Competition in education explodes at the seams!

Is such success in words? Last year the organizers of the Summer Breeding Show collaborated to organize a sports horse breeding competition in Libramont. This happened without the agricultural fair, given the restrictions imposed by the Corona crisis. The breeders jumped for joy and took turns, as did the organizers. This year, breeders rewarded this dynamic with an unprecedented number of entries and over 200 registered sport horses and ponies. It turns out that motivating and supporting breeders in difficult times is a big step again!

keep innovating

It is always difficult to match success, let alone ensure innovation. To further this, SBS organized a real horse show this year. An area in the lawn yard has been demarcated to allow breeders to safely present mare and foal on foot (ie, uncultivated foals) on Sunday mornings from approximately 8 a.m. to noon. Many breeders have seized this opportunity, given the high public interest on Sunday. This year, the jury set out to conduct a separate evaluation of horses bred in both jumping and dressage directions. The condition was that 8 participants from each category had to participate. Given the large size of the participants, this was not a problem at all. The breeders were very happy with this initiative.

sports ponies

Traditionally, the sporting ponies open the contest on Fridays. The market demand for sport ponies is high and the breeders have been very happy to offer their ponies. The competition was open to all horse books. The offer was wide and varied. Luna, the new jungle in Orion x Kantje’s Carter from Borgerhof, has been declared the winner of the 2021 ponies. The Connemara Obscuro Knight d’Alam (by Fan Wizard Shaday) triumphed among the two-year-olds. At 3-year-old colts, the victory went to the SBS Never de Calascibetta pony (by Gold des Egypts x Ebbw Marshall). This year’s pony field included representatives from Connemara’s writers, BWP and SBS. Quel Filou van het Nederveld (SBSP – v. Scampolo) was the winner.

Two-year-old sports horses

Belgium is still a jumping-off country! Populous start lists for horses bred in the direction of jumping are common in our country in breeding competitions, and this is a good thing. It would be a shame to sacrifice our precious ancestors to the whims of the times. After all, isn’t it true that a good athletic horse should be versatile?

Besides, many top dressage horses have a good dash of jumping blood. Anyway… There were many two-year-olds brought up at Libramont towards taming. At least 26 two-year-olds jogged before the jury on Saturday morning, one already more than the other with impressive proportions and similar movements. The quality of the dam lines has emerged and they are becoming more geared towards taming every year. The future will show if this is useful or not. Universum du Jade, son of Uphill x Quaterback, triumphed in this series with Oldenburger paper. The little stallion showed his unmistakable gait with the monitored Brio. There were 31 participants in the two-year-old showjumping. Here Zangersheide’s producer, Charleston du Monsay Z (Cornado II x Ugano Sitte) triumphed. For the jumping part he got 17.5. His biggest competitor was Dixie de la Comogne (Dominator 2000 Z x Mylord Carthago) – also recorded in the Zangersheide Studbook – who got 18 years to jump. So Charleston didn’t get away with dancing and with a total of 83.5 points, he was the absolute winner in the two-year-old horses bred for jumping, at this 2022 Summer Breeding Show.

Three-year-old sports horse

As with the 2-year-olds, two tests for 3-year-olds – 20 in total – were given: a hand performance and a free-jumping line. Here the SBS breeding product cannot be beat. Latifa Mont Savigner is a mare with the pedigree of Ice Man du Houssoit x Clinton. The mare jumped very well and went over the wood with much of the same approach and technique. Anyone who saw this horse in action knew quickly that she would not be beaten! Talent was in the wind. In 3-year-old horses, bred in the direction of dressage, there were only 6 participations. The small group was crowned the SBS stallion Noir Désir de la Licorne (For Romance II x Longchamp).


Sunday is traditionally a fine day, and so was the case for the number of youngsters and ponies, who had taken possession of both rollers since early morning. Of the 16 males, the son of Toulon Peanuts van Duyversputten (ds. Quality Time) stood head and shoulders above the rest. Experts recognized the father in the son anyway. There are horses you see who just think and take in the environment with a little controllable arrogance. Peanut thought so, but he kept his eye on the lesson. longing to follow. Last year, breeder Lieve Blindeman told us she expects a lot from her son Toulon from a very high quality mare. You have proven it at Libramont. Toulon saw it good! Traditionally in Libramont a champion is chosen from both female and male winners. Thus Peanut Van Duyversputten competed against the one-year-old mare Paso Doble do Jade, who had been bred for taming by Floricello x Dante Weltino. Masculine athleticism versus feminine elegance. The Persians became a champion. Both scored 81.25! Both have SBS paper.


It just got even more exciting with nearly 50 foals. These have also been divided into ponies and foals, here without specifying dressage or jumping. For the first time in the history of the breeding competition in Libramont, Mehran has finished For example, but not limited. Quercy van het Nederveld (Christian’s Chacco x Bufero van het Panishof) and Quasallo GV Savenière (Mitchy de la Savenière x Casallo Z) shared first place, each with a score of 81.88.

Among the foals, one of the foals from Michy de la Savigner was also the victor. Queen Lamy Jie in Savinier also won the title of Foals Champion afterwards. Therefore both breeding producers Jean Gallet have Michy de la Savigner as a father. This stallion is the son of Greco Sitte (s. Button Sitte x Argentinus) of the daughter of Muscaris d’Ariel, the initially underestimated son of the avant-garde Diamant de Semmele. In the meantime, “Diamant” has become a brand in sports horse breeding. Muscaris d’Ariel already had this at the time. Mitchy de la Savenière presents himself in Libramont as a father with a future!

Sometimes, the audience would gather en masse around the competition rings. There was also a lot of professional interest, because the level of quality was high. Such competitions require a lot of breeders, because you do not just choose a one-year-old mare or a mare with a foal from the meadow for transport to Libramont. Therefore the work of the organizers and educators present deserves a lot of respect.

You can view the full results at Click on the results tab, then multiply and go to Libramont 2022.

Patricia Bourguignon

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