Winston Post: Ahmed Abu Talib like trash? makes himself a fool

Speech is enough for Ahmed Abu Talib, right?

The Mayor of Rotterdam is a biblical example of accuracy, thoroughness, and eloquence, but he’s not shy about calling in human and horse if need be. One of them is directed at jihadists who reject Western society. Abu Talib learned the Dutch language by watching the sketches of Andre van Doyen on television and himself served as mayor of the coastal city in the following years as a local councilor in Amsterdam and minister of state in The Hague. When he accepted the position, the then Minister of the Interior, Guusje ter Horst, suggested that a permanent home be set aside for the new mayors to facilitate the transition to the appropriate place, but Boutaleb was not interested in that. He saw his opportunity to buy a beautiful house just outside the center. Purchase price: as little as 320 thousand euros. Shame, because the house could easily reach over a million today. The reason for the low purchase price at that time was the soil pollution that existed at that time.

In September 2021, he was named the best mayor in the world. Is it still celebrated?

Rotterdam council member Benvenido van Schick has an idea. Last week, he submitted a formal application to B&W College to install the city’s talking trash cans. Following the example of Middelburg and Holle Bolle Gijs at Efteling, Rotterdam should welcome waste containers that thank you for throwing away your soda can or plastic foil tray. In his letter, Van Shayk requested “further investigation” into the possibilities of using Abu Talib’s voice for this purpose.

What does Ahmed Abu Talib think of himself?

“It would be arrogant to say of myself that I possess the qualities of a prime minister.”

What do you think of Ahmed Abu Talib?

Very suitable to complete his retirement in Rotterdam.

‘Visits Fortuyn’s Monument to Express His Regret’

What do others think of Ahmed Abu Talib?

Lee Towers


The ordinary Rotterdam wanted to get rid of this man before he could actually begin his mission. Moroccan in town hall? No way! Look at how successful he is now, thirteen years later. Those same people are very happy with him now. Abu Talib is an exceptionally friendly man who shows himself and says what he means. “Go away,” I could still hear him say. Every year we start the marathon together and because I’ve been “singing away” from these runners for 28 years, the mayor thinks I belong. Then he’s ready beside the cannon, but he comes first to pick me up. At the end of 2019, he was also next to me when I received my Walk-of-Fame slab upon completion of Lee Towers. He does it anyway. This man could have been the leader of the Pvda for a long time, but he chose to stay in and around the port. There he is responsible for a large and very important area.

Winston Post

Actor/Driving Coach

A few years ago, the mayor canceled the dance parade in favor of the Brazilian Summer Carnival. With big events and safety in mind, he had to make a choice, but as far as I’m concerned, that event will be back soon. It truly belongs to Rotterdam and in my opinion cannot be missed. The fact that there was no longer room for that was not a good move on his part. Apart from that, I am very satisfied with Abu Talib. We see each other from time to time at receptions, like every year at The Rotterdam Gala, and we also work in the same gym. I gave it a 9.5 and hope it stays for a long time. But not as trash can talk. He makes himself so foolish.

Richard Grunendyk


Abu Talib has his faith, but he is nevertheless able to look at things from a different angle. He is grateful for the people who helped him in life, something I noticed during the tribute I gave four years ago to Corey van Gorop at the Oude Luxor Theatre.

He learned Dutch by watching TV shows from her and Andre van Doyen and when I asked him to come, he immediately cleared his schedule. Once on stage, he approached the whole very kindly and intelligently, praising Dutch culture in his speech. What else could it improve? In light of global politics, it’s a small thing, but I’d like to see more green in the city. Excuse me.’

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