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Halsteren has had a very nice tradition for kids on the last week of summer vacation since 1972: The Grote Spellenweek of Stichting Kinder Vakantie Spel “Onder de Panne”. This means this year it’s party time because the institution has been around for 50 years!!

For the past 50 years, a group of volunteers in Halstern has been organizing an entire week of games, treasure hunts, inflatables and adventures for children in the area. Volunteers are a very diverse group of people, young and old. Some have just joined and some have been involved for many years, like Toos Karremans, who has been with the foundation since the beginning. But also other famous faces, such as Bram de Vos, Paul Schut, Rob Ernest, Marjoleine Schut, Petra Alberts – Ernest, Yvette Franssen, Koen Jonkers, Dennis van der Weele, Timothy Jansen, Charlotte van der Weele and Diana Ernest. They have all been very excited for decades, active as volunteers and they all feel like a nice party.

Party week

From Monday 29 August to Friday 2 September, all this awaits with many delicious desserts every day. All children between 4 and 12 years old are welcome. It is not necessary to register in advance, so that parents can bring their children without any obligation. Every year “Great Games Week” has a special theme. This year, together with Professor Fixnix, children look back at the children’s holiday game, starting with traditional outdoor fun games and craft tasks and later building huts, treasure hunting, etc., and as befits a birthday, a good game Treat. In other words, it will be a week full of fun.

The Drievliet trip is almost complete!

Every year, the Wednesday of Big Games Week is a day, during which two full De Kock buses take the kids to a theme park. On Wednesday, August 31, the buses will head to the Driflet theme park in The Hague. You must register in advance for this day. This year, registrations have gone through again very quickly since the first announcement. There are only a few places left. Register quickly via the registration form on the website, because FULL = FULL.

kids holiday game

Children’s Day Game “Under de Panne” (KVS) organizes this wonderful game week for primary school children from 4 to 12 years old. Each child’s contribution is €3 per day, so it is not necessary to register in advance. Throughout the day, children play fun games in groups under the supervision of volunteers and are often given tasty treats. Drinks are served, and children must bring their own drinking glass. Parents should also make lunch sandwiches and give them to them.
Game Week takes place in and around Halstern. So we try to start each day at a different location in Halster. From Fort de Roover, De Beek, on ‘t Dorp to Sports Park. Each of them is a great location to experience outdoor adventures together.


On Friday September 2, the last day of Big Week starts at 10am with a decathlon at Sportpark “De Beek”. For the day there will be extra airbags (and in good weather also water games!). Please bring your child’s bathing suit and towel on this day! Moreover, on Friday you will be additionally treated to fries with lunch. So sandwiches are not necessary today.

bad weather?

If it is raining during the day, there will be an alternative programme. There will be information about this on the registration site, Facebook and the website. In case of rain, activities outside will continue. If this is the case, you can give your child rain gear or a poncho.

Volunteers at KVS

During the big week, the kids are supervised by a group of over 50 volunteers. This includes many first aiders, traffic controllers and face painters, but also a number of people with an educational background. This is of course not a requirement. It is important that volunteers work enthusiastically and happily for the children. Each year, these volunteers take a week off from their work to help out. And they do it with great pleasure, because they find it very interesting in KVS. Assistance in KVS can also be provided in different ways, in addition to orientation, there is also, for example, the construction team. If you are interested in helping with KVS, please email or call 06-199598275 (Paul Schut).

Any help welcome

In addition to the many volunteers, the “Great Games Week” is also supported by the municipality of Bergen op Zoom and many local organizations and businesses. The children’s holiday game is very grateful to them for that. All this help and support makes it possible to make this gaming week even more enjoyable and expansive!


Over the coming days, the website will be provided with more information for parents and children. But if you have any questions, you can also call us at 06-52151146 (Marjoleine Schut), 0619598275 (Paul Schut) or email: Or visit the Facebook page When you follow Kids Holiday here, you’ll be the first to know about new information and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I give my child?
Backpack or bag with:
• Drinking cup
• sandwiches for lunch
• Any medications.
Comfortable clothes can also get dirty.
Make sure you have your contact details in your child’s bag.
• Tip: Label your contact details on your drinking glass or lunch box.

What is the cost of participation?
The cost of each activity is only 3 euros per child. This is possible because there is a large group of volunteers committed to children. The support of Halstere’s entrepreneurs is also invaluable.

My child is taking medication, where do I report it?
You can indicate this when registering. You can also write this on the registration slip. The relevant group leadership and first aid will be informed.

My child is 3 years old, can he join?
A minimum of 4 years equals a minimum of elementary school. This also has to do with the child’s hygiene and independence.

My child is 13 years old, can he join?
The games and activities are not intended for children over 12 years old. However, if your child still wants to try out games and activity days, your child can sign up for help as a young leader. Otherwise, we highly recommend Lepelstraat Youth Camp.

What do you do when it rains?
We always try to keep our activities outside for as long as possible. If it is raining during the day, there will be an alternative programme. There will be information about this on the registration site, Facebook and the website. In case of rain, activities outside will continue. If this is the case, you can give your child rain gear or a raincoat and wells.

My child is not from Halstern, can he participate?
Yes, all children are welcome. Also from outside of Halstern.

Can I (Parent) stay with me during match days?
no, that’s impossible. Children are cared for and supervised by good volunteers. If your child is unable to land on their own, we will contact you. So, always make sure you are available.

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