The “perfect family man” who raped more than 40 women

At 2 pm on June 10, 2022, when La Sambre’s rapist entered a courtroom in the northern French town of Douai in handcuffs. Dino Scala is 61 years old, small in size and bony. He has a big shaved head and wears a blue jacket, blue shirt and beige pants. Dino Scala for years worked to everyone’s satisfaction in a factory, and on weekends he coached the local football team. In the summer there was little criticism of him, but in the winter he had an irresistible desire to attack girls and women.

The main hall is full. The jury consists of four women and two men. Dino Scala’s victims wear green or red posters. Green means reporters can address them during breaks. Chief Justice Eric Tesserio said Dino Scala is suspected of 17 counts of rape, 12 attempted rape and 27 assault or attempted assault. He reads the names, dates, facts and places related to his case, it takes twenty minutes. Journalists and law students write notes into phones or laptops, and victims cry faintly or loudly. The presiding judge pauses briefly and tells the jurors that the suspect can be sentenced for up to 20 years.

Dino Scala’s attorney, Margo Matteo, says he feels for the victims. It is terrible what happened to them and she apologizes in advance for the questions she will have to ask during the trial. The longest-running wanted serial rapist in French history stands behind the microphone immediately an hour after the session. His victims were surrounded by guards three meters away. The suspect does not look him in the eye and talks for two hours. Dino Scala shows no apparent remorse or remorse. He talks a lot about his childhood and life and prefers not to talk about facts. He admits that he felt “powered” by his actions, and liked to have power over these women. He flaunts his “hunting instinct” and likes to hide like a predator and then suddenly strikes. It wasn’t even a sexual thing, and La Sambre’s rapist says, “Apart from the facts, I consider myself normal.”

He admits that he felt “powered” by his actions, and liked to have power over women. Praises the “hunting instinct”

Drift in the bush

On the morning of Monday, February 5, 2018, the Walloon girl walked along the old railway line to the station of Erquelinnes, a Belgian border town in La Sambre, a tributary of the Meuse. She looked at the ground and saw a shadow. A man dragged her into the bush and said, “If you speak, I will kill you.”

I resisted, I cried. The attacker kicked her ribs and put a knife in her throat. He touched his left hand under her bra and felt her breasts. The girl released her and ran to the station. The bus just arrived, the driver saw strange things and got off. An old man got off in a Peugeot and walked along Rue Albert I towards the French border. Two hundred meters after he was in the French border town of Gaumont, Peugeot disappeared from view. The bus driver took care of the girl, the police interrogated her and filed a report.

There have been surveillance cameras in Erquelinnes since 2017. The municipality decided this because it is becoming increasingly restless. French youths have crossed the border because beer, cigarettes and chips are cheaper in Belgium and the Walloon police can afford more. Drinking, joint smoking, loitering, vandalism, molesting girls, it all happened in Erquelinnes and that’s why €90,000 was spent on security cameras.

The mayor of the Erquelinnes is named David Laveau. The women in his parish have always been afraid of being raped or assaulted. In Erquelinnes eight reports have been reported in recent years, in other villages and towns on both sides of the border there have been many. Journalists called the perpetrator such nicknames as The Rapist with the Rope, The Morning Rapist and The Rapist of La Sambre, because the rapes and assaults were carried out in the neighboring French and Belgian towns of La Sambre.

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The lock is in Pont-sur-Samper, the home of serial rapist Dino Scala. | ANP . imaging

his life status

Nine days after the girl and Wallon were reported, a Belgian officer posted a message about the assault in the police system. A 62-year-old investigator from Lille, France, immediately suspected that the man in a Peugeot was the rapist of La Sambre, who had been wanted for more than thirty years. The detective was due to retire in two months, and this was his last chance to solve his life case. He got in his car and drove to Erquelinnes station. Wander around and saw the cameras. Mayor David Laveau asked if he could see the footage. They were allowed to and quickly looked at the tape. In a foggy frame stood a Peugeot. The night detective tried to write down the number plate and after a long search, a literal number combination appeared on a piece of paper: BG-128-CT.

French and Belgian customers received a description of a Peugeot, and the car was found a day later in the parking lot of the Jeumont Electric plant in the border town of Jeumont and registered as a service technician named Dino Scala. Investigators questioned friends, acquaintances and relatives of Dino Scala. No one thought that he could be the culprit, he left such an ordinary and almost faint impression. He grew up in a small village nearby and was an above average talented football player at the local club. He met a woman, married her, and had two children. The Skalas family lived in a terraced house with carefully cut lawn and Dino was popular with everyone, his friends called him ‘my lord all the way Mond‘Master everyone’.

On weekdays he worked at the Jeumont factory, and on Sundays he starred as a central defender at Pont-sur-Sambre football club: Dino Scala was fast, technical and could be strict and ruthless. Later he became a youth coach at the same club and Dino Scala admired his sound tactical plans and his love for his club. He was at the club early on Saturday morning cheering the youngest footballers on, never missing a bar change, and giving first-team players advice on tactics on Sunday. According to the mayor of his village, he also organized “the third half always and then invited everyone to his house.” The club president said in La Voix du north: Everyone will leave you alone Good things to say about him. Dino is always there for everyone. For the team as well as for the life of the club here.

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In the article you can read more about the serial rapist. He cut her bra straps, rubbed her breasts and whispered, ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong. It wasn’t about you, it was about revenge. The girl Scala confessed. He worked with her father at the Jeumont Electricity Factory. At home, I told her, her dad said she must have provoked it and made her family feel ashamed.

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