8 children killed and 24 wounded in Turkish drone strikes in northeastern Syria in August

Hüseyin Kaçmaz, spokesman for the Children’s Committee of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), held a press conference at the HDP headquarters on child mortality rates as a result of Turkey’s escalation of attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

Qeshmaz said that 8 children were killed and 24 others wounded in the August attacks alone, and condemned the government’s “anti-Kurdish” policies and the silence of international forces, especially the United Nations.

8 children killed

The following children were killed as a result of the Turkish attacks on northeastern Syria in August:

On August 2, Fahima Rasho (17 years old) was killed in Tel Rifaat.

On August 16, Ahmed Ali Hussein and Ahang Akram Hussein were killed in the Qamishlo area in the Sinai.

On August 16, Obaid Muhammad Hajji, 12 years old, was martyred in the village of Zurafa of Kobani.

On August 18, Rania Ita, Zozan Zeidan, Dolan Zadoun and Dian Elo were killed in an air strike targeting a UN-supported girls’ education center in the village of Shmouka in Hasaka.

A spokesperson for the anti-ISIS coalition confirmed and condemned the attacks. These children were killed in drone attacks in Turkey. “Since the beginning of August alone, eight children have died,” Qeshmaz added.

Infected children

On August 2, Dana Othman (6 years), Mahmoud Khrib Mamo (6), Hussein Jamal Qassem (7), Sabah Hanan Hamo (10), Afrin Abdel Rahman Haider (13), Orfan Muhammad Abdo (15) were injured in Tal hooking.

On August 9, Muhammad Saleh (12 years old), Mira Salah (12 years old), Alan Salah (5 years old), and Baland Muhammad Sham El Din (16 years old) were injured in the village of Sigirka.

On August 16, Khalil Jihad Sheikho (2) was injured in Kobani, Tamim Faisal Hamid, 11 years old, in Zarkan, and Ahmed Ahmed Abu Bush, 15 years old, in Beni village in Sherawa district in Afrin.

On August 18, 11 children who were receiving their education at the UN-sponsored Girls’ Education Center in Shemoka village in Hasaka Tal Tamr were infected.

On August 19, Hussein Khalaf, 13 years old, was injured when an explosive device exploded in the areas of Qaramil, Hussein, Ein Daqni, Balouniyah and Tal Rifaat in Shahba town.

In addition, 9 people, including 3 children, were martyred on July 20 as a result of Turkish bombing of the town of Zakho in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Hate towards the Kurds

“As a result of the anti-Kurdish policies pursued by the AKP and MHP government, these children are losing their lives,” Qeshmaz said.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has repeatedly confirmed these attacks. Similarly, the anti-ISIS coalition reported infant deaths caused by Turkish attacks. To protest the aggressive policies of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) against North and East Syria, Kumitya Zarukan a Kada Çivaki Le Bagari Qamishlo, made up of children in Qamishlo, issued a press statement condemning the Turkish attacks on August 7 to denounce. Can you imagine kids issuing a joint press release about child deaths? “

The attacks must stop

Since August 7 we have seen a number of attacks. Neither the international organizations nor the AKP and the MHP took any notice of these attacks. I would like to reiterate here again that these attacks must be stopped. I applaud the demands of those children who demanded their right to life against the politics of death.”

Hypocrisy of the United Nations

The indifference of the United Nations to an attack on a camp under its control shows the hypocrisy of the United Nations. We condemn this hypocritical position of the United Nations.”

Investigations must begin

The United Nations and its Security Council must immediately report on child deaths and injuries in north and east Syria. All political parties in Turkey must take a clear stand against these attacks that claim the lives of children. The Turkish Parliament should conduct an investigation, and the Child Rights Sub-Committee of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights should meet immediately to address these killings and injuries and take action to prevent further child deaths. As a member of this committee, I will submit a petition to ask the committee to meet.”

Child rights institutions must take steps

Institutions that work with children must take action to expose war crimes against children and prosecute perpetrators. We demand human rights organizations in Turkey to set policies to stop these attacks, open an investigation into the case, reveal the truth, and not be a party to the crimes. The people of Turkey must defy these attacks on children.”

The perpetrators must be brought to justice

The AKP and MHP government should immediately issue a statement regarding the eight children killed and 24 injured on August 24. The perpetrators must be immediately detected and prosecuted. These attacks reveal official hostility to the Kurds. Kaşmaz concluded his speech by saying, “The Turkish government, which considers the Kurds to be enemies and commits war crimes, will never succeed in this policy.”

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