Nick Rosendal, the new king of Veracre-Witchmond


413 participants registered for the mentoring tour

By Jan Hendricksen

Ferraker/Witchmond Nick Rosendal could call himself the new king of Ferraker Witchmond. He won a birdshot at the Grand Café Bij Ludger Friday night during the Oranjefeestweek opening night of the Oranje Comité Vierakker-Wichmond. The bird-throwing competition in which 45 women participated was won by Lenny Vartgis after the drawing of the lottery. In the shooting of Young Birds involving 29 boys and girls, Thien Spiegelenberg is declared the new Young Prince.

The sawdust fluttered steadily Friday evening when the 147 participating shooters “thrown” the gun while shooting birds and the next shooter was called back. Finally after 346 shots, Nick Rosendael drops the last remnants of a wooden bird. Rosendal was congratulated by his shooting mates to raucous cheers.
This year, bird shooting and throwing began immediately on the first evening of Oranjefeestweek. why? Board Member Paul Harmelink of Oranje Comité Vierakker-Wichmond: “This way we can put our King, our Queen, and our Young Prince in the spotlight throughout the festive week. Because now say to yourself; Isn’t it an honor to be King and Queen and Young Prince?”

shoot the birds: 147 participants 346th from Hull: Nick Rosendal (King shot 346); Head: Ernst ter Linden (after drawing); Left wing: Herbert Keibles (after towing); Right wing: Tonnie Nijenhuis (after towing); Tail: Arend Jan Groot Jebbink (after dragging). bird throw 45 participants: Romp Lennie Vaartjes (after the draw); Cup Tail Schwenker Saree: Cindy Wintink; Left winger: Caroline ter Linden; Right winger: Cindy Wintink. 29 youngsters participating in bird shooting: Hal: Thijn Spiegelenberg (Young Prince); Chair: Brett Farts. Tail: Yuena ter Linden; Left wing: Daan Pardijs; Right winger: Nick Vartjes.

outdoor service
This year was also celebrated by the Vierakker-Wichmond Church community through an ecumenical service in the Reverend’s Garden near the Reformed Church. The Sunday morning service was “Solidarity”. Their predecessors were in service with further collaborations with Ecumenical Choir (music) Jerry Spiking and Tim Wirsom.

steering ride
Sunday afternoon from the Grand Café Bij Ludger it’s time for a traditional steering ride. Was it left or right on the third road? and “Is Zurich a place in the Netherlands or Switzerland? Then we have to go straight forward now.” That and many instincts, mnemonics, but above all lots of fun and sportsmanship have made steering riding a popular activity again this year. A record 413 cyclists participated in the ride. Prize winners will be announced on Sunday after the show.

The week of celebration for the Vierakker-Wichmond Orange Committee will continue on Friday 26 August at the festival site near Lindeselaak. At 2 pm children’s games begin there, followed by popular games for adults, including dog cart driving and many other fun games. To round the time between the popular games and the festive evening, there will be a delicious dinner this year but above all surprising. Concert week organizers have asked Jack Tucker Close Up Magic, Dutch street magic’s hero, to provide entertainment at the tables. During this delicious evening, visitors will have fun from start to finish. Oranjefeest’s regular caterer, Deckert of Zelhem, prepares a delicious buffet. From 9 pm there is a big party in the tent where the New Leaf band presents a fun and musical evening.

Course in it and review
On Saturday afternoon, August 27, at 2 p.m., “Bike ‘m dr in” begins. Twenty three-person teams are signed up to participate in a crazy bike race that takes place both inside and outside the tent. In the evening there is again a big party from 9pm with locally known Fantix and DJ TiTom. The festive week will conclude on Sunday 28th August at 2pm with a big parade. After the show, award ceremonies will take place in the marquee, after which it will undoubtedly be a lot of fun with the Millennium Showband, starting at 3pm.

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