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Does she have long hair that doesn’t naturally have waves or curls or does she have curls and like to style it every now and then? then Dyson Air Wrap A wonderful gift. It’s not cheap, but your mom will enjoy it for years to come. From the first week of May, this device can be expanded with additional attachments, making this even more possible.

The complete set, including attachments, costs 549 euros. The set with additional pieces is available separately for € 175.99,

If there is little money to spend, but mom still wants beautiful curls every now and then, choose a cordless curling iron from Babyliss. This is easy to use and creates beautiful curls in every strand of hair in no time. And since there’s no cord, you can take it anywhere. So it is also very useful for travelling.

Scented candles come in all shapes and sizes, but most have a somewhat chemical scent. If not candles placesWhich smells very nice. Dubai candle, for example, smells of bergamot, citrus and patchouli. Candle burns for 65 hours.


Leather handbags do not always have a good reputation, because production causes a lot of environmental damage. not with bags goeth. The sustainable leather used by this brand is a by-product of the meat or fish industry. Natural dyes are also used to dye leather, and the linings are made from organic cotton. They make, among other things, a wild animal-inspired handbag that is available in both dark brown leather (see photo) and light brown leather. A portion of the profits from the bags are donated to Ecoare on Texel.


If you’d rather buy vegan handbags, then Esmay Very nice vegan leather. You can use this bag as a handbag, shoulder bag or backpack. It’s handcrafted and has not only two large compartments, but also an interior zip pocket for keys, a larger pocket in the back for papers and a special pocket on the front for your phone. Beautifully crafted versatile bag.

For sale via

For moms who want to make something delicious in the kitchen and want to work with high-quality products, this beautiful waffle iron from sage good idea. Everything is thought out here: the excess mixture is collected in a circular channel, where it continues to bake (it is good to snack separately). You can also adjust the amount of light and air quality or dark so do you want to bake crispy pancakes.


Speaking of high quality: WMF He has a new group pans on the market. These are made by Fusiontec; Made of 20 metals. They are scratch-resistant, long-lasting and can be easily stacked, saving you a lot of space in the kitchen. Hands stay cool, so you don’t need baby carriers when placed on the table.

3-piece set in red 319.99 euros. Also available as a set of 4,

Frying pans factory GreenPan. Not only because of their high-quality products, but also because of the message behind them. GreenPan was developed fifteen years ago by two Flemish childhood friends: Jan Helskens and Wim De Veirman. When they discovered that traditional nonstick pans release toxins when they get hot, they began looking for a healthier alternative. In the end they ended up using Thermolon, a non-stick ceramic coating without harmful PFAS derived from sand as their primary raw material. They have the right pan for every enthusiast. Two very cute, or in fact three, are the large and small Mayflower frying pan with wooden handles (set costs €75.92 and measures 20 and 28 cm in diameter) and the award-winning Blue Barcelona frying pan (€119.92, 30 cm average). The latter not only looks very nice with the golden handles and the glass lid, but is also easy to use for the oven, as it is oven-resistant to 220 degrees.


Now that the sun is finally starting to do its best – well, most of the time – it’s beach time. super fine The beach bag is Cecil Edelbo’s bag. It is made of soft material and can be easily folded when you don’t need it. The special thing is that this Vivian Kantha Tote bag is made of old sari; A piece of clothing worn by women in countries like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. By stacking several antique sarees on top of each other and pinning them with stitches and embroidery, a new fabric is created, from which these beautiful botanical beach bags are made. With a thick towel in the bag, it can also be used as a pillow on the beach while sunbathing.


Originally designed as a gift pack for new moms (because it contains champagne, American filet, and camembert made with raw milk, something pregnant women should miss during those nine months), it turns out new moms just don’t appreciate this pack. As well as an online supermarket Crispy Bring it back to their list this Mother’s Day. A smart idea, because mums who have been around for longer will also appreciate this bundle.

(This package costs €45 and can be ordered via the Crisp app available for Android and Apple)

One of the most beautiful cafes and tea is located in Sphinxkwartier in Maastricht and is called Blanch Dale. Fortunately, they also have a web shop where you can order super cute and delicious Mother’s Day gifts, such as packet with canned Mother’s Day tea, Mestreechter Mocha coffee, Mestreechter Steerkes (star chocolate in milk, dark and white) and spring tea.

