Parents concerned about violent children in Filsen Nord: ‘The perpetrators are between 8 and 15’

The number of incidents involving threats and serious violence by and against young people in Filsen Nord has increased in recent weeks. Even a 19-year-old boy suffered a fracture of the base of the skull and a concussion. It is estimated that some children from this violent group are very young: “I know who they are,” he tells someone on Facebook. “You can get such a big mouth from them, they’re between 8 and 13, it’s really ridiculous.” The police do not recognize the photo.

Mothers in Filsen Nord with Facebook messages – NH Nieuws

The Facebook group “Je bent Velsen-Noorder als…” is filled with shocking stories. For example, the story of a mother of a thirteen-year-old girl last Wednesday: “I just left the police in connection with the assault of my 13-year-old daughter, who is both a friend and a friend of hers. One was kicked in the face and the other in the back!”. Or Linda about her son and boyfriend earlier this week: “One took his phone, stole and used a debit card. The other got hit. It’s not normal anymore.”

The mother of the abused daughter recalled the alarmingly low age of some of the perpetrators: “It’s a group of boys and girls between the ages of about 8 and 15. Four of them were actively violent and the rest looked on laughing.”

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Facebook screenshot

Above all, yesterday’s mother shared the story of her 19-year-old son who has an intellectual disability: He has been “bullyed for over a year” and “can’t play outside normally, because they keep looking for him”.

Last Tuesday, he fractured his skull base and concussion in a collision with a bus at Cineworld in Beverwijk. His mother made an appeal in a Facebook group yesterday: “We would like to know what happened because there are rumors that my son has been stalked. This is really exaggerated.”

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Violence and threats in North Vilsen – screenshot Facebook

A police spokesman was able to confirm the injury of a boy on a bicycle near the cinema in Emplacementsweg. But he could not determine that the accident was the result of a stalking.

The spokesperson was also unable to confirm the image that a group of children and young people had been terrorizing the neighborhood in and around Velsen Nord for a while after a conversation with the local police officer. According to him, very few reports and statements have been issued for this. “Last week, on Tuesday, there was a report on that girl,” he says. That same evening, there was a report of a woman being molested while walking her dog.

“If everyone tells the stories, but doesn’t report, then we can do very little,” he continues. “You can also file a report via Meld Misdaad Anoniem. This is independent of the police, so we don’t really get to know the identity if people are afraid of it.”

Mode that plays a few weeks

Other authorities are aware of the problems children in the village are experiencing. Youth worker Lars Steinken can understand the parents’ concerns very well: “It’s a situation that will last for a few weeks, so we still have to figure out exactly where the problem is, together with the network partners: what exactly is the situation? Where can we mediate?”

“We think the boredom at the end of the holiday is also a point”

Lars Steinken, Youth Worker at Filsen North

Steeneken and his colleagues do everything in their power to prevent unpleasant incidents: “We are often in the neighbourhood, and we work with role models: boys who do well, find work and are very much in Velsen-Noord. We also try to contact the parents of young people who do so.” .

The young worker believes that the start of the school year next week can make a big difference: “Of course accidents always happen. They happen everywhere. We think boredom at the end of vacation is also a point.”

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