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environmental permit

Applications for an environmental permit

The mayor and members of the municipal council announce that they have received the following applications for an environmental permit (the date of receipt and the case number are in parentheses):

– Boulevard 3, 6881 HN Velp: Renovation of the roof of a huge building (2-8-2022 / 839402).
– Boulevard 7, 6881 HN Velp: Solar Panel Installation (14-7-2022 / 837630).
– Kerkstraat 32, 6883 HT Velp: Organ Maintenance and Repair in Church Building (17-8-2022/840811).
– Oversteeg 2, 6994 AT De Steeg: Replacing roof tiles, replacing skylights and installing solar panels on a massive building (3-8-2022 / 839694).
– Bergelinkweg 1, 6953 CX Dieren: Placing the solar panels on the log cabin in the garden (8-11-2022/840416).
– Hoflan 13, 6953 Alderin: Dead Oak Cut (Emergency Cut), (840792-8-16 / 840792).
– De Jutberg 78, 6957 DP Laag-Soeren: Replacement of a sanitary building at the camp site (15-8-2022 / 840633).
– Rozesteinweg 47, 6957 BH Laag-Soeren: Creating an Entry (11-8-2022/840442).

It is not yet possible to object to these applications. This is only possible once the decision on the order is made. The decision made will be announced by then. Do you have any questions or would like to view the documents? Please contact City Hall in Philip, tel. (026) 49 76 911. Do you want to come? In order to serve you better, we only work by appointment. You can make an appointment via the phone number mentioned above.

Extension of the decision period for obtaining an environmental permit

The mayor and members of the municipal council announced their decision to extend the decision-making period for the following applications for environmental permits for a maximum period of six weeks:

– Landgoed Middachten 3, 6994 JC De Steeg: replacement of huge beech trees (30 pieces) next to the Middachten workshop (case No. 835231).
Emmastraat 5, 6951 AV Dieren: Building Entrance (Case No. 837771).
– Professor Dr. Pellaan 4, 6957 DC Laag-Soeren: Building an agricultural company with a service house, barn, and hayloft (Case No. 834647).

Under Article 6:3 of the General Administrative Code, these decisions may not be objected to.

Granting of Environmental Permits (Normal Preparation Procedures)

The mayor and members of the Riden municipal council have announced that they have been granted the following environmental permits:

week 32

Da Costalaan and Rozendaalselaan in Velp, Zwarteweg in Rheden, Dalweg in De Steeg, Buitensingel in Dieren and Badhuislaan in Laag-Soeren: 6 trees cut down (Case No. 836816).
– Zutphensestraatweg 5, 6881 WN Velp: Temporary permit extension for “Emergency Road, Biljoen Property” (case No. 825356).
– Eduard van Beinumlaan 15, 6952 CG Dieren: Increased storage space for the creation of accommodation (Case No. 831226).
– Pasteurstraat near No. 4-26 in Derin: cut down 3 ash trees (Case No. 839885).
– Edyweg 21, 6956 BA Spankeren: Amendment of an environmental permit for the construction of a storage shed (Case No. 831804).
– Crossing 33, 6956 AE Spankeren: Reconstruction of a hangar (Case No. 825180).

week 33

– Hoofdstraat 232, 6881 TS Velp: Replacing the propaganda and the capacitor (Case No. 825163).
– Admiraal Helfrichlaan 89, 6952 GD Dieren: Construction of 3 new stadium courts in the existing clay courts (Case No. 836442).
– Catharina van Rennesplein 23, 6952 BP Dieren: Building Entrance (Case No. 839992).
– Industrielaan 29, 6951 KD Dieren: Adaptation and Expansion of a House (Case No. 837853).
– Mezenlaan 23, 6951 H.J. Dieren: Removal of the load-bearing walls of the apartment (Case No. 832845).
– Zutphensestraatweg 87, 6953 CJ Dieren: Placing the solar panels on the shed (Case No. 839697).

