“Give me a great challenge”

She is a special secondary education consultant, author at De Fontein Publishing, mother of two sons, ages 10 and 8, who recently divorced and is expecting a daughter with her new boyfriend. So nothing boring about it. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to our new columnist: Elaine Rink.

“For a long time my name has been Elaine Lina. Recently I’m Elaine Rink again. This is my maiden name because I have been divorced since May this year. I grew up in Arnhem working in special education for a long time, with young people with behavioral disorders. This It is where my passion has always been.


I have been working in my current school since 2018. Initially as a teacher, but I found it really intense. A window or door fell regularly, or there were students threatening. I did it for three years and then it became an available position in the track desk. This means that I guide them through their training period and towards their transition to work, further education or daytime activities. First we look together what suits them. She is much more personal, and there is no peer pressure behind her. This ensures that they are usually OK to deal with. It’s a very nice target group.

make a difference

I think you can really make a difference to a student with this work. Regular educators and masters can really hear that. Often only these students are hurt, they have been through a lot and need someone to listen to them more. The one who really makes time for them, takes them by the hand and says: We will arrange it together. Find out what really works for them, rather than going after all the ways. I would love to see how we can ensure that students go to their internship or work every day with a smile. Students at my school often have little money at home or live in a community. If I can make them happy with McDonald’s ice cream, we’ll get it. I’ve noticed that they appreciate it. And sometimes it’s not fun either. They are also very honest. Now that I’m pregnant, someone sometimes yells, “I’m really fat.” But this is also funny.

to write

In addition to my current job, I have been writing books for years, especially thrillers. It wasn’t like this was always in my head. In 2009 I had the mood, as I often have, and I just tried it. I knew there was a publisher in Arnhem, but he lived in Heusen, where my parents live. So I passed my bike next to him and pressed a package in his hands with a manuscript: “Would you like to read it?” A month later I got a message that he wanted to publish it. It was a small publisher, where I spent some time, until last year. In May, she moved to De Fontaine, one of the largest publishing houses. By that time I had written fourteen books with my old publisher and that had reached a good audience. Only a small publisher has small budgets. Not much was possible in terms of promotion or fun procedures. When I came to the fountain, I immediately felt at home. They have a lot of fun ideas. It felt like a huge step and I’m still very happy every single day I’ve gone. I still write under my old name. Elaine Lena. You’ve built a ‘brand’ though, you can’t just change that.

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I get inspiration for my thriller movies from everywhere and nowhere. Example: I took the kids to school one morning and it was still dark. I saw a dark truck park in front of a house and two men in black hats got off. I wondered if everything was okay. So I kept looking and thought maybe I should call 911? Men rang the bell, which is elegant anyway of course. That woman opened the door and let them in. Maybe they were mechanics or something. Then it starts playing in my head: Imagine you open that door and they don’t come there with an invitation. They are invading your home. From this thought came the next thriller.

the mother

In addition to this busy life, I am also a mother. In all those years I spent a lot of time alone with the boys. The father of my sons was not around often, due to his work as a pilot. When the kids were young, he used to live in Taiwan for work. So motherhood for me was doing a lot on my own with the kids. I am very happy that they are now in the football stage, because I love football. We watch games together, and I enjoy that. The three of us are having a great time and luckily things are going well between them and my new friend. My parents and sisters are very involved, we help each other a lot. My sons are happy, smart boys, sometimes a bit smart. But I think that’s part of it. I think it’s important that they know they can always call me, and tell me everything. I hope my pedagogical experience is useful as well. Although you will see that this does not work at all for your children.


What I find difficult is finding the balance in time for kids, work, writing, social activities, sports clubs, kids’ parties, and school help. Many moms probably realize this. Do I give everything enough attention? When you are at home, you want to be there for your children. I think this is the dilemma of our time. But it cannot be done any other way. It makes me a better mother to be able to do my own things in addition to motherhood. And my children are already very independent.


And now a girl is joining our family. I have no idea what to expect. I don’t have experience with girls, so we’ll see. It was really a surprise to me. When it turned out that I was a girl, I had to switch gears. Then I cried happily. I didn’t expect to have another child. For eight years I did not think I would have another daughter. Now you will see that she is really a boy girl. But that’s totally fine, too. Can we play football together? “

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