Young riders and versatility guarantee gold on Hippiade Day

Today, the penultimate Hippiade Day happened at Ermelo and it was the turn of the horses in the 1.00m, 1.10m and 1.20m jump classes. Marco Sasse with Furore Medico (1.20 m), Laura Packer with Fiesta (1.10 m) and Julian Crete with Desperado TS Z (1.00 m) crowned the championship.

The KNHS Witte van Moort Hippiade 2022 kicked off today with a beautiful winner in the 1.00m vaulting horse division. After a very nice hopping round, both Julian Kruit and Desperado TS Z earned the coveted title. The only 17-year-old rider from Nieuw Amsterdam in Drenthe improved his style points on 74 of the base track to a top score of 83.5 on the jump, keeping Jesse Seiger on Ceawen Z on silver and Niels Roozen on Easy Elvis BZ on bronze.

Hippiade’s first title

“That’s very nice,” replies the winner. “That’s a beautiful horse. He’s only five years old and I just got him. I think every month. In the regional championship in Drenthe we were already second and so far in first. I’ve already won many titles in Drenthe, but it’s the time The first I win at Hippiade. That’s so beautiful!”

Comment from the heart

Julian, who is pursuing Accounts Manager training at Deltion College, clearly has done something with the comments of jury members Edwin Hugenrath and Bart van der Matt from the core course. He says, “In the first round my horse was a little squinted. It’s all new to it anyway. Then the comment was I should drive a little slower and do myself a little lower. I did it in the second round and the jury thought about that too “.

Fourteen year old fly to gold

After a strong jump, Laura Packer and Fiesta triumphed in the 1.10m class. Silver went to Mayke Leusink with Kinkie. They’ve been in the lead for a long time through the jump stage, but had to settle for second, the same final rating as at the last Gelderland tournaments. Jannie Nentjes completes the girl’s strength in the 1.10m class by winning the bronze with Everest.

“all or nothing”

The new champion had to fight hard for him in a jump with more than twenty participants and was able to put her horse’s name into practice after that. Fourteen-year-old Bakr says, “It was all or nothing. I’m so proud of my horse! She’s quick to handle herself and did a great job. Everything fit to jump. I was still nervous after that, but at some point I thought we were We’ll make it. I’ve been driving a Fiesta for a year and a half now. She’s twelve and she’s doing really well in every competition. This is our first tournament. I’ve never been in ponies before and now she’s hit on the spot. I would also like to thank my coaches. Richard Captain. He’s here and that has definitely helped.”

An address for a versatile four-legged friend

Marco Sass with Furore Medico became a real champion in the 1.20m race. After warming up twice and jumping fast, this combination was the only one who managed to keep a clean sheet and thus win the title. Second place went to Eva Oude Wolcherink with La Rosso Lady SDH and a nice bronze medal went to Anne Klein and Hannelore.

sass class apart

After the first moto, as the time allowed was tight, there were 25 sets left for the second. Seventeen of them were clear and had the best cards for medals. After the second round, nine contenders remained. However, everyone choked on the jump track, except for winner Sass.

Good Game

Hippiade’s last champion of the day praised the versatility of Furore Medico, which he says is only used occasionally when jumping. “If there’s room in the truck, he’ll come. He thinks this is a fun game and he enjoys it. He runs a dressage Z2 and is a really nice horse. You can take it to the beach, to the woods, in front of the wagon, basically everything. Now it’s possible that he won’t jump for a while.” Next month and a half and he will just walk the dressage again.It is owned by my colleague Denise Lommy.We both ride to Mr. Verhagen and she is the one who rides dressage with this horse.The fact that it is easy to drive is sure to its credit.This makes my job very easy and I am also indebted With this victory for that.”

Source: KNHS

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