(This package – there are a lot of options – costs 27.25 euros and can be ordered via

Perfect coffee beans from many countries are also available in fire condition. They regularly have special coffees from a specific country, which are only available for a limited time. Currently this is Finca San Luis from El Salvador. This black color is very tasty, but it does not lose its flavor and strength if you add a little milk.

(€13.45 for 500g and €22.90 for 1000g via

Nespresso She expanded her range of global explorations Espressos and Lungo once again. With espresso from cosmopolitan cities like Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul, you will feel as if you are very far away if you drink this coffee with your eyes closed. If you want to surprise your mom even more, then browse the accessories on the site and have a look at Lungo Mugs made of white earthenware with brown glass lid. very beautiful!

I’m not a big fan of coffee, but if your mom likes matcha tea, a set with matcha, mugs, paddle and bamboo spoon with just the right amount of biotona Very nice gift set. Then she instantly has everything on hand to make the perfect cup of matcha tea. Matcha is of course of high quality.

(More information:, available from Holland & Barrett, among others.)

Mipal They are known for their easy-to-use, high-quality storage boxes for a reason. But their lunch boxes and their yogurt lunch bowl with separate granola lid are also popular and are often copied by other brands. They recently expanded part of their collection with a range of beautiful pastel shades, the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

If you’re with a small family, you don’t need a giant lunch box. Wesco Smaller in size, it doesn’t take up much space on the counter. It has an oval shape and costs €58, via and home stores)

For a long time, Philips dominated the majority of the Airfryer market, but that may change with the arrival of the 3.5L Smart Air Fryer from xiaomi. Since the device is smart, you can connect it to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and control it remotely using your voice. Plus, you can not only air fry them (so without using extra fat), but they’re also useful for defrosting, baking, and more.

(€94, widely available online)

Now this summer is approaching, it’s good to sleep under a light and cool duvet cover even lie down. Auping Released a special spring collection in addition to the standard set. These are made of cotton satin and feel soft and supple. As a result, it is well ventilated and your sweat reduces quickly. In addition to good materials, beautiful pastel shades are also amazing, which brighten every bedroom in the summer.

From €89.90,

If your mom is athletic and loves to walk or run, sneakers are the one for you hookah Really good choice. Recently, this shoe was launched from Kawana. They have a very soft surface, so you have a very good suspension system and your knees are not heavily loaded while running. But it is also ideal for long walks.

(€140 via

Does mom like jewelry more? Bee kaya jewelry Beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings are available, all with a little something extra. For example, you can order a ring with a birthstone for your baby or children, have the coordinates engraved into a bracelet for a place that means something special to you or choose a necklace where you can have a name engraved on the rings or pictures. You can choose from sterling silver, gold plated and rose gold plated. Everything is made with an equal eye to quality and it shows. pain-steel/

Beautiful earrings can also be ordered from farfino. These, made of beautiful Swarovski crystals, are available in multiple colors, are handcrafted in Italy and are always a limited edition, making them completely exclusive. They are made with attention to detail and sparkle in the sunlight. so beautiful.

Chen Chu It is a website that specializes in freshwater pearl jewelry. They also have beautiful jewelry studded with precious stones and mother-of-pearl. A very cool set for Mother’s Day is the soft pearl color set, which consists of a necklace and a bracelet. (€52.95) This jewelry is made of white, salmon and pink pearls. The bracelet is flexible, so it is very easy to put on. graceful gift.

tea for one

ZwartWitShop is a funny web store with beautiful products. Everything comes in black, white or in both colors and the range is unusually large. Whether you are looking for something for the garden, living room or kitchen; They have it. Tea lovers will be delighted with teapots for one (16.95 euros), since the pot and the cup are in one. A cat lover will be delighted with this cute cat and mouse mug made of sturdy glass. It contains a lot of tea and is well tolerated.


Zwartwitshop also has oven dishes from Warm and trendy, a very nice brand that offers good quality at a low price. However, they also have very good oven dishes with lids in their range, made of crockery and glassware. They also have beautiful mugs, including a particularly copper-colored mug, the Moscow mug. It doesn’t have its name at the moment, but it’s great to feel like a bowl in your hands. This is available online from various websites.

The weather has changed a bit, but sitting with a blanket in May feels a little weird. There she has you will What came: a heating pad. You can charge this pillow, after which a pleasant and pleasant warmth will spread for a long time if you put it on your back or carry it in your arms while watching an exciting movie. Or just because it tastes good.

(from 99.95,

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