Party for the Animals is excited about a plan to turn the Niemeyer Factory into a creative hub

Niemeyer factory as a location where creative talent can develop. Night Mayor Merlijn Poolman’s plan could draw on enthusiasm from the Party for Animals faction in Groningen City Council.

“We know that during this year Niemeyer’s factory will be empty,” says council member Bart Hekema of the Animal Party. “I am now following the discussion in the media with interest. The mayor’s night plan to turn it into a creative hub, Backbone and Kunstenbond have already expressed a positive opinion about this plan. As a group, we also think it’s a good idea Groningen puts this to good use.”

“In a permanent place you show as a city that you care about talent and creative ideas”
Hakmama continues: “You can actually say two things about the Pullman plan. We currently have a shortage of affordable space in the city. These affordable spaces are ideal for small non-commercial initiatives, for crafts, shops or sustainable ideas. Not many entrepreneurs can And start-up companies pay 3000 euros rent right away, so it’s important to offer affordable places.The city center is not suitable for something like that because you can see that the price is high, there is a large turnover, and the vacancy system is not working. Anyway, I think That the temporary character is not perfect. Look at the spine. Despite the fact that they have been able to sit in Travertine Street for some time, there is always a little voice saying that it is limited. Therefore, Niemeyer will be appropriate. You give something permanently. This brings peace and stability. By doing so you show as a city that you care about talent and creative ideas.”

transportation site
The situation around the spine is a thorn in the side of wisdom. Entrepreneurs and companies based in Backbone serve different purposes. One part focuses on the Vinkhuizen region, for example. Freecafé is there, hip hop lessons are also given, and there is social assistance. All of these companies serve a social purpose and do not benefit from a construction in which everything is always temporary in the end. This causes tension. In my opinion, the Niemeyer site should provide stability, so that entrepreneurs and small businesses can use this site as a bridging period. You can start from there and if you have enough bone fat, you can move on to another place.”

“You don’t just want a city where you can live and shop”
Hekima: “The Niemeyer site encourages dreams too. It’s a very big complex. I’ve already heard that the mayor came up with some great plans. And I think a lot could be possible. A place for artists and musicians, perhaps the combination is possible with ambitious food and shops. I think places are not Commerce is important to a city. Ultimately, you want a city where you can not only live and shop, but also want your city to be vibrant. Hence initiatives like this are indispensable.”

“Don’t stare blindly at the idea, but what can it add?”
The Animal Party also wants to discuss the topic in the council. “I think we should start a discussion about this. Look, what you see is that an idea arose out of society, which is now joined by different parties. It is important that you listen to this as a politician and that you also discuss this with these parties. I think it is important not to Stare at the idea blindly, but to see what you could add. By the way, I liked Pullman’s words. He said something like 200 years after he rolled tobacco, Niemeyer could also give something back, for example donating the pool to the city for a token amount.”

Groningen is allowed to show more courage.
Conversations with Pullman, but also with Sherlock Telgate of Backbone and Wilma Vissers of Kunstbond, show that people look jealously to other cities, where they seem bolder elsewhere, where they have more vision. Wisdom: You can definitely show more courage. But the question is what is possible. If you look at Suikerunieterrein, we’ve done a good job as a municipality. Very nice things happen there. I saw that the comparison is also made with Berlin, and that there are many similar places there. This is true, but the situation in Berlin is different than in Groningen. It’s a city that has had to deal with long-term vacancies. There is a lot of real estate, empty old factory buildings, which do well to serve as a creative hub. We don’t have such sites here in town. But it might also be a good idea to look at what’s possible here with conservatism.”

“The topic deserves a nice discussion”
The consultant is also clear about the costs: “When real estate is not in the public sector, there is also a social responsibility for real estate entrepreneurs. Instead of ordering the entire building, as a real estate entrepreneur, you can say, ‘Oh my God, I’m making a social choice, and I’m going to make a building’ Suitable as a creative center, which I will ask for a reasonable price. With these projects, the case is that if steps are taken on different sides, there will be a lot, so that in the end you will win a lot. To be clear, Niemeyer is not in the hands of real estate entrepreneurs at the moment, I hope That such real estate become in the hands of the public. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant idea that deserves a nice discussion in the City Council, and perhaps also elsewhere.”

Regarding the Niemeyer factory, OOG Tv has spoken with several parties in recent days:
– Merlijn Poolman (Night Mayor): “Make the Niemeyer Factory a creative hub with studios, study spaces and workspaces”
– Sherlock Telgt (Backbone): Niemeyer Factory as Creative Hub: “This is what you should want, invest in City of Talent”
– Wilma Vissers (Kunstenbond): “The Niemeyer Factory would be an ideal location for studios.”

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