Why would you say you think motherhood is hard

The politically correct mother mafia is coming for you

There is a Dutch writer who regularly writes articles about her motherhood. And about how difficult it is sometimes. She jokes and groans about it, and says some rude things, but always ends with something like, “But I love them so much,” or “I’m so grateful for my boys.” If you don’t, the politically correct mother mafia will come to you. Saying you think it’s difficult is not comme-il-faut. Somehow people get very angry about it. Loving your kids, but totally with motherhood now and then, just can’t seem to get along. If you say that sometimes you don’t like it at all, you can also put your kids in the trash, because apparently they have little value. We are not following the golden mean in this case. You’re a happy mama always, or a whiny bitch who shouldn’t have children. Holland is the champion of reclaimed lands, but not when it comes to motherhood.

on our gums

Can someone explain to me what the problem is actually? Why does everyone instantly get a muscle spasm when Mommy talks about what it’s really like? what’s wrong with that? Why is it such a bad thing if you sometimes sigh that you think it’s hard work? That you’re on your gums after years of broken nights, and you don’t really enjoy handling a 3-year-old in the middle of a kid’s day in the daytime. That you’re disappointed that you don’t have a moment to yourself, that there always seem to be very few hours in the day, that your relationship is in a slump and that you sometimes wonder when you’ll ever get less busy again. What you are saying is that you find it difficult sometimes. no more. Could it be just this? I think so.

Beautiful, but also hard work

It is not at all necessary to always say that you love your children very much and that they are an enrichment for your life. Of course they are. Of course you love them. Any fool can imagine that a mother loves her children very much. She never wants to lose them and she enjoys motherhood. But does that mean she should never find it difficult? What is this nonsense. This is exactly why so many women teeter on the edge of stress. Because we do not accept motherhood for what it is: beautiful, enriching, grateful, but also hard work, unsafe and very heavy.

Constantly keeping up with appearances

“It’s worth it,” “you get a lot in return.” Yeah, yeah, blah blah, we know. But I just felt like all those tired moms would get a little more acceptance from these kind of winners. As a result, they feel that they are not allowed to feel what they are feeling. They are weird and should be ashamed of themselves. And that’s what burns you, not so much from these kids, but from always keeping up with appearances. Feeling the need to do it perfectly, otherwise you will fall off a pedestal. You don’t always have to say you love your children, you have to constantly stress how to enrich your life and how blessed you are as a mother. You know, and you feel, that it is. its enough. You are enough. Even more than enough. Even if you have enough of it regularly.

You are not ungrateful beautiful

You choose many things in life. Even for most things. You choose your partner, you choose your job, you choose your friends, you choose your home, and yes, most of the time you choose your children too. But the fact that you choose something for yourself does not mean that you are always happy with it. It is not necessary. Sometimes you are disappointed with your work, sometimes you can no longer broadcast or see your partner, and sometimes you are upset about something in your house. And sometimes you hate your kids too. You can say that, that doesn’t make you ungrateful or “mother meow”. This only makes you a little different from a human. And mothers, these are just human beings. If only we accept it, it will save a lot of fatigue.

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