Complete stage on the fifth day of Hippiade

Saturday was actually KNHS Witte van Moort Hippiade 2022’s fifth Hippiade Day. This day’s championship tapes were for doubles in horses, ponies, and jumping classes M and Z.

The first participants started in the rings in the outer zone and competed with their horses for medals in the dressage division and the Federation Championship. The Exloo quartet that started in Class M left home at 4:30 a.m. and were first on the track at 8 a.m. They managed to hold the first place and thus became champions in the M-Class of the Agradi quad. They dedicated this victory to their leaders Ina Beoming and Kos Naper.


In a class Z quad, the Meertal Neta was the biggest winner. The team trained hard to get the most out of this day. “During those warm days before Hippiade, we looked for a different solution for training. We took the steel mare from the shed and did our exercises on the bike. This way the horses didn’t have to get into high heat and we were able to continue training!” A special role was assigned to their standing leader, who stood these time for the team.

Teamwork makes dream work

The Champions League (sponsored by Hartog) of the Nonspitsy Root Club did everything they could to encourage each other. “We all came to see each other, and some had to ride at the same time, but we even came to see each other on horseback. Besides cheering each other of course, we also brought a lot of supporters with us! It was really fun when jumping, for example , when you hear everyone screaming and cheering. It’s a really nice atmosphere and we’ll celebrate it well with a party!”

Team spirit was also good at Kánonne by Höveler. In the ZZ category sponsored by Witte van Moort, they already appeared on the podium (2nd place) but in the freestyle of music, they were allowed to event on the highest podium. Last Hippiadeweek, the team members were also supporting each other at the solo shows. Team spirit is good, for example, victories are often celebrated with a cake and training sessions are given with a third half. They train together weekly in the run-up to competitions.

Standing full in the basement

Four participating teams competed for the championship title in Class M sponsored by Koopmans Sound. Team Den Helder 1 with horse El Arenal and Longeur Lisette Peeters finally won the gold medal with their free and forced exercises. The team replies: “We didn’t really expect this! Because of the circumstances we couldn’t start on our horse. Thanks to the help of so many people, we were able to prepare for this tournament and eventually take part in El Arenal. That’s also the great thing about jumping, that we help each other out when necessary. Our freestyle went very well, our theme is “Dreams and Imagination.” Some people on the team were a little nervous but we had a lot of support from each other!” The second was Team Ravenruiters 1 with horse Gijs and Longeur Lisa Rademaker. In third place finished Montferlandriders 2 with the India horse and Longhor’s Mate Erascoin.

Talent to move forward

Hippiade shared this in twelve vaults in Class M (sponsored by Pikeur). As in every tournament, the jury has noted outliers that they certainly expect to see participants again next year in a higher category. Puk van Ireland eventually won the gold with the horse El Arenal and Longeur Lisette Peeters!

Bock replies, “I’m so happy! Before I got into the ring I was really nervous. But I was able to do my freestyle with The Hatter theme from Alice in Wonderland. And this is on a horse I haven’t trained with much. I am so grateful to Lizette Peters and my entire team, Without them this wouldn’t have been possible!”

The horse fully participates in the team atmosphere

Horka-sponsored Hippiade Champion class Z became the Montferlandriders 1 team with horse Brune. The team replies: “We did not expect to win. We trained hard but we always had fun with each other, both during training and in the ring.” The team gave an amazing free-swimming show on the theme of “surfing”. Mate Erascoin explains: “We came up with this topic during a team building event. Our horse is very reliable and perfectly matches the team vibe, even if our music selection is busier, for example. Bron has been around for several years and we can really build on it. 1 with Buick Hill and longeur Irene Huisman second place Lichtenvoorde1 with horse Geneva and Longhor Joyce Rumat won the bronze.

Das de Deux

Participants in the Pas de Deux of Classes M and Z sponsored by Witte van Moort and Interface Communication Hippiade were brought together. Share three pairs. The gold went to Isabella Delemarre and Isalotte van Agteren. With the horse Zidane B and Longhor’s Meta Janes, they demonstrated a tight freestyle style in the “Frozen” theme. The duo says, “It went really well! There were some nerves beforehand but if we think about breathing well and having fun, it will go well. We are training hard and aiming to be able to start an international duo.” The silver medal went to Jesse Geerts and Anne-Marit Rinkema on Giggs and Longhorn Lisa Rademaker. The bronze medal went to Aimee Verhagen and Annelus de Graaf on horse Izmir H ​​and Longhor Wilk van de Kollwick.


Five soloists competed for gold in the highest category during this Hippiade vault, sponsored by Hartog. Gertje van der Meer finished first with the India Horse and Longhor’s Mate Erascoin. Gertje explains: “My goal for this year was to get points for starting in the Young Vaulter class. This is busy. During the season, I had good results and my freestyle went perfectly in the Hippiade. Both training and music.” The silver medal went to Dorien Luteijn with the horse Borsodi Time and Longhor’s Irene Huisman. Bock Westerlaken won the bronze with horse Sedem van Wismenka and Niki Profitlich.

Cheer for pony riders

In the afternoon the pony lessons began. The grounds of the National Equestrian Center were filled with the intimacy of all the supporters of the Knights.

The club’s champions (sponsored by Pavo) De Heuvelruiters couldn’t wait to celebrate their victory and danced champagne (for the kids) at MedalPlaza.

In the L class quadruple cat. A/B/C topped the podium by De Heerjansruitertjes.
When asked what made this day and the road leading to it so special, they answered

In the LB / C / D / E class the championship was Saint Anthony. “This was one of our first clear rides, we picked the right moment to reach the peak.” Saint Anthony will celebrate the victory together at home. “You are usually a hero on your own, but we can all celebrate this victory. This is very special!”

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