Jenny Finstra in the US: “The quality of the Friesian horses has improved a lot here!”

Jenny Finstra surrounded by Casimir Coral, Julius 486 Sport Elite and Eliza Kroll with Hessel 480

moment to meet Jenny Finstra Speaking, it’s in Shipshewana, Indiana, where I just read some IBOP guides. For example, the Grand Prix rider who caused a stir with Wolter – now 23 years old and still going strong – is touring extensively in the US.

They give dressage lessons to riders of different levels and different breeds, but the main part is the Friesian horses.

South Africa

I think this is the 10th year I’ve been traveling to the US for a few weeks to teach. When I was 21 I worked there and the ‘teaching’ ball started to roll when I started mentoring a South African client who had purchased a KWPN dressage horse in the Netherlands and wanted to learn about our training method. Her coach would have called Bartels Academy if they didn’t know anyone. I’ve been riding with Tineke and Imke for years and have also taught private training weeks for Friesian horses and that’s how I came there.

Jenny Finstra with Wolter (Photo: Imadia Photography)

all over the world

After that, knights from Australia and America also managed to find Jenny, thereby spreading her knowledge throughout the world. ‘This year my round trip is very long, you know; I was supposed to go for three weeks, but it’s going to be six! This also had to do with the fact that it was now allowed again, after a long aura hiatus. She was last in America two years ago, where she was later found to have contracted the coronavirus. “I went from someone who ran 8km every day to someone who could barely put one foot in the other.” Jenny is still struggling with the effects of Corona. ‘escape from? accidental. In five minutes you can be away from me. The ride is good, because my horses react to the smallest of aids.

From ponies to sherries

During the six weeks on the other side of the world, the rider visits various stables, where he teaches riders and jockeys of all kinds: “from ponies to sherries.” I acclimate to every horse and rider, check what I have on the track and act on what I see. I look at each horse in the same way: how is his body assembled, what is his character, and as a result I quickly make a plan in my head. If this plan does not work, I will change the plan. Nine times out of ten there is a big difference between how the horse walked at the beginning and how it is at the end of the lesson.

Julius 486 Sport Elite

She also meets many knights with Friesian horses. For example, I went to Wim and Marjan Cazemier, where the Frisian stallion Julius 486 Sport Elite stands. Wim, like Henk Hammers, we mainly know from KWPN harness horses, but here in the States the Friesian horse is very popular, so now he’s also focusing on the Friesian breed. The same is mentioned with Julius. Marjan rides it, and they have quite a few customers who settle on their Friesian horse with him for testing. They’ve also done well in recent days.

Elisa Kroll

So she is now considering “live” again for two years, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t seen any foreign clients in the intervening period. “Ellisa Kroll of the Friesian Connection I gave online ‘remote’ lessons, so online three times a week. With a Meinte 490 – now back in Van Manen in Ede – I’ve grown from Z1 to Small Tour in a year and a half. He had to learn Series Replacements and Spins.It has been through 8. She currently has a Hessel 480 under the saddle; soon she will have a Wylster 436 Sport Elite AAA Grand Prix horse at her disposal.

high level

The rider noted that the quality of driving in America has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. It was necessary that professional help be called here to get to the right level. In the past, riding was mainly conservative, now brave riders dare to show up to the test. Or are these better riders also training and releasing Friesian horses? Yes, of course! Olympic rider Sabine Schott Kerry (Team Bronze with Hannover Sanso, ed.), ridden at the highest level at the start of the century with Tinos PM (Gillis 310) and Iliad PM (Bendert 281), Giulio Mendoza won the Panam Games race with a Friesian horse.

Friesian dynasty in tournaments

Whether we meet another Friesian horse at the Grand Slams in the long run is partly a matter of luck. They certainly have that, but the rider has to come out for the right country. Mendoza, for example, has an Ecuadorean passport. The IOC would like as much diversity of participants as possible, so if such a person leads the required percentages, he can easily finish in the Olympics.

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