For viewing and objection
Do you have any questions or would like to view the documents? Please contact City Hall in Philip, tel. (026) 49 76 911. Do you want to come? In order to serve you better, we only work by appointment. You can make an appointment via the phone number mentioned above.

If you are an interested party and do not agree with a decision, you may file a reasoned objection to the Board of Directors in accordance with the General Administrative Law Act within six weeks from the date on which the decisions were announced to the respective applicant(s). of Mayor and Aldermen, PO Box 9110, 6994 Z.J. De Steeg. You can ask the municipality about the exact date of publication. You can also look up the dates of the decision via, if you are looking for the address of the statement issued. Submitting a notice of objection does not delay implementation of the decision. In the event of urgent necessity, given the interests involved, you may request a provisional injunction for this from the Temporary Relief Judge of Gelderland County Court, Administrative Law Division, Arnhem Website, PO Box 9030, 6800 EM Arnhem. A copy of the Notice of Objection must be submitted with the application. You can also choose to submit the application digitally to the said court via You must have an electronic signature (DigiD) for this. See the website above for the exact terms. A court fee is charged to process an application for interim relief. The court fee is €184.00 for natural persons and €365.00 for legal persons (see Article 8:41 of the General Administrative Code).

APV ads

The mayor or mayor and an alderman for the municipality of Rieden announce that they have been granted the following APV permit/exempt.

Rheden General Local Regulations (APV)

License: RHD-838213 Playtime Netherlands BV
Activity: Halloween fair in collaboration with Calluna Shopkeepers Association.
Date: 28-29-30 October 2022.
Where: Dieren, Ericaplein (fair), Callunaplein (light market).

License: RHD-837717 Robin Best Outdoor media.
Activity: Post up to 30 National Sports Week bulletin boards.
Date: From September 6, 2022 to September 20, 2022.
Venue: Riden municipality.

License: RHD-837716 Robin Best Outdoor media
Activity: Post up to 30 relevant bulletin boards.
Date: From September 20, 2022 to October 3, 2022.
Venue: Riden municipality.

License: RHD-823831 Functional Fitness and Personal Training Paints.
Activity: Post up to 30 days of bulletin boards.
Date: From September 12, 2022 to September 25, 2022 and
From January 16, 2023 to January 29, 2023.
Location: Philip.

License: RHD-838894 Hoffman Outdoor Media BV
Activity: Placing up to 15 billboards on the Van Hall Larenstein Velp open day.
Date: From November 2, 2022 to November 10, 2022.
Venue: Philip Ryden.

License: RHD-840770.
Activity: street party.
Date: September 3, 2022 from 2 pm to 10 pm
Location: Velp, Onder de Beumkes, between Kerkeland and Kosterijland.

License: RHD-840997 Café Le Baron.
Activity: Notice the occasional festive opening with DJ.
Date: August 27-28, 2022.
Where: Dieren, Hogestraat 58.

License: RHD-826918 KWF.
Activity: collecting.
Date: From October 2, 2022 to October 8, 2022.
Venue: Riden municipality.

Do you want more information?
You can contact the Environmental and Safety Law Team for this:
(026) 49 76 911 or [email protected]

Monitor dog ownership

Effective August 29, 2022, we will verify dog ​​ownership door to door. The auditors from Legitiem BV agency perform the audit on our behalf.

How does the control work?
Inspectors ring the doorbell for all residents to check dog ownership. Inspectors have valid proof of identity from Legitiem BV. You can always request it.

Report changes?
Want to report changes to your dog’s ownership? You can register or deregister a dog on the website
Don’t have a DigiD? You can then request a dog tax form by calling (026) 49 76 911. We will then send you one.

more information
Dog owners are obligated to declare their dog ownership. The number of dogs determines the amount of the tax on dogs. If the number of dogs changes during the year or if you move to another municipality, this will be settled. More dogs means you pay extra, fewer dogs or leaving the municipality means your money back.
You will find more information about the dog tax and rates at

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