Interview with mum Miriam on the day Mary-Rose Morell turns 50: “You will be 38 forever, young and beautiful” (Mersam)

If life had written a different scenario for Marie-Rose Morell, she would certainly have celebrated that “new front door” with a glass of champagne, among the people she loved most. But it turned out differently. She died on 8 February 2011 after a horrific battle against uterine cancer ensued across Flanders. According to her mother, in all those years literally not a day went by without a mention of Mary Rose. And so the years passed. And now she’s suddenly 50 years old. A proud mother of her two eldest sons who are growing up. Unbelievable,” she sighs.

Exactly on the fiftieth birthday we visit Miriam to talk about her daughter. “Her birthday looks really weird. 50…Imagine. There weren’t enough occasions for her to celebrate. So we got that yesterday. (Thursday, editor) This is done here at home with the family. Her sister, Anne Marie, was a pioneer. There were flower arrangements full of roses on Rosie’s table. And my sister also had two pictures of her with a glass of champagne. They also stood among us all evening, so that we could talk to her about everything we are grateful for.”

laugh and tears

“I can assure you she didn’t shut up for a minute. There was laughter and shedding of a tear, but the conversation didn’t stop. There are so many stories. She carried many stones downstream, excited and excited. I’ll say it differently: no party now, it wasn’t That’s an option. She was saying to herself, ‘Hey guys, I’m 50, right! You have to do something.'”

Pictures of Mary Rose with a glass of champagne are also on the table during this conversation. “I still remember her giving birth. The nurse came with us Rose and said she was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. I know they might say that to everyone. But she was really a very beautiful and adorable baby who was lovable all around. So I guess it was the truth. And as an adult, she was a person You can always count on it. She was connected and friendly. We didn’t have Roos to catch the eye. It always came naturally.”


“If she were 50 years old now, I think she would have been more lively than she already was. Especially because she knows how fast life can turn, as with her father, who has been bedridden and in a wheelchair since seventeen I also don’t think she’ll be in politics anymore. I think she’d be very upset. For example, she could hand assignments to colleagues who put their signatures quickly and then left again on a committee to earn extra money.”

“She joined Vlaams Belang because this party had thrown things on the table that others did not dare to put on the table. This was something for her. There were many ordinary people who lived in a neighborhood where there was enormous inconvenience, and it often had to do with immigrants at the party. But putting it all together and classifying the complaints as racist, that was ignoring reality. She was more of a Trojan horse to me. I thought I’d work on it there. Not silly situations with boxing gloves etc., but tackling people’s real problems.”

“Although she also made it difficult for herself by choosing this path. You will hear something. Fouad Belkacem of Sharia4Belgium made a video cheering for her illness and pain. He saw it as a punishment from God. You don’t get things like that in a job,” says Miriam. Other.” “What is her opinion of today’s world? I told you then“, You will call. She would be right on many counts. Consider, for example, the energy crunch: people can’t make ends meet, but bigwigs earn more with it. That would make her crazy.”

Messages still

“Sometimes I’m jealous of those who have been cured,” Miriam says candidly about her daughter’s cancer. “Rossi fought hard. Even the day before she died, she requested and got chemotherapy, even though everyone knew it wouldn’t help anymore. That was the strong woman who never wanted to give up her two kids. The positive way she did it. She inspired a lot of people. The result is sadly the same: She’s no longer there. She survived the horror of old age. She will forever be 38, young and beautiful. That’s what I’m trying to think of.”

The cathedral was too small for Mary Rose’s funeral. She has not been forgotten until today, according to Miriam. “People still wish me well on days like today. Also live in the FoundationA Touch of Rose, a home for cancer patients and their families, has been taken by her sister under her wing. Oh, we should make no effort to keep her alive, she took care of that herself because of who she is. The best thing I experienced was that a woman who was in a terminal state, came to ask for a prayer card from Roos, because she had lost her cards while cleaning. You didn’t want to die without holding that card.”

money for moms

The past eleven years have not gone smoothly. There is a false affair with the former head of the party Frank Vanchek, whom she married a month before her death. “Since he bought the Mary Rose children’s home and started a new relationship, the relationships have broken off,” she says. Relationships with grandchildren are necessarily more limited than Miriam would like. “But many people know the story and one day her sons will hear it and be proud of their strong mother,” she says.

Myriam prefers not to go into too much detail about it, but she cannot remain silent about it either. “Mary Rose’s children have been here a lot. So it pains us so much that we barely saw them after her death. We’ve only been able to get that we’ve been able to see them twice at Christmas in recent years and that they’ve been allowed to visit them once under supervision. Their mother would have wanted it quite differently.” . But we willwith the help of the sympathetic people I follow and would love to see.”

party with my brother

But the setback that overshadowed everything else was the sudden death of Mary Rose’s brother, Chris Jr., of lung cancer. There were only ten days between diagnosis and death. It’s too late to save him. If you lose a child twice, it is completely unimaginable. You will never recover from that. Even our only surviving child Anne-Marie, a pulmonologist and psychotherapist, couldn’t give her a place. Turns out, two bad lottery tickets. There is no relationship between the two diseases.”

“Mary Rose and Chris Jr. are having a party together in heaven,” Miriam once said. “Now I’m not sure. Russians often party here, since we’re now in Orangerie, and it was Chris DeGay. That’s basically what I’m thinking. I don’t know what’s going on there. My consolation, above all, is that they both lived so hard that it was important for at least seventy years. That too is worth a lot.”

Miriam Fanlon. © Tom Cornell

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