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Auden – Dinga van Lier will soon have to say goodbye to her first horse. Haute couture goes to America. With her other invulnerability, the jockey from Uden can work toward the Olympics in Paris in 2024. Thanks to an investor, Hermès will be kept anyway for Dutch equestrian sport until then.

For six years they saw each other daily, dressage contestant Dinga Van Lier and her Haute Couture horse. That will end in mid-December. The mare is sold and gone to America, where American rider Katherine Bateson Chandler takes the reins.

The sale of the 9-year-old mare by owners Joop van Uytert of Heerewaarden and Albert Drost of Dreumel came as no surprise to Van Liere. I’ve been aware of this for some time and don’t blame them. It’s part of the sport and they make money with it, but it’s a loss. You train the horse and build a bond.”

A high degree

Haute Couture was three years old when they first met and from the first moment there was a flick between the two. The first match together was very special. I didn’t ride it for long, but we immediately hit a ninety percent score in a little mares competition. That’s really high, it was the highest score that year.”


Haute couture is so sweet and loves cuddling and caring

Dinga Van Lier (31)

There isn’t a single moment in the past six years that you want to highlight. “It’s all valuable and I’m glad we got this far.” Dinja van Liere will especially miss the bond that holds them together. “Haute couture is very sweet and loves to cuddle and grab attention. When she enters the stable, she immediately walks towards you. She is so excited.”

dog or cat

The 31-year-old Amazon compares the bond she and Haute Couture have to the love people feel for their dog or cat. “But even more intense. We are training together, which strengthens the bond even more. I still have some time to get used to her gone. I don’t know exactly how the farewell will go.”

Kathryn Bateson-Chandler will now work with Haute Couture. I don’t really know her, but I know she has a heart for horses. It’s not just about competitions for her, but she also wants to build a relationship with the horses. She is very nice and friendly.”


Each horse has its own user manual. One is more tense and the other is more active

Dinga Van Lier


The two had been in contact about the Persians. “Each horse has its own instruction manual. One is more tense and one more energetic. Haute couture is fanatical and eager to compete and you have to slow down. I explained to her how we were working for the match and how she reacts to certain things.”

The couture saddle and bridle are also moving to America. “The horse is used to it.” Although couture will soon have to get used to the new Amazon. ,, It is easier if you train a horse yourself. Then the bond is better and you feel each other more easily. You know better how to handle certain situations.”

Van Liere and Haute Couture were satisfied with each other and the results were good. They went together as a reserve at the last Olympics in Tokyo and were the best Dutch combination at the European Dressage Championships in Hagen. So sales are a loss in terms of sport.

Dressage contestant Dinga Van Lier with the stallion Hermes. © Roel van der A


However, there is also good news for the passenger from Uden. In any case, you will have access to her best horse Hermes until the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. Owner Joop van Uytert found an investor who became co-owner of the stallion.

“I am very happy with that,” said the rider. It provides security and peace of mind. Otherwise you will always feel nervous whether the horse is sold or not. I would like to continue with the best sport and I want to go to matches again so that I can ride with them myself.”

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