European Championship star Beth Meade talks about her relationship with Vivian Medema: The new Beckham? From the world of lesbians perhaps ‘| sports

Beth Meade told The Times her story about her last year special in a candid interview. She also talks about her relationship with Vivian Miedema, her attacking partner at Arsenal. “Of course there are sometimes fights or tensions in the locker room, but we all know how to separate work and private life.”

A year ago, Mead was not selected for Great Britain at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The arrival of national coach Sarina Wegman changed a lot for MEED. Arsenal’s right winger scored no less than 20 times in 19 caps for England last year.

Voted as the best player in her country’s European Championship, she made a major contribution with six goals and five assists to England’s first football success since the men’s world title in 1966. After the final at Wembley, Meade and Vivian Miedema announced that they are in a relationship with pictures on Instagram. .

Arsenal stars went on vacation together to the Greek island of Zakynthos after the European Championship. A year ago, people would normally pass us by, but now we are approached and recognized everywhere. People were very respectful and usually apologetic when they asked for a picture. We often said “No, no, it’s good to get to know us.”

“On vacation an adult man came to me and said: ‘I cried when I won the European Championship, I was so proud.’ It affected me greatly.”

Beth Mead (17) starred this summer in the European Championship with six goals and five assists. © Action Images via Reuters

The comparison interview takes place with David Beckham and the former Spice Girl Victoria, who were the first true glamorous couple in English football in the 1990s. “Haha, it’s not that crazy. Maybe Beckham is from the lesbian world,” Mead jokes.

While on vacation in Greece, Mead was told that she was nominated for a Ballon d’Or for the first time. “Oh, congratulations, it’s the fifth time for me,” she said sternly. “Vivien can sometimes seem a little arrogant to people who don’t know her because those individual awards don’t mean much to her, but she is humble. I think we keep each other up, and we always have new goals.”

Beth Mead with Sarina Wiegman after winning the European Championship final at Wembley on July 31.
Beth Mead with Sarina Wiegman after winning the European Championship final at Wembley on July 31. © AFP

Daniel van de Donk

Meade has had a relationship in the past with Daniel van de Donk, who left Arsenal for Olympique Lyon last year after six years. Midema previously went with Scottish right winger Lisa Evans, who has now been loaned by Arsenal to West Ham United.

I’ve had three relationships with football players, which is very normal for me. In women’s football it is never a topic of conversation, we are used to having pairs in the locker room. Of course there are fights or tensions, I won’t deny that, but we know very well how to separate work and private life.”

Beth Mead and Vivianne Miedema on vacation in Zakynthos.
Beth Mead and Vivianne Miedema on vacation in Zakynthos. © Instagram

Midema has been a huge support for Med off the field. In August 2021, her mother June was diagnosed with cancer. “Last year was my hardest year off the field, even though I gave my best football,” she says.

I am very close to my mother, she is my role model, so the news hit me hard. It helped me put things right and get into the field more freely. As a result, I was able to show off my best toys, and my mum was able to try all that nice stuff from the stands, and I’m very proud of that. I just wanted to make my mom proud and that eventually led to me getting all those awards.”

Tottenham Hotspur

Mead wears the ‘Beth Mead Revenge Tour’ T-shirt after the photo is taken in Prada’s outfit, which contains all of her goals from last year. With 20 goals in 19 international matches, she became England’s best striker (men and women) since Jimmy Greaves in 1961.

Meade and Midema are now preparing for a new season with Arsenal, who will play the London derby against Tottenham Hotspur next month at the out-of-stock Emirates Stadium (60,000 spectators).

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