Stardust Imrahan gets down to the horse

It is sometimes not easy to move between adulation and recommendation, but at Parade in The Hague, on an ordinary Monday evening, every music lover was convinced by the first notes of the sensational song. timemate Sprinkled with magic star dust from the Algerian company Imarhan. The evening will focus on the new album apogeewhich is named after their professional recording studio in their city in southern Algeria.

Algerian music captivates and makes a bouquet of dried flowers bloom again in your imagination. musical Fleur de Sel It has been traveling around the world since its inception in 2006. Imrahan finds its roots in the Tuareg capital and the oasis of Tamanrasset. This is where Imrahan released her third album this year apogee recordings. Farther from the capital Algiers, the Sahara and the borders with Mali and Niger are closer. This beautiful music that also comes from Niger became evident again last year when the name Mido Mokhtar debuted to a larger audience outside the Sahel. With Afrique Victime he delivered a beautiful album that ended up in the top spots on many end lists. Like Moctar, Imarhan treats us to an exciting cocktail in which tall figures are served. Desert blues, sad psychedelic, and rock, all come through the set of this performance. Omaran is also not afraid to give up gas now and then, as they have already shown their more humble side on the new album. It’s precisely this patchwork that makes the music so magical and provides an incredible amount of ambiance.

The desert blues of the five musicians is the music of the Tuareg, a nomadic people from the desert. The heart of this often hypnotic music is a genre of widespread desert blues that echoes the warm, swirling calm of the desert. The Tuareg are often recognizable by their beautiful colorful robes and the same turbans. However, it remains unfortunate that widespread recognition and a listening Western ear do not happen often. Fortunately, this varies between musicians. A musician like Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) was already convinced. with his album Mali music (2002) has already shown at length how great his love for African music is and how much he recognizes the African continent as a cradle and musical influence. Something Mark Lanigan and Kurt Weil did on the album in 2017 Alwan In collaboration with Tinariwen. Also on the number the hour from the album the eraser The effect in terms of “desert guitar lines” on the Thom Yorke is clearly audible. In Imarhan’s latest song, Gruff Rhys is the former lead singer of Super Furry Animals on the track Manage Newlan to hear.

Omaran plays traditional Tuareg songs with a touch of Western rock and pop complemented by Algerian folk music and rai influences. apogee It was, like their first album, produced by Eyadou Ag Leche, who is the base of Tinariwen and cousin of guitarist and singer Iyad Musa Ibn Abd al-Rahman. Modest though, it must be said that Imarhan lights up in full only when all the brakes are released musically. Uptempo songs like Tahaport And the song of the same name my age It caused a lot of jubilant reactions from the audience. The singer even threw the Algerian flag from the audience. Many of the songs performed by Algerians are very danceable tunes and often have creative patterns with lyrics that sing about the difficult life in the desert. Combined with simultaneous hand clapping, the listener is embraced by holding the songs.

It is a fact that the remarkable acoustic properties of pumpkins can now be assumed to be well known. This hollow fruit was ingeniously played by Immerhan percussionist, Hicham Bouchas, last night, to form a radiant centerpiece on both the shrimp and gourd. It has extracted countless beautiful sounds from this simple tool at first glance.

Algerian musicians, Imhane, imprecisely translated, reflect “the people I care about” in pure cheerfulness and teamwork on stage. This not to miss his effect on the audience in the small hall of ‘t Paard, who let themselves in eagerly. The Algerian mission succeeded in spreading an inspiring positive message!

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