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She cries. She scrambles. She yells: “Stupid for a school!” She threw her schoolbag in the corner. “I’m not going, Mom. I hate school. It’s ruining my life!

Fifteen-year-old Felicia steps upstairs to her room. What should I do? Grab her by the throat and drag her into the car? Starting another conversation about no future without diplomas? That everyone should go to school? Could she be so proud of herself when she’s finished?


I repeat over and over all those arguments I used for years to get her to go to school after all. But it doesn’t make sense. Punishment (no tablet, no phone, no going to her friends on weekends) doesn’t work. Instead of spending the weekend in her room, draw a little, tidy a little, try on makeup, rather than go to school. She doesn’t want that. She will not go. It’s as flexible as a rag doll in bed and watch how you wear it and in your car…

I kind of get it. I also hated school. And besides: Felicia suffers from dyslexia. Just like my husband. She told me a while ago: “Mom, words are like spaghetti.” I have to separate them letter by letter to understand what he’s saying. That’s why I’m always the slowest. The last one is always ready. And still with many errors. Then I feel stupid. worthless. I don’t want that anymore.

But despite her handicap, she is not stupid. She came last week with a folder in her computer. “Look, Mom. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson. Those were all dropouts. But now they’re very rich and they’re successful.”


This is a fact like a cow. But unfortunately, not all dropouts are Bill Gates. Or Elon Musk. Or Richard Branson. So I told her that. “Yes mom,” she said. ‘But I’m Felicia.’ I may not be able to write flawlessly. But I have other talents.

Now, the baby girl already has, thank God, one big advantage: she is beautiful. She was discovered by the manager of the famous modeling agency Elite when she was 12 years old via her Instagram. She has been working with them ever since. Every now and then she has buds. Or lessons in nutrition, sports, and walking on the catwalk. All this for free. To work as a model soon. And while I’m not a fan of this work, it all helps fix her insecurities, which are due to her dyslexia. Because she, too, has something special now. She’s good at something, too. But still… please. That degree! Fortunately, Susan, the manager of Elite, agrees.


But despite my pleas and Susan’s advice, we’re making little progress when it comes to Felicia and going to school. Felicia, who is 15, also has her own will. So that wouldn’t be an advantage when it came to finishing her school. So far she is making daily videos for TikTok. And for Instagram. And with this, she already has hundreds of thousands, sometimes more than a million views.

“Look, Mom,” she said this morning.

“I can also use this to build a career, along with my work at Elite later on.”

I know that this is already possible in this modern age and that many followers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook can give you a celebrity status. Then you get clothes and makeup from the stylists for free, and I even see cars passing by at the popular TikTokkers, as long as you use them online.

But do I want it for my daughter? What if things don’t go the way you hoped – and beauty fades too with age – and you’re thinking? Then I see that Felicia ends up as a cleaning lady. Or behind the cashier. She does not like this job at all.

Yesterday I asked him in great despair: “Do you want that?”

Mom, if I already have that many followers and soon I’ll get a job at Elite, I’ll start my own business. with something new. Just like Elon Musk. Just like Richard Branson. Just like all those models who do it.

She will be sixteen next year. She has already announced that she will not go to school anymore. In Felicia’s words: “Then I’ll cut it off.”

But okay. Now the first summer. I’ve booked to sleep with friends who go to school. They also see the benefit of it. They realize that diploma is very important in our society. I also spoke to the parents. Or who else can talk to her about it. Who knows might help. Forcing strange eyes. I hope that. we will see. I only hope my fears are in vain.

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