It is impossible to determine how many children we have.”

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Learning through motherhood Show newsHost Dyantha Brooks plans something better, but she still loses her keys and is regularly late. “I am no ordinary mother, I have my own structure.”

“Everything is going well, I really have nothing to complain about!” The delightful Dyantha Brooks opens. “The sun is shining, the children are healthy and I can do well tonight, what more do I want?”

back to work

Dyantha’s month-long maternity leave is over and she’s back on TV as a host Show news. She enthusiastically tells how, three months after the birth of her second son, Louis, she really wanted to get back to work. That was different after the birth of her first son.

“Going back to work? Out with Davis? No way, I didn’t want to think about it. It was all so exciting and I was so worried: every minute away from home was so minute. In the end I’m back in rhythm, but the fun? Of course not.”

Now, with Lewis, Dianta is less interested. In addition, it transformed into Show news A lot, she says. “At the time, I was working on the radio during the day, I missed a lot of Davis. I’m now at night Show news Nowadays, I can be with my kids during the day. In fact, I have it The best of both worlds. “

The days are long, because when someone else fumbles on the couch at seven, Dyantha’s live show begins. “But I’m fine, also because I take good care of myself: I start every morning very quietly. I get enough sleep, because Louis sleeps through the night. I hardly dare say it out loud, because there are so many parents who struggle with nights broken, but we are very lucky to have it.”

They complement each other

Diantha explains another factor of happiness is the kind, helpful man. “When rush hour starts at home, I leave. So, when I carry everything and cook it during the day, Mick makes sure to wash the kids in bed after dinner. That cadence is part of my job, and Mick is very happy to make that “sacrifice” for my career. It is the way we help each other, we are yin and yang.”

“When rush hour starts at home, I leave for work”

Dianatha laughs, if it wasn’t for Mick, there would have been no career at all, because she wasn’t really ambitious. “I grew up with a little house tree monster: Home is my happiness. That must be good. As far as a career goes, I just need a kick in the ass.”

She gets it from her husband. “Mick comes from a real entrepreneurial family, with a mindset The sky is the limit. In the past I used to grumble a lot about ‘where I stood in life’. Mick was holding a perfectly clear mirror to me: ‘And what exactly did I do about it? Nothing!’ He constantly challenged me by asking: What are you going to do about it, what is your next step?”

foot in the door

Blood was troublesome at the time, Diantha admits, but now she is very grateful for it. “Mick was tough, but realistic. If I didn’t want that TV career, that’s fine too, but he said very clearly, ‘I don’t want to sit down with someone who has been angry for twenty years disappointed that she didn’t do or dare anything.'” In other words: “If you want it, work hard for it.”

His words had an effect. Now that Dyantha has said she “put her foot in the door” on TV, she wants to get everything out of it. “I dream of my Human Interests show and a series on Videoland. But: it keeps skipping. My family comes first, so you have to fit in hand in hand.”

Dyantha Brooks Interview with Dutch Celebrities

The perfect blend

Of course, that family wasn’t there right away. In the beginning there was love. When Dyantha met Mick twelve years ago, she fell in love with him.

“I knew: This is the guy I want everything with. I’ve never met a nice guy who’s also my best friend. What a terrible statement, but it’s true. We get along really well with each other. I used to meet guys who were very sweet or were Just an upswan. Mick is a tough guy who impresses me and I can’t waltz, but at the same time he’s kind, loyal and I can count on. The perfect and attractive combination for me.”


One day they wanted children, if it was up to Mick up to five, but the specific plan wasn’t ready. “It happened. Once I had problems with my IUD, and it was removed, then I had to take a pill, and of course I forgot about it, and all of a sudden I got pregnant. Unplanned, but very welcome. It comes as it comes.”

And sometimes that doesn’t come, as Diantha unfortunately also knows, because after Davis, a miscarriage followed. That was sad, of course, but such things are part of life. I don’t want to get too dramatic about it in our case: Mick and I worked on it together and are now blessed with a second child.”

“After a miscarriage, you know: It’s not up to us to decide, it’s nature that determines”

However, this experience made the couple more realistic in one fell swoop. “One day we’re going to have four or five kids, that was the easy idea: We just do it. But after the abortion, you know: It’s none of our business to determine that, nature determines it at all. From that moment on, I was hoping to have a baby.” A second child for us. Now we see that two children are very beautiful, too: we can still do whatever we want and grandmothers love babysitting. I wouldn’t saddle up those guys who have four or five kids, right?”

A purely practical consideration. “Sure, because in terms of love I have enough space for a large family. But we are allowed to squeeze our hands with two healthy children – besides having more important things in life, like my job and our relationship.”

Dyantha Brooks Interview with Dutch Celebrities

It’s time for each other

So this relationship is high on Diantha’s priority list. “I think it is very important to make time for each other. During the day you constantly take turns: do you want to exercise now, then I stay at home, and who does the shopping? I come every evening at 9:30 pm or late Show news12:30 a.m. home edition. But sooner or later: Mick is always up. The time we don’t have during the day, we make up for it in the evening. I would find it very annoying if every night I got into bed in a quiet house next to a sleeping Mick. It might be wise, but I’m convinced it keeps our relationship alive.”

“We make up for the time Mick and I don’t have during the day and at night.”

Around her, Dianta says, you see a lot of people losing each other a bit. “My reasoning, because it’s a lot too: work, kids, sports, social life. I’m well aware that my relationship is one of my greatest happiness factors. So if I work a few nights in a row, I don’t go out with my friends on my night off, I want to be with Mick. Literally. “To be.” Not out the door, but comfortable in the house or in the garden. We were recently on vacation in Portugal with my mother-in-law. She said every night we could go out to dinner, and she would watch, but we don’t feel like it at all. We’d rather have Delicious dishes, turn on the baby monitor and make a wonderful evening on the terrace!”

Dyantha Brooks Interview with Dutch Celebrities

special structure

Making appointments and planning isn’t necessarily in the nature of Dyantha anyway. “I’m the most messy person in the world,” she laughs. And Mick too. We always lose keys or discount cards, or forget to open our mail. I don’t think I’m a typical mother. People who suggest coffee in the stadium at 9 am? Terrible. I’m one of those people who show up at 3 and only then think: Well, isn’t it lunch time? In other words: We have our own chassis and this works well – not always, after that I will be late somewhere because I lost the car key again, but yes.”

Parenthood forced the spouses to become more systematic. “Because we are both messy by nature, it is absolutely necessary to make good agreements, or else things will get really messy. Once you have a baby you will find out: it is not convenient that you two suddenly have a date out the door and you have to leave. Then you have to put things on the agenda and discuss them.”

Good agreements seem to be of vital importance. “The first weeks that Lewis didn’t sleep, we agreed who would go out that night before bed. If you don’t, you’ll have a fight at night because you’re still arguing completely broken. We do anyway. By trial and error you become wise!”

The entire interview is at Kek Mama 09-2022.

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