F1 in brief | Lammers not afraid farmers’ protests will disrupt Dutch Grand Prix

In the section “F1 in a nutshell” keeps F1Maximum.nl I have reported the latest news from Royal Motorsports class which does not qualify for widespread mention, but is of course relevant to reference on the website.

Lammers not afraid farmers’ protests will disrupt Dutch Grand Prix

Reports said the organization of the Grand Prix in the Netherlands is telling fans not to worry that farmers’ protests against the nitrogen schemes will disrupt the weekend’s race in Zandvoort or close roads. Nu.nl. Sports director Jan Lammers points out that they have good contacts with the farmers, and as a result there is mutual respect. Needless to say, they wanted to make their point. ‘We respect that and we take that respect back,’ says Lammers.

This event is popular perhaps in half of Holland. Then you won’t achieve anything with protests. There are also a lot of Formula 1 fans among the farmers,” says the former driver. The mayor of Zandvoort is ready for protests. Last year, some tractors stood at the entrance, but nothing was banned. Climate activists in Extinction Rebellion also seem to be coming out with a protest, But it is not expected to get out of hand.Zandvoort is also ready to strike in the NS, then the buses will be deployed.

The French Grand Prix has been left out of the calendar, according to Agence France-Presse

The French Grand Prix will not return to the Formula 1 calendar for the time being, AFP reports on the sport’s summit. France Press agency. An expired contract has already occurred and this will not be renewed now. F1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali said earlier the race date was no longer important to stay on the calendar.

Chu was surprised by the Formula 1 drivers’ support after the severe collision

Guanyu Zhou pointed out the opposite Motorsport.com He was amazed at the support he received after his bad crash at Silverstone. “It was great to come to me, first in Formula 1 and then the drivers here in the track, to ask if I’m okay,” Cho said.

‘It means a lot.’ I feel good in this group, this family in Formula 1. I think the drivers are closely related. This for me was like non-veteran Big surprise. In recent years I’ve seen sometimes that drivers were really arguing and not talking to each other. But that has changed.”

Capito sees an advantage for teams like Haas and AlphaTauri

Jost Capito thinks teams like Haas and AlphaTauri have an edge this season. The so-called B teams were able to take advantage of the sister teams. “We have to keep in mind that the relationship between Haas and Ferrari is very close, not many people know how close they are,” Capito told the British branch. GPFans. “They work at the Ferrari factory. We all started this year from scratch, but the B teams have a clear advantage.” However, the Williams boss doesn’t want to waste many words on the situation. “The FIA ​​says everything it does is legal, so it’s fine.”

Gasly knows little about the future: “You have to be open to everything”

It looks like Pierre Gasly is able to look at a new team after 2023. A return to Red Bull Racing does not seem likely for the Frenchman. Gasly begins with “I think I should be open to everything” motorsports. “Of course there should be talks with Red Bull and they will also be the first to know everything about the situation. However, this is the first time in my career that you have control over what will happen. We are currently looking at the best options for the future.

Beckmann replaces Hughes at the Van Amersfoort Formula 2 Grand Prix

David Beckman will remain behind the wheel of Van Amersfoort Racing for the rest of the season, the team reported on their website. website. This replaces German Jake Hughes, who will be looking for a haven in Formula E. Therefore, Beckmann will be running in the car from the weekend at Spa-Francorchamps.

Ralf Schumacher fears German motorsport: ‘Verstappen sold as German’

Ralf Schumacher fears for the future of motorsport in Germany. Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher currently represent the country in Formula 1, but it remains to be seen if there will be a German driver on the grid in 2023 at all. “Maybe we should sell Max Verstappen like the German,” jokes Schumacher at Sports 1. “It’s a fact that Formula 1 and the rest of motorsport is having trouble in Germany.”

The German Grand Prix was canceled after the 2019 season (in 2020 there were still races at the Nürburgring, editor) and it doesn’t look like it will be back anytime soon. Money is currently the problem according to the former Formula 1 driver. When Michael (Schumacher, editor) was active in Formula 1, everyone suddenly wanted to go karting. However, a regular karting season already costs more than two hundred thousand euros. Small classes easily cost half a million euros. Who can and wants to pay for it?

Verstappen gets rating upgrade in F1 22, Leclerc . downgraded

Max Verstappen had his rating upgrade in F1 22, the official game of Formula 1. The Dutchman started with a rating of 94, which was equal to Lewis Hamilton. Now the Red Bull Racing driver has a rating of 95, which gives him the highest rating of anyone. Charles Leclerc, on the other hand, gets a point deduction in his score.

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