“We celebrate our love and we only need each other”

Bien moved to Italy with her love Arjen and their children. She talks about their new life there.

Hello Totti!

Already in my eighth column, I was allowed to write to Kek Mama for two months about our lives in Italy and I find that very interesting. I would also like to thank those who have made an effort to respond kindly to the columns, I have even received emails from people who live in Italy.

a lot of patience

Life here is very different and we like it very much. You have to be very patient here: what is arranged in an hour in the Netherlands or you receive a response in a day, it takes two weeks or more here easily. We have been in contact with the broker for some time now. Now he is actually responding quickly and well to what he is doing, but sometimes he only responds to a WhatsApp message after ten days. I can actually laugh a lot about it, because I absolutely love it and it doesn’t appear at all here.

We now have our own public finance law, so we went to the municipality with our good behaviour. Once we got there, it turned out that we needed more documents to complete the registration, so we will be back next Monday and then we can finally apply to the municipality for marriage. You have a waiting list here so we probably won’t get married until next month, but that doesn’t matter because we still have some time to sort out some little things.

no contact

It is very sad that I no longer communicate with my parents and they will not have such a special day, especially after the unfathomable death of my sister. I had to cut off contact with my parents, to protect myself and especially the children from disappointments and a lot of grief. I had taken a big hit of the mill at the hands of my parents up to this point, but when I saw that the same disappointments had befallen my children and Fleury was the only favorite and my father completely ignored Brunello. line wife. So here and nothing more. This is really incomprehensible to people here, grandparents here may have more influence on the children than the parents themselves. We keep the wedding small, with a number of people we have known here, perhaps with four friends from Holland and a translator. Pretty crazy, but still funny.

Wedding Dress

Last week, I passed by a store where a pretty pink mother-of-pearl dress was hanging in the window, as I said in my previous column. The next day I happily walked into the store to try on the dress, but was a little excited, because I couldn’t get into it with my bra. The dress was very wedding-appropriate, but it’s no longer available anywhere and I didn’t think it was an option. Disappointed that the dress was still on my mind, I left it the way it was.

I often walk in the evenings with a number of empty bottles to the source to get water, and this time I walked the Arjen Road. You have many sources here, and this walk is always very interesting in the evening, with full balconies and window shops. Once again my eyes fell upon a beautiful floral dress with hand-embroidered flowers. When we entered this store the next day my size was, the dress fit just right. For a moment I felt emotional, like this moment when I knew something special was about to happen, but also emotional because I couldn’t share this moment with my parents and my sister. I had no such desire to have children or marry. However, nothing makes me happier than my children and the idea of ​​being Arn’s wife. Florey stood next to me and said gently, “You look very beautiful, Mom.” Oh, who am I marrying anyway? For myself, for the children, and for the relationship between me and Aryan. We celebrate our love and we just need each other.

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Participation in Italy

There are many cute boutiques here with very cute pumps in the style of Sex and the City. The dress and the mules are already waiting for the special day, hanging in the living room.

It feels really special how we are settling in beautiful Puglia, next month the kids are already going to school here. Very nice, because they can make new friends there and learn the language very well, but also nice for me and Aryan. Sometimes we get tired of entertaining three little kids all day between working, organizing, cleaning and cooking. Then everything seems more real, when you are fully involved in Italian life.

And yes our honeymoon? That would probably be three days from Capri. Perhaps we will charter a yacht and sail for three days along beautiful beaches and visit special cities. I can’t wait to say yes, with our three beautiful kids Florey and Brunello giving us the rings.




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