There was a need for money and a blast of poo

is a dazzling theatrical life vs. The return of comfortable family life in Ronnie Flex after the harsh times of Corona? yes! It’s the new realistic soap approach Ronnie: The Flex Family Which can be seen on Videoland from today. Jump into this flowing tent! He bathed with a baby in the bathroom.

Once we saw Ronnie Flex conflict With herbs in the documentary Rune’s Journey. Last year, Ronell Plasschaert (30) – as his real name and also called by Demi – let cameras in Ronnie: Together forever. In it we saw him with his pregnant girlfriend Demi de Boer, daughter of ex-football player Ronald, and Nori, a daughter from a previous relationship. In an interview with subway Then he said, “I’ve always wanted it this way. Family, stability, balance.” How will things continue after the tough and underperforming times? We have already searched for Blik op de Buis, and subwayA section where Eric Yunek discusses new and amazing TV shows from mainstream broadcasters and streaming services.

Ronnie Flex is now a father

Much has changed in Flex’s home with the arrival of little Remy. Chaotic (but atmospheric) scenes in pop halls and at festivals have become chaotic (but comedic) scenes at home. Ronnie Flex and Demi have managed to get used to the family’s expansion over the past six months. This spring, “magazines” and entertainment programs reported that they would like a second child, if given another. Preferably a son, the rapper confessed this morning telegraph. And also announced in the year 2023, excluding major events, for a full year rest time to reserve.

So we have to deal with it first Ronnie: The Flex Family to do. Music lovers will be delighted, because in addition to ge-oetepetoet at home, the world is, of course, open again. Singer/rapper-producer Ronnie Flex’s schedule – good for him – is packed again and those atmospheric chaotic scenes are back. This week it will be at the huge Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary. He can simply speak and sing in Dutch, because no less than 15,000 music lovers from our country have traveled to Eastern Europe.

Fitting and measuring Demi de Boer

Are we going to that Sziget Ronnie: The Flex Family Already see? We don’t know that at the moment. But in addition to the many shows, we definitely see the fact that a lot has ended up on Demi de Boer’s platter, now that “dad has to sing the bread on the shelf.” Besides motherhood, she also has professional dreams and ambitions, which is quite baffling. In short: How are the two (and the two young ones) doing in this turbulent period? We follow Demi and Ronnie in their work and private lives.

long time no seeThen a picture of the family snuggling by the pool. Family footage follow. Ronnie Flex is on the road a lot and admits that after two years of lull, making money is really necessary. Demi, before there was just a “Blast” Nonsense” happens: “Being a mother is the most beautiful thing ever.” But she also anticipates a difficult period because of all the shows of her rapper boyfriend. Nouri also has three days a week. So the two regularly plan date nights, even though they live under the same roof. Demi monopolizes wisdom, or calls it advice: “Women, don’t start whining. Because that will make you even angrier.”

Ronnie Flex Rooney: The Flex Family
Ronnie Flex as a good family man. Photo: Videoland

Father as a surprise

We also watch the unveiling ceremony of a new cover Linda. Demi is on it with Remy, just like Ronnie Flex once had the same cover with Nori. He should skip the party because he’s in Amstel Live Friends It must happen. Don’t worry, there’s more to celebrate. The first episode of Ronnie: The Flex Family he is called Surprise. The surprise turned out to be the arrival of Ronnie’s father to a barbecue in the garden. He came from Los Angeles, when his son knew nothing of it. The roast was “still in a thousand parts” before the feast, but everything would be fine. The cute couple is still talking on the sofa about their celebration in general. Ronnie Flex: “Uncle crashes here on the couch again.” Demi: “Our parties are a little different.”

Ronnie Flex De Boer Videoland
The Flex family. Photo: Videoland

There is nothing wrong with Ronnie Flex and his family

he is Ronnie: The Flex Family All things considered what? To be honest, there is not much wrong with that. Viewers loved the first season, too, so why would you change so often? And you definitely shouldn’t be acting in a reality show.

But honestly, reality shows are better suited to a large audience when something really happens. Take holiday garden man Peter Gillies for example and his real soap mass cash. Now that he has abused his girlfriend Nicole, there will undoubtedly be fans of people ready to start next season. Not that such abuse is good, on the contrary, but for a TV show about people’s lives, it is, of course, at least interesting. And you can bet that chaos will break out if SBS6 decides to pay some attention just to the sidelines. Or look at the Meiland family. It cannot be avoided, it also appears on other shows where, for example, mother Erica mentions wearing a headscarf and goes: a million viewers remains a guarantee.

But then Ronnie Flex can’t help it being what he is. And with that, he has a lot of fans.

can tube illustration

The number of cans is from 5: 3 (for fans, 2.5 for the rest).

Every week a new episode of Ronnie: De Familie Flex appears on Videoland.

Good Atmosphere at Veronica Offside by Wilfred Genee, the program looks like a neck shot for VTBL

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