Married At First Sight Match or Mistake: Racers and Videoland

Good news for fans of programs such as “Married at First Sight” and “Blind Married”. VTM has announced the new season of Blind Married for this fall, and viewers can learn about the new version of Married At First Sight – Match or Mistake on Videoland Dutch. This new season is based on the Australian and UK editions. Find out all about it in this article and learn about Married At First Sight Match or Mistake.

Married At First Sight: Watching a Match or a Mistake

If you want to watch the new season of Married At First Sight: Match or Mistake, you can do so starting August 22 in Videoland. Every Monday to Wednesday a new episode is ready for you. In addition, the first three episodes can also be watched on RTL 4. So you can watch on TV at 9.45pm. It has not yet been announced whether the show will be shown in Belgium as well. After all, MAFS international seasons can also be watched there before. What makes the new season of Married at First Sight: Match or False so special? Group dynamics play a very important role and couples can indicate during a special stay or celebration whether they want to continue the experience or if they want to stop.

New season married at first sight

After the wedding ceremony, all the couples, without knowing each other, head to the same sunny destination for their honeymoon. During this trip, the group meets, forming close friendships and sometimes difficult situations. In the cohabitation phase upon returning to the Netherlands, the couples all come to live in the same apartment complex. During this phase, topic weeks are introduced, where the tasks of that week are linked to that week’s topic. These shared tasks, dinners, activities, and intense conversations evoke a lot of emotion.

Stay or leave festivities

At stay or departure ceremonies, spouses in the presence of the group indicate whether to stop or continue with each other. If you leave only two cards, the pair may break up, otherwise not. Finally, in the final vows, the decision is made: Do the spouses wish to remain married and work on their marriage, or is divorce the only option?

In short: It’s very different from what we saw during the previous “Married At First Sight” season.

The Dutch experts got married in the first match or wrong

Singles are also connected to each other by lore in this new season of Married At First Sight. Her fate is entirely in the hands of four experienced experts. In the Netherlands are behavioral biologist Patrick van Veen, sexologist Stephen Frieden, matchmaker and psychologist Lotte Diesel, and (relationships) trainer Marianne van der Wiel. They participate from the very first moment and take care of intense supervision of the participants throughout the entire adventure.

The contestants got married at first sight or wrong

Curious about the Married At First Sight contestants, or wrong? Below you will meet the ladies.

  • Anita, 28 years old, older. She is adventurous, athletic and has a positive attitude towards life. She is looking for a fun man who does not complain and who can build friendship as well as love. Anita loves to socialize and have a drink with friends.
  • Devine, 26, is temperamental and intelligent. She enjoys shopping, dining out and traveling. Devin is looking for a future partner who is ready to build a life with her.
  • Evelyn, 32, from Heemskerk. This passionate, spontaneous woman loves to think of solutions. She wants to get the best out of her life. She is looking for a man for a deep relationship that she can also enjoy.
  • Kendall, 32, is honest and independent. She does not like arrogant men and is looking for a warm person to build a relationship based on respect and trust. Kendall can be a real person at home, but he also enjoys a drink with friends.
  • Laurie, 30, is a yoga and breathing teacher in everyday life. This gentle and caring lady pays close attention to her diet and exercise. She is looking for a gentleman, strong in his shoes and with a purpose in life.
  • Roxy, 29 years old, is creative and sociable. She is looking for a man who takes the initiative and is reliable. A man completes it and extends it a helping hand when needed. Roxy really enjoys having fun with her friends and going out.
  • Yvette, 41, entrepreneur. This lady is loving and straightforward. Yvette is looking for a partner who is fun, happy in life and adventures with the day. In addition, she finds it important that her future husband be ambitious.

Married at first sight or wrong contestant

Curious about the Married At First Sight contestants, or wrong? Below you will meet guys.

  • Alwin, 30 years old from Amersfoort. This guy is adventurous, athletic and loves to get the most out of life. He is looking for an ambitious woman who has her own opinion and would like to play sports with him.
  • Brian, 32 years old from Amsterdam. The family comes first with family man Brian. This sensitive boy is looking for an honest and reliable woman.
  • Viaz, 33, from Weigl. This Married At First Sight Match or Mistake participant already has a son who he loves to hang out with. Viyas is an athletic family man, who also goes to the gym six times a week. He is looking for a respectable woman who loves to travel.
  • Jesse, 26, is a fan of parties and the gym. This is one of the posts in Married at First Sight, which sees this search for love as a new challenge. He does like that. Jesse is looking for a social woman who has a smooth chat and who loves – in a positive sense – to push boundaries.
  • Mark, 46, from Arsene. This enthusiastic and adventurous man believes that family is very important. He’s ready for a serious relationship and hopes to find the love of his life here – just like the Married At First Sight contestant or the wrong racer.
  • Radwan, 28, is a true pioneer who does not shy away from a challenge. Trust, honesty and open communication are important points in a relationship for him. Radwan loves to watch soap operas, but he also loves to walk through sand dunes.
  • Toychyro, 31, is a fitness, football and basketball enthusiast. He loves life with a woman by his side more than being alone. Toychyro is looking for an intelligent and ambitious woman with an athletic body.

Photo: Videoland – Jasper Suyck

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