person has since been found and heard as a witness.

10:15 a.m. – “I think this guy had a skew in his head”

A local resident who witnessed what happened on Saturday night does not understand why the Spanish truck driver drove his car down the dam. The man is also a truck driver.

09:35 Hoeksche Waard municipality opens information number

People with questions after Saturday’s fatal accident can call 0800-647 36 47 or 14 01 86.

00:00 – Two instead of three dead

A police press release shows at least two people, not three. In addition, many people were seriously injured. How much is unknown. According to police, the truck set off from Zuidzijdsedijk, while a barbecue party from the local ice cream club was underway below. The truck hit several people.

Dozens of emergency services were on the scene. The truck was impounded and the driver questioned. It relates to a 46-year-old male from Spain.

Minister of Justice and Security, Dylan Yeseljuz Zegerios, expressed her condolences to those involved.

Read Saturday Night Live’s blog about the incident here:

Minister of Justice and Security, Dylan Yesilgus Zegerios, also expressed her condolences to those involved.

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