“I visited the ashram for the first time and wanted to get pregnant and give birth comprehensively, but ended up with an epidural” | ad

adUntil her 29th birthday, entrepreneur Janet Wolf, 32, felt she didn’t want children, but during a trip through Bali with her lover John, that changed. With a holistic view of pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth, she has the desire to give birth at home, without painkillers. The reality is different: due to complications, she gives birth in the hospital and gets everything she doesn’t want, including an epidural.

During her journey through Bali, she felt that there was room in her life for a child: I knew nothing about children, but I took my desire to have children very seriously. As a former bodybuilder, I come from the world of the chase-and-hit guy and that’s why I wanted to consciously tackle pregnancy. I initially wanted to arrange everything myself and attended the rebirth session, the cocoa ceremony and lived in the ashram for a week. There came a moment when I knew deep down: I’m ready to be a mother.”

The wolf delves into totalitarianismconscious perceptionRealizing your impact on pregnancy. She doesn’t have to take a pregnancy test, she knows and feels when the time is right. She wants to go through her pregnancy calmly: “I wanted to prevent my baby from getting strained in his tummy.” She had been nauseous since the second week of her pregnancy and was vomiting every two hours: I had to take a bed rest and let everything fall out of my hands. Early pelvic instability was also added.”

Switching between sadness and joy

Despite the bed rest, her pregnancy would be more stressful than she had hoped. When she receives the news at week 32 that her mom doesn’t have long to live, it gets even more difficult both physically and mentally: Dad and I were with my mom 24/7. She died two weeks before her due date. I was at the cremation site with my heavily pregnant belly and had to learn to switch between two feelings: mourning for my mother and joy at the arrival of the baby, because the countdown had begun.”


Everything I didn’t want, I wanted now. Medication, a monitor to monitor my baby, oxytocin to open


She feels that her body is nothing but a safe place for her child. That’s why she’s been bubble diving at home for the past two weeks. On a Saturday night, just before her due date, her waters break. Contractions started. She knows exactly what she wants: She’s gone for a quiet home birth: bathroom in the living room, music, no medication, with as little hassle as possible. I wanted our baby to be born in a safe environment. There is no hospital, no medication, contraction stimulators, and certainly no epidural. It was all taboo for me.”

My Godmafia mama” and “you can really hate your crying baby for a while”. Moms didn’t expect these 11 things before they had a baby, they told Ouders van Nu.

Unbearable Contractions: “Give me that epidural!”

The reality is different. The contractions stop and the stretching progresses slowly. Because of long-term fractures of the membranes, she must go to the hospital due to the risk of infection. It certainly wasn’t her wish, but she knows it’s the best option given the circumstances. They met a great team at Friesian Hospital: “We dimmed the light in the room and the staff did everything in consultation, so that I felt responsible for my birth.”

Unfortunately, the stretching does not progress and the contractions sometimes subside completely. She is given an oxytocin injection to stimulate contractions and her waters are manually broken. When the baby changes position, he comes to lie on a nerve in the birth canal and the contractions become unbearable: “The only thing I thought at the time: Give me this epidural!”


I see it as an important lesson in total surrender: If you fight reality, you always lose


“Suddenly there was only one thing that mattered: they both survived the birth healthy.”

When the epidural is misplaced four times, Wolf finds himself in a downward spiral. Her blood pressure goes from very low to very high. She tries to keep up with herself, but feels like she’s drowning: Everything I didn’t want before, I wanted now. Medicine to bring me back into the world, a screen to monitor my baby, and oxytocin to unlock. Suddenly one thing was important: they both survived the birth healthy. Everything else became unimportant.” When she came back, she was dilated by 10 cm: , I pushed for twenty minutes and then there he was, our beautiful son Jason Daniel. He cried right away and was calm, fit and content.

I was afraid I wouldn’t have the feeling of motherhood right away, but when Jason was laid on me, I felt like he was always there. I was very happy and grateful. My husband John and I chose to spend the first few months at home. We made the world too small, to get to know each other so well.” A violent birth with multiple complications was in no way shocking to Wolf: , I see it as an important lesson in complete surrender: If you fight reality, you will always lose. If you have resisted the choices you make. The hospital staff took it and stuck to my plan, I would have put up with things I couldn’t undo. That’s why I’m so grateful for my birth and how successful it was.”

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