With Mark Parsons you’ve never clicked with the Orange Woman

He is known as a talkative coach. Sometimes it even comes down to nausea, according to some players from the Dutch women’s team. Midfielder Jill Rudd said about national coach Mark Parsons in an interview with de Volkskrant During the European Championships in England last month. “But he’s learning, he’s getting better.”

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Parsons doesn’t have time to learn more. On Wednesday, KNVB announced that it had “jointly” decided to end the collaboration. „In the run-up to the European Championship [waar Nederland in de kwartfinales door Frankrijk werd uitgeschakeld, red.] “The match and the results were disappointing and we cannot afford that,” the federation said in a statement. “The bar is high. The Netherlands were a champion defender and also in the last World Cup finals, and we want to be involved for the trophies.”

This result is not surprising. The selection of Parsons, an experienced team coach in the United States without the paperwork to be the national coach in Europe, raised eyebrows from the start. used to be he is Now the “Sarina-plus” that KNVB has been looking for for months? The Briton came on KNVB’s radar very late, after Arjan Veurink decided to serve as assistant national coach for the England national team, under Wiegman.

Parsons’ start was chaotic and unhappy. In the first months he combined his job with a job as a club coach at American Portland Thorns. It was in his contract, but he knew that this double job would require a lot of him. He said in late 2021 that due to the time difference, he sometimes worked sixteen hours a day Norwegian Refugee Council.

In October of that year, Parsons also missed the start of World Cup qualifier preparations with Cyprus and Belarus, having missed his flight from the United States. “I know what you’re getting into,” warned his wife Hannah. We are talking about the successor of Sarina Wijmann, the coach under whose leadership the Netherlands became the European champion and vice world champion. It’s only possible decline Togo.”

Andres Juncker

Former NFL manager Nico-Jan Hogma said in his press presentation that Parsons was never a national coach. But he “worked with the top players” at the Portland Thorns on the “highest stage”. When asked if Parsons’ new assistant, Jessica Tourney, would take the job in time, Hogma said: “Something like that has to be proven. It’s ideas at play, but tough agreements haven’t been made.”

It is highly doubtful whether Torny will ever progress after all. She was part of the unfortunate adventure with Parsons and was unable to gain experience under him that the KNVB deemed necessary for promotion during the earlier appointment.

Parsons’ profile picture is no longer a circle of Dutch players

According to insiders, the coach who scores high is Andres Juncker. Juncker was already briefly the national coach of the women’s national team at the beginning of this century and has extensive experience as a coach in men’s soccer. For example, he was the assistant coach of Louis van Gaal at Bayern Munich and the head of the youth academy at Arsenal. In May, Juncker decided not to extend his expired contract with Telstar after three seasons.

When Junker came as a guest last month England studio When asked about his experience with women playing football, he said he wasn’t interested in it at first. “I started girls training with the KNVB with great hesitation. Otherwise I would have to deal with disciplinary matters in futsal. Then I went to Zandvoort to watch a Harlem youth team girls game, on the station stand, so no one could see me. Then I came closer, behind A lamppost. Then I thought it was nice.”

side entrant

to me NOS Juncker said he was asked to succeed Wegmann, but did not want to, because he still wanted to be on the field with players every day, which is not possible as a national coach.

His style as a coach differs from Parsons’ style of what he did last month Norwegian Refugee Council He said of Rudd’s remarks. “This kind of criticism between the lines says something about the relationship between the players and the national coach. Hence it is important not to let that simmer, but take the bull by the horns. Where does that criticism come from?”

Other names singing among the experts are Emma Hayes (current Chelsea women’s coach) and Daphne Koster, the former international and manager of the Ajax women’s team since 2017. Koster, like Parsons, does not have the necessary paperwork, but is allowed to complete training as a faster former international as a ” side participant.

Former national coach Vera Pauw also qualifies for the position of national coach based on her experience and track record, but she extended her contract as national coach for Ireland last year and has also been highly critical of the KNVB at Norwegian Refugee Council.

Bao said she faced, as a player and as a coach, sexually offensive behavior by KNVB officials, after which the federation would have tried to marginalize his place in history.

In any case, Parsons’ succession must be completed quickly. At the beginning of next month, the Netherlands will play an important comeback against Iceland in the World Cup qualifiers. With a win, the team qualified for next year’s World Cup finals in Australia and New Zealand.

Parsons seems to have already distanced himself from his brief foreign adventure. His Whatsapp profile picture is no longer a circle of Dutch players, but a local spectacle.

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