Brothers Danny and Misha put the trot on the map: “A good tap arrangement should feel what works within a few minutes”

Danny and Misha Breuer are brothers, the youngest horse trainers in the Netherlands and incredibly talented. The love of horses was born to both of them. From an early age, their father kept horses at home as a hobby, so the brothers learned to care for and ride horses in their childhood. Add to that talent, experience, and a good horse and you have a matchmaker. Both brothers are on the winning path. We meet the Brewers.

It’s thirty degrees when we enter the very elegant stable of Oudeschoot. The horses are inside and didn’t seem to notice our presence. They are very calm and peaceful. Our eyes fall on the nameplates and we immediately see Luke Shermer. The horse that Danny bought, along with his father Willem and brother Micah, is one year old three years ago at an auction. Danny comes heading towards us in the stable. He says, “We had no intention of buying a horse, but my dad and brother felt a click with Luke and bought the horse for a few thousand euros. My dad has taught and trained Luke himself for over two years, and since April of this year has been at my stable here in Oudeschoot. Since he was Luke Shermer is three years old, Danny competed with him.This is too small for a horse, but he immediately won his first two competitions.

Turn off

Unfortunately, Locke got injured, ran so ferociously across the meadow and injured a tendon in his right hind leg. “You cannot ask a horse to take it easy or less enthusiastically because he is involved in the best sports, and he will not stop if something happens that can force him to. That means he will be out for the rest of the year.” It also costs a lot of money, and in addition to the “normal costs” like hay, hay and accommodation, there are also costs for the vet and surgery planned as a result of the injury. Danny: “You’re still also dealing with aftercare and rehabilitation and you can’t participate in competitions that might actually make you money.”
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Danny Brewer (1997) is the older of the two brothers, and Misha (2000) is three years younger. Both boys were born in Nootdorp (South Holland) and grew up there as well. They have been close since childhood. Their father owns three or four horses of his own. Danny knows nothing better than that he has been busy with horses. “When I was a little kid I would sit on my father’s lap while riding a horse, and soon I took care of them myself and started riding little horses about eight inches long. Every year this horse got bigger.” also raced. While Danny was involved with horses throughout his childhood, Micah was more interested in other things. Like fishing, friends and going out. School doesn’t really come first. Danny starts at VWO, but streams through Havo to VMBO-T. On a blue Monday, he enters the hotel high school in Rotterdam, but it soon becomes clear to him that this is not for him. Micha received a VMBO diploma and went directly to work. Both boys receive a compulsory education exemption at the age of sixteen. Around the same time, their parents divorced. Danny flies at 16 and goes to live in a caravan in Pant (Flivoland). There he began his first real job in a stable in Bas Kreipes. Micah works as a painter.
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Danny loves to work. After two years, Pant decided to gain more experience in a stable in Helmond, then in Wolfega, and then, at the age of twenty, made a very strict decision: with only one suitcase he would drive her as per specifications to Marseilles. Here he reports to the stable, where he can start immediately the next day. In France, sport is bigger and you can get rich from it, he explains to us. After a while, he went to work in Belgium because it is a bit close to home. Although home is a broad concept, its whereabouts are its home. But his base is in the south of the Netherlands. When Danny left Bant, Misha’s interest in equestrian sports began to develop, plus his brother was a great example to him. He became Danny’s deputy in a pant and also started as a horse trainer.

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Danny is now self-employed at Oudeschoot in Hanovers Hoeve. Besides their horse Luuk, he also trains and takes care of others’ horses. In combination with driving competitions, he can make a living with it. “You can race every day if you like, but for a horse, once every two weeks is best. Then they keep fit and sharp.” The two brothers find working for competitions the most fun thing to do. “Then you are focused and do everything in your power to achieve your goal: to win. You live, as it were, from one path to another.” The Baikur brothers, which means they compete and sit sulky. This is a lightweight wagon that is stretched behind the horse. They ride on locks or are hired by others to ride their competition horses. “You may have to ride a strange horse. Good shots should feel what works in a horse race within a few minutes. You either have that talent or you don’t.” The two brothers have this exceptional talent. This is evidenced by the prices they have won in recent years. Misha recently beat his brother in the Super Trout Cup in Wolfegg. However, Danny does not see his brother as a competitor. He thinks it’s great that Micah can finally start doing this work. “He’s better than me,” says Danny. Together they want to inspire others. “Equestrian sport is getting old and it is essential for this sport that more young people take an interest in this sport.”
A calm person but a fierce rider
Misha on his brother: “Danny shows a lot of commitment to improve. He has gained international experience and is always motivated to learn a lot in different stables.” The youngest also points out that he thinks Danny is easy. “Danny is not easily ignited, does not suffer from stress and may be less accurate as a result.” The oldest of the nod agrees. On the other hand, Danny points out that Micah is a very quiet driver. “This is so funny because Misha as a person is more rebellious and less calm to deal with,” he laughs, while I am a calm person and a fierce driver. “
Don’t bet on one horse
The two brothers still live in Pant and now have a common group of friends. Danny Locke will train in the coming years to become even better with the goal of winning many awards together. The longer you ride and the more you earn, the more you will put yourself on the map as a horse trainer. In the future, Danny would like to have his own stable, a house and more horses. Horse training and riding. Preferably with Micah. Guys don’t have girlfriends (yet). “It also doesn’t have to be out of this world,” says Danny. “But it’s a great sport so she has to understand that you lose a lot of time there.” Danny is busy taking care of the horses and training them seven days a week. Because Locke is injured now, the horse will have to rest next time. This is followed by a rehabilitation and then slowly building competitions to be able to appear again in the new season. Betting on one horse is not profitable, and this is also one of the reasons why they want to get more of their own horses in the future.
Searching for volunteers
Danny points out that they are looking for volunteers who are willing to help care for and clean the horses, so they can ride them now and then. Do you live near Oudeschoot and love horses please contact Danny (06-22370475)
Text: Lotte van der Meg

Photos: Mustafa Gumuso

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