New video titled “Women are Whores” appears

Amsterdam Student Association ASC/AVSV has become infamous again after a number of videos were leaked. Yesterday, another video came out in which half-naked women beat their buttocks against male students. on the table with Rain Two former members of the fraternity told us about the culture within the associations and how deep it goes.

On Sunday, a video surfaced online in which the male members of the Amsterdam Legion were addressed in a splendid ceremony. There were highly gendered slogans. Women are whores, “gentlemen” have to break their necks to put a dick in, and women are buckets of semen, reverberating in the room causing a great commotion. By the way, the association was in the news before because of the initiation rite. At that time, funding from universities and colleges had already stopped and a cultural change was necessary.

New video leaked from Student Association ASC / AVSV

Anyway, it stumbles again about the largest student union in the Netherlands. After the above video was leaked, things went quickly. This was followed by a letter with the members expressing their dissatisfaction, which was signed by 270 members of the commission. Transfer of funds from universities and colleges to the union remained closed, and registration of new members was suspended. Three ASC/AVSV student union board members resigned after the sexual statements. The young man who gave the speech on the videos turned out to be one of those responsible for changing the culture within the association.

Later, another video of a student party of the same association appeared. Albarol Post this video. The picture shows two semi-naked women pushing their buttocks in the faces of two students and a large crowd watching.

Ex-corps members at the table in Renze

Two former Legion members, Sophie van de Wart and writer Milo Delen, joined forces last night Rain. Dillen was a member of the Vindicat Student Corps in Groningen five years ago, at the time noting that the culture in student associations was a cause for concern. She resigned due to sexual culture and “exposing the slut” within the association.

Van de Waart was a member of Leiden Minerva in the 1990s. She explains that during the time she was a member of the fraternity, this kind of practice was normal. “I came to the club and things like that just screamed. I thought ‘legs of the soul, it would be.’ But now the time has changed.” She asserts that she is now looking at him from a different perspective. The introduction cites Renzi Klammer as these men become leaders of society. “Future Prime Ministers, Doctors, Officials”. And these guys are chanting about these things. “What are we going to do with that?”

A culture of fear within student associations

Van de Waart explains that the former members now realize that things were not acceptable at the time. Now we say, ‘Why didn’t we say anything at all? Now I hear from friends: “Actually I didn’t feel well at all.” The announcer asks her, because she is also still attached to the former members, if she is afraid to say things. Van de Wart agrees. “I’m not going to tell you all sorts of details about the times at that time, I’m going to embarrass people. I don’t feel like this, because I want to go to this place next week, so to speak.”

Mayor Fimki Halsema said in a response that she was investigating whether she could take action. Now it is known that the association is considering the possibility of issuing an announcement, but this parcel has not yet been issued. Princess Amalia previously also seemed interested in ASC/AVSV membership, and it is not known if she is still joining the association.

Want to watch Renzi’s full broadcast? You can find last night’s episode here.

Suspension of registration of new members of the student body and measures in Amsterdam

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