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Is this a bubble? number, Cloud

Luke Wilmering: Highlights (members only) (2017/20).

You are sitting at the table behind the laptop. Your fingers tap on the keyboard, and the hum of the washer sounds in the background. Every now and then the saw runs at the neighbor. The sounds are there but not there at the same time, because it is part of your home, of a safe and familiar environment.

in the exhibition far home At Vaishal in Harlem, five artists present works in which they search for the meaning of home. The space, distance, and familiarity a home can contain are discussed.

Elise ‘t Hart displays everyday sounds. Recognizable sounds from the wooden cabinets on the wall that you might not have consciously thought of before.

Luke Willmering, also curator, explains in his collage series Lights (members only) Focus on reserved environments. Wilmering created eighteen polished dioramas based on previously published photos of buildings in the architecture of Louis XVI, a style that feels cheerful and distant. Spatial play in collages enhances the sense of distance. It’s like looking through a window and just finding stillness.

Frank Manderslott’s text bars can be seen between the Vishal columns and on the floor. The camel is attached to the felt cloth. While the link to the exhibition’s theme remains in Mandersloot’s work, the title can be applied literally to the work of Ronald Cornelissen. He made black and white drawings as a result of his stay in Spitsbergen. Here, detailed architectural images meet cartoon characters.

Wim Bosch complexes show buildings inflated with soap bubbles. Has the environment been radically cleaned up? Bosch knows how to create an exotic dream world for an urban environment in a simple way. So soap bubbles can also be clouds. Above each photo there is the text “Explanation of space limits”.

It is this sentence that makes you think about the definition of the house

No taboo on that obstetrics

Luke Willmering: Lights (members only) (2017/20)

Hungarian photographer Csilla Klenyánszki (1986) who lives in the Netherlands has thirty minutes to create a work of art. Thirty minutes – then the alarm goes off. This alarm clock is her newborn baby, who takes a half-hour nap. Then the circus explodes.

Klenyánszki managed to create the gem in this tight time frame. Pictures of shaky sculptures I collected with household items. Brooms, buckets, sofa, kitchen steps are included, just like her body, dressed in oversized underpants or teal stockings. corners of the house (2016) consists of 96 works: nearly a hundred absurdities, beautifully abstract, but above all moving metaphors of the multitasking mother who has to do something else in addition to her caring duties.

Klenyánszki’s work can be seen in a fairly large-scale group exhibition on the place of the “mother” in the art world, at De Garage in Rotterdam. The exhibition, curated by Fadwa Naamneh, highlights an interesting topic. Is it true, as Marina Abramović believes, that real artists cannot be mothers? (Answer: No). W: If mothers are artists, why does the caring aspect of their lives in their professional world remain as invisible as possible?

on me Dearest Y Taboos are not avoided. This is how feminist director Erin Lustig breaks up in the entertaining set that lasted more than two hours. Maternity Archives (2013) Ideological structures behind the history of painless birth at home–pure fiction. Cecilia Johnson Shows Partial Multimedia Hair Lifting Formula hot (2016) – about treating a bucket full of bloody placenta (collected in the hospital) into a compass needle in a treasure trove.

Yasmeen Salim Flores presented her beautiful chalk and ink watercolor series after an unfortunate miscarriage. in Adjust aquatic creatures (2021) Mixes a lot: color, shape, life and death, child and no boy. He is a blacksmith in beauty.

fierce and dashing fashion graphics

Erin LustigAnd the Dearest Y Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn.

Brutally scratched, in pencil and colored pencil, are drawings of racy women in colorful clothes, like a drawing of a cheerful, colorful woman showing off her red shorts. They are pencil drawings by Dutch fashion illustrator Marie B. Due to the scratch it is very different from the vivid picture you have of your average “perfect” fashion illustrations and fashion photos. Mary B. said: In the magazine: “It is important to me that the drawing lives and breathes” Vogue magazine.

She is lively, and it is the few set of drawings of her that can be seen in the group exhibition Valentine’s Day The Amsterdam gallery specializes in fashion graphics I love the illustrations gallery. The works of sixteen fashion illustrators can be seen there, loosely on the Valentine’s Day theme, and the originals and prints are in limited editions.

Two years ago, in the time of Corona, Anke Kroll founded the gallery located in Amsterdam Hallen. “It came from my blog about fashion illustrations I’ve owned for years,” says the gallery owner, who is also an independent art director for fashion magazines. Fashion illustrations persisted despite photography’s dominance in the fashion world, because it has something trivial, human, and literal in that high-gloss environment.

One of the best and most famous fashion designers in the Netherlands, Pete Paris, once said, “The beautiful thing about fashion sketching is the exaggeration of forms.” devotion. Especially for this exhibition, Paris designed the painting “Valentino” and “Valentina” in its typical abstract graphic forms. I Love Painting is the permanent Paris exhibition.

Besides well-known Dutch illustrators such as Paris, Milo Freeman, Seok Perma and Astrid Voss, who make elegant ink drawings, Kroll also brings in new foreign talent, such as Annie Naranian from Canada and Joanna Leila from London.

Laila creates flowing drawings in watercolor ink, and Naranyan stands out in her cheerful computer graphics of women wearing brightly colored huge hats.

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