“Since I became a mother, I’ve gotten better at my job”

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They are getting better at asking the good questions, saying no, or just enjoying their work more. These women have improved in their jobs since becoming mothers.

Tina (38), business journalist, mother of Florentine (9 years old) and Valentine (7 years old).

“Asking good questions is one of the most important tasks of a journalist. However, I have never been good at it. Too complex, well thought out, and at the same time not critical enough. I was probably also afraid to ask stupid questions.

Kids do it better! They ask what comes to their mind. It is often very difficult to answer a simple question. In addition, children are not easily put off. They always keep asking questions and thus lead to the best conversations. They are an inspiration in this field. Since I became a mother, my interviews are much better.”

pure fun

Sanneh, 29 years old, an accountant, and Nod’s mother, 3 years old.

“I don’t know if I improved in my job, but I enjoy it more. Change one day paw patrol And the other day sitting dead serious in the office garden is pretty cool. A satisfied employee is a good employee, right? “

fancy headphones

Mariji (34), administrative assistant, and mother of Mas (4), David (2) and Evie (0).

“With three babies in diapers, the last maternity leave was so hard. What a noise. Towards the end of my vacation I was able to completely ignore the mess. Then I set my imagination Noise cancelingHeadphones and everything went through me.

“These fantasy headphones work well in the office, too.”

In the office, I had to get used to my boss again. He is very demanding and very critical. Before my vacation, I was very worried about it. If I get hit, I will have knots in my stomach for the rest of the day and can barely work. I no longer suffer from that. Because it turns out these fancy headphones work just fine in the office. Carry on lamenting, I can’t hear it anyway.”

time pressure

Willemine (42), entrepreneur, mother of Swede (9), Magnus (8) and Boyan (5).

“What was I doing on the workday? Work for sure. But also: have coffee countless times, eat an extensive lunch, check social again, take a little break on Monday morning and chat with colleagues. Just a week before I went on vacation I did I do a lot.Time pressure eh, then I suddenly go like a spear.

Since I have to be in the schoolyard at three in the morning, every day feels like the last working day before the holidays. Oh man, I get so much done these days. It’s a pity I didn’t get on the plane but just fold the laundry.”

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so intimate

Susan (31), esthetician, and mother of Davey (0).

“Client contact is very important to me. Now that I’m a mother, my experience is much closer to that of my clients. Almost everyone in the treatment chair has children or grandchildren. This is the age when you visit the esthetician more often. And women love to talk about her offspring.

Previously I also loved hearing all these stories, but I didn’t have any input of my own. Now I have a lot of topics to talk about. Not only does it make my job more enjoyable, it makes the relationship with my clients better.”

More efficient

Laura (36), a market researcher, and mother of Schord (5) and Oliver (3).

“What do I want to stay away from home for? Now that I have kids, that’s the question I ask myself before I start my work day. So you won’t see me staying any time soon, because then I had better stay home. I also I quickly ignore activities that don’t interest me or that don’t have a priority.

‘I’m more likely to ignore activities that don’t interest me’

The result is that I not only work more efficiently, but I also work a lot with things that I find really fun and interesting. It may sound selfish, but it actually made me work better. What you like, you do well. To me, that’s absolutely true.”

Define the example

Fimke (39), communications consultant, mother of Florty (10) and Lisette (8 years old).

“With your daughters you start to think about gender inequality. I want to tell them that you can easily combine financial independence with good motherhood. Besides, I like to radiate that work is fun. It makes sense, but in a world where women take on most of the caring tasks and still earn Less men, there is only one thing you can do: set an example for yourself.”

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