World Championship Herning: TeamNL provisional eighth, van der Vleuten best Dutchman in 14th place

TeamNL show jumpers are temporarily ranked eighth after the first part of the FEI World Championships in Herning. Michael van der Vleuten and his Beauville Z NOP, with whom he won a bronze medal at the Olympics last year, have the best Dutch result and everyone is 14th in the intermediate classification.

On the first day of the tournament there was a fishing course, where penalty points are converted into seconds of penalty kicks. Jur Vrieling and Long John Silver 3 started in gray as the Orange team’s first combination and saw the bar drop. The experienced team said, “I tried to ride as smoothly as possible. I know I’m not the fastest with Long John Silver. That’s the benign excess of the error, I have to get it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.” Rider after ride.

Jur Vrieling and Long John Silver 3 Photo:

Van der Vleuten and Beauville NOP
Maikel van der Vleuten and 12-year-old Beauville Z NOP started the World Championships excellently by staying clear on the opening course. The second group that started in TeamNL was cruising at a fast pace and had no problems. The Olympic bronze medalist in Tokyo is currently fourth in the middle standings with 82.99 seconds.

Michael led the tour as he had planned. “I came to the beasts after the last time a bit risky because I wanted to omit the trot jump. I rode him in eight trot jumps and most of them do nine. Then I got a little closer to that ox, forcing my horse to work a little harder than planned. Even those The point was going great and I felt good. In that regard, I don’t have to change much in the coming days and should try to keep that shape. This was also an important run for the other two rounds. The course invites you to think that you can ride it really fast, just because it’s long So, many of the horses in the latter group have a bit of an empty tank.”

Maikel van der Vleuten and Beauville Z NOP Photo Digishots

It’s Maikel and Beauville Z NOP’s second tournament. “Another year has passed, and the better you know your horse, the better you can plan your ride in advance. Of course it still has to go the way you want it to, such a tournament brings the necessary tension with it. But until the World Cup, I already had a feeling he was feeling happy. This gives me the confidence to take a small risk to make a big difference today. You shouldn’t make mistakes from now on.”

Debut Sanne Thijssen
16-year-old Sunny Thijsen and Koon Quidam RB made their World Cup debut. They crossed the finish line in a super fast time of 82.74 seconds, one of the fastest stages of the day. Unfortunately, Sanne got an indent error for the first set, leading to a four-second penalty. Given her fasting time, Sanne’s rating is still good in sight.

Sanne Thijssen with Con Quidam RB Photo:

Sanne Thijssen was satisfied with her debut: “Everything went according to plan, the only thing I didn’t do well was the last line. I outdid myself on the penultimate bull. My horse bounced nicely on it, but I got nine jumps to jump there while I was planning For eight. Then you have to improvise, and the rest went according to plan.” Sanne reacted soberly to the beam that unfortunately fell. “It was a mistake in the ironing, and it was a shame. My horse was nice to ride, and fanatical enough. One day, it was too fresh, and then rushed a lot in the jump. Two more rounds coming and maybe four more, so it still needs to be ironed.” his energy to do those other rounds.” Sanne and being Con Quidam RB were shown together. “We know each other inside and out. I got it about 10 years ago when he was six, and we grew up on the level together, so we get along well with each other.”

Anchorman Harry Smulders
Anchorman Harrie Smolders was the last TeamNL rider to start. In Hurdle 4, Thor, Monaco NOP made an unusual lead error, causing the whiteboard to fall and a four-second penalty on the scoreboard. Bravely and at a fast pace, Smulders completed his ride more clearly, in a fast time of 82.12. This puts Smulders directly ahead of Sanne Thijssen in the middle standings.

Harry Smulders with Monaco NOP Photo:

Harry was disappointed with his tour: “We finished one, which is always a shame in the tournament. I don’t know exactly why the beam fell, I jumped so low, I know it,” Smulders laughs nervously. “The speed was good, I didn’t drive too hard, but I was fast enough to get a good result. I was trying to get a top ten position, but that didn’t work out. We missed the start a bit today and we’re running behind the times. The horses jumped really well, and now we have to We’re talking about a race to catch up. To tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

The results of the first part of the World Jumping Championships:
1. Julien Epaillard (France) – Caracole de la Roque (by Zandor Z), 0 penalty.
2. Scott Brach (Britain) – Hi Jefferson (by Cooper van de Heevenk), 0.23 Penalty
3. Martin Fuchs (SWI) – Leone Jei (by Baltic VDL), 0.36 Penalty
14. Michael van der Vleuten (Summerin) – Beauville Z NOP (by Bustique), 1.96 Penalty
34- Harrie Smolders (Lage Mierde) – Monaco NOP (by Cassinni II), 3.52 Penalty
36. Sanne Thijssen (Sevenum) – Con Quidam RB (by Quinar Z), 3.83 Penalty
64. Jur Vrieling (Holwierde) – Long John Silver 3 (by Lasino), 6.29 Penalty

Nations Cup standings:
1. Sweden – 3.69
2- France – 5.44
3- Belgium – 5.49
8. Netherlands – 9.31